Yoko Asano Private tour guide in Kyoto, Fukui - Japan

Yoko Asano

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Guide profile:

I have lived in Germany for 17 years, so I know how people in Europe are likely spend time during vacation. Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka is the place for sighseeing, but my tour will show you a life in a countryside, especially in a fisherman town.

I have quallifications of Sake (Kikizake-shi, or Master of Sake, or Sake sommelier) and Tea-Ceremony.

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

Any one who will see a life in a small fisherman town, here is the suitable choice. Wakasa-Takahama, a small town faces the Japan sea, is the best place to enjoy a calm and relaxed time along long beaches with delicious sea foods. There are nothing specials, but just a daily life in a countryside. From Kyoto it takes around 2.5 hours by train. At the Wakasa-Takahama station, you will get a bicycle, since there are no bus or taxi. Just 5 minutes ride, you will reach the long beach. Your accomodation will be "Ryokan (Japanese style hostel)" close to the beaches. Then I will show you our way to get, order and prepare fish to eat. You don't need to go to restaurant, but you will get fish and other deli by yourself

Optional tour:

-Make your own chopsticks in Obama, a city with 80% of Japanese chopstick production


Transportation by tour guide:

Bicycle incuded

Tour guide interests:

Experience of a life in Fisherman town

Best beach


Making original chopsticks

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