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Wanna Yun

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Are you looking for an experienced cultural and historic guide, photographer in Cambodia.? Wave out 2018 and Welcome 2019, friends. !

I am a tourist guide from Cambodia. ( Cambodian Tour Guide Services )

I was born in Siem Reap city about 7 kilometers away from Angkor Wat Temple

I have been hosting guests to our country for over 19 years and a writer of Cambodian culture, traditions and travel places. I would like to share our cultural riches with you and your friends. Welcome your call or email with questions and I am happy to assist with trip planning.

Welcome to your holiday and Tours in Siem Reap - Angkor Wat , Phnom Penh city and other provinces. Wildlife animals and bird watching, Honeymoon tourists and family tour and for Special Photographers, students who want to know our culture, tradition and others.

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Recent reviews of this tour guide:

5 stars Jim H.

Wanna is a terrific tour guide. He is extremely knowledgeable and understands the history of the temples. We stopped at really good restaurants for lunch each day. His English is also pretty good. I am glad we booked him.

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

Driver and tourist guide.

Meeting Places - To pick up and Transfer :

- Siem Reap Airport.

- Bus station in Siem Reap.

- Phnom Krom Ferry boat.

- Cambodian - Thai border.

- Cambodian - Lao border.

- Vietnamese - Cambodian border.

- Phnom Penh city to Siem Reap or Siem Reap to Phnom Penh

Cambodian Visa and Transit Visa

As long as your passport has not expired, Cambodian visa can be obtained at arrival in Siem Reap Airport, Phnom Penh Airport and border crossing checkpoint with Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. The price of a Cambodian Visa is US$ 30 can use 30 days in Cambodia but You must prepare photo 4 x 6: 2 pieces.

Please send the direction of arrival and departure. It is easy to arrange any schedule and price for your trip

Please give us at least one week notice or more than one week.

If you are interested in the hotels, please send me a query. We are very pleased to reply to all of your Questions and Queries within 24 hours. All budgets can be catered for. We look forward to seeing you soon. I promise to show you the real Cambodia in a fun, and safe and affordable fashion. My reputation has been built on over 15 years experience designing tours that highlight the best cultural, historic and outdoor features of my country.

Or-kun! ( thank you in Cambodia! ).

Transportation by tour guide:


- Air-con Pajero 4WD : US$ 30.00 per day ( Max. 04 persons )

- Air-con Mini van : US$ 40.00 per day ( Max. 8 -10 persons )

- Air-con Bus : US$ 50.00 per day ( Max. 15 - 20 persons )

- Air-con bus : US$70.00 per day ( Max. 25 – 30 persons )

We recommend that you use our quality services. No money required in advance. Cambodia is becoming a very popular tourist destination to avoid disappointment and delays. Book with our reliable and professional guide.

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Tour guide in Cambodia

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Reviews of this tour – by clients who booked!

5 stars Jim H. 25 Jul 2019

Wanna is a terrific tour guide. He is extremely knowledgeable and understands the history of the temples. We stopped at really good restaurants for lunch each day. His English is also pretty good. I am glad we booked him.

5 stars Wai L. C. 26 Dec 2018

Sowanna is nice and informative. He knows the way that not many people know and take us good pictures! Most importantly, he was a soldier joined the war in 1970s and he has a lot stories to tell! And the drivers he arranged are very polite and professional. Although their English is not good, we can absolutely feel their sincere!:)

5 stars RAPHAEL H. 08 Sep 2018

It was a great experience, The guide knew perfectly Angkor and the interesting places, thank to him we can bring back superb pictures back home. I warmly recommend Wanna Yun.

5 stars Matthew K. 10 Jul 2018

Sowanna was our guide for 3 days in Siem Reap in early July. Prior to our trip, he was very helpful in planning our itinerary based on a rough list of items that my fiancee and I had put together. He and his driver were extremely welcoming as we toured many of the famous Angkor temples, floating village, and other attractions in the area. He is a very skilled photographer and was happy to capture many unique shots that other guides seemed to overlook. Highly recommended!

5 stars CHAN W. 01 Jul 2018

Sowanna was our guide for 2 days. He helped us to plan the itinerary. During the trip, he was very flexible on adjusting the routes according to our needs. He is very familiar on the temples so that he is able to avoid the crowd. He offered to take most of our photos. He knows where to get the best spot. Great photos! He was very knowledgeable so our conversations ranged from temples,history, and the culture. His driver is also a very safe.

Thank Sowanna. Highly recommended.

5 stars Phaik N. L. 30 Mar 2018

If you are looking for a good tour guide and a photographer, book.Wanna. He is helpful, very good in time management and the best photographer ever for a tour guide. We enjoyed having him with us for our 3 days trip.

5 stars Kitty M. 15 Mar 2018

Sowanna was an excellent guide who is so very knowledgeable about the culture and history of his country. He catered the tour to our interests and we were thoroughly impressed and pleased.

5 stars Lindsay H. 28 Jan 2018

Sowanna was a great guide. In order to see everything in Siem Reap in only two days, having a guide and driver is a must. Sowanna is very experienced and knows when to take you to the temples to avoid big crowds. He also knows all the spots for good photos and takes excellent photographs of you to document your trip. I highly recommend using him for your trip!

5 stars Tracy T. 24 Jan 2018

I went to Cambodia with a group of 6. We are all satisfied with Mr Sowanna as he being very kind and helped us in many things including looking for cheap and delicious meals for us, share his data with us, taking photos for us with nice shots and always remind us keep our things tide to avoid pit pocket. His explanation towards the temples are very interesting and details which we get to know more about angkor wat. All of us strongly recommend him to all of you who want to travel in Cambodia.

5 stars Silke N. 06 Jan 2018

My tour with Sowanna Yun in Siem Reap was excellent! I can strongly recommend him and I will book again with him, since everything was just perfect. Sowanna is a very reliable and kind person, who always knows what the customer needs and likes. He is very regardful and has an excellent knowledge of all sightseeing spots. He also takes wonderful pictures, since he is a brillant photographer. So one can go home with wonderful memories. I always felt comfortable and enjoyed myself very much.

5 stars Matt K. 07 Nov 2017

We spend 3 days with Sowanna and he made sure we hit all the major sites as we discussed, plus one extra, and came home with so many photos. Perfect guide to see the sites of Siem Reap with...always on time, gives great context, and knows how to navigate the sometimes massive crowds.

5 stars Wetita N. 11 Sep 2017

My family spent 3 days (9-11 Sep 2017) in Seam Reap with our great guild; Sowanna is a very experioned and knowledgable, he had also a talent in photography.

He and his nephew (driver) provide us with cold water and cold towels during hot weather, he knows the best way to manage my trip and take care of my family.

We had great time in Cambodia-Siam Reap

Thank you very much Sowanna

5 stars Glen C. 28 May 2017

Sowanna was very organized and friendly. He also had great knowledge about the Angkor ruins and was flexible with the schedule. He also takes great photographs. I highly recommend his services when in Siem Reap.

5 stars Isabel R. 16 Apr 2017

Sowanna was the best tour guide that we could have had. He was very kind, spoke great English, and alway had our interests in mind. Truly it was a very fun and remarkable trip - one that we will cherish. We had so much fun and gained so much appreciation for the history of the Angkor Wat & Khmer culture. He had thorough knowledge of Siem Reap, gave us the really good advice on the best sights to see in Siem Reap. He was also the best photographer! We truly enjoyed our trip because of Sowanna.

5 stars sarintip T. 25 Feb 2017

ไกด์เป็นคนกัมพูชาที่พูดไทยได้ อัธยาศัยดี อธิบายความรู้เกี่ยวกับประวัติศาสตร์ได้เข้าใจง่าย ช่วยเหลือดี แนะนำจุดถ่ายรูปที่สวยๆตลอด ช่วยถ่ายรูปไห้ด้วยไม่ว่าจะเป็นรูปเดี่ยว รูปหมู่ มีความยืดหยุ่นสามารถปรับเปลี่ยนตารางเที่ยวได้ตามสถานการณ์

guide is friendly and help us a lots. he is good at Angkor Wat's history.he is flexible too you can change the schedule due to the situation.

he usually advice where are the nice scenes to shoot photos and help us to take our photos include solo and group pho

5 stars Steve O. 17 Feb 2017

Wanna gave us a fantastic tour of the temples starting at sunrise. He picked us up in a very comfortable SUV , spoke very good English . I would highly recommend

5 stars EDWARD G. 23 Jan 2017

Our family visited Siem Reap a few weeks ago (Jan 2017). We found Sowanna via TripAdvisor. We booked him because of the good reviews. We were not disappointed.

He responded to our email queries promptly. Sowanna has thorough knowledge of Angkor Wat and surrounding area. Sowanna has also a talent in photography. He offered to take most of our family photos. He knows where to get the best spot. We've just been to the Philippines, Dubai, Vietnam before Siem Reap . Sowanna made it the best trip eve

5 stars Marco P. 07 Jan 2017

Sowanna is a great and very knowledgeable guide. We spent 2 days with him visiting the most important sites, as well as some more remote, less visited places. We learned a lot from him, received a lot of valuable information and interesting details on the sites in historical and cultural context. In addition, he is a nice, polite and humorous guy, and always punctual. So I warmly recommend Sowanna as a tour guide – and am looking forward to learn more from him when I come back in the future.

5 stars Ting L. 20 Dec 2016

Sowanna was great! Knowledgeable and knew a great photo opportunity when it came up.

His driver was good too. It was nice to have ice cold water and fresh towels after walking around in the heat.

I highly recommend his services!

5 stars A M. N. 08 Aug 2016

Excellent service, I would recommend tis service to anyone.

He planned an exciting itinerary for us; we enjoyed the tour 100%.

He is very helpful and friendly. We even stayed connect after the tour.

5 stars Manlio V. 29 Jul 2016

Sowanna organized a nice 2.5 day itinerary for us. We had a comfortable private van for the 9 of us and the information and knowledge of the area was great!

There are so many sites to see around Siem Reap that having a driver and a guide really simplified the process and made us relax and enjoy the vacation.

What a wonderful are to visit. We loved Cambodia and Siem Reap.

5 stars Domenic C. 15 Jul 2016

Sowanna & his nephew (Driver) were so helpful & informative. Sowanna was an excellent guide. His knowledge of temples & surrounding areas was brilliant. He helped us get some great photos with his excellent knowledge of the surrounding area and expertise. When we went it was quite hot. There was plenty of cold water on hand and refreshing towels. He was very adaptable with his schedule and recommended other places of interest to breakup the temples. After a while they all start looking the same

5 stars Andrew G. 11 Mar 2016

Sowanna is a very experienced and knowledgeable guide, and as mentioned over and over again by reviewers, is very reliable and punctual. He made an effort to choose temples in Siem Reap with varying architectures, so as to avoid repetition. Sowanna was also willing to vary the program, and do impromptu activities. His drivers were careful and safe.

5 stars anne L. 15 Feb 2016


5 stars jacques P. 11 Feb 2016

Wanna Yun is a very nice and devoted guide.

He is also very punctual and reliable.

He made sure we did everything that we were scheduled to do.

My only problem was that sometimes, I had some difficulty to understand his English.

So in general I would rate the whole experience as positive.

5 stars Bryan N. 25 Jan 2016

Sowanna was a great guide. He has been doing this for many years, and it shows. He was very prompt for pickup in the morning and very informative. He took great care of us and our three children, who really enjoyed the day. He was very flexible and took us to all of the temples in the Angkor complex that we wanted to see. I highly recommend Wanna.

5 stars Trinie G. 09 Jan 2016

An excellent caring, knowledgeable and friendly guide. He knows where to go to get the best photos and takes photos for you. Patient while I shopped to help out the local economy. You will enjoy your experience with him.

5 stars Stewart H. 23 Dec 2015

We just came off a very memorable tour with Sowanna Yun. He was prompt, and very knowledgeable, particularly on the temples of the area. He filled our first day with beautiful memories. The second day, my wife didn't think she could hold up to a full day because of her own weaknesses. So, Sowanna altered this second day to accommodate my wife. It made all the difference and enabled us to see many other areas and life styles of the beautiful people of Cambodia. Thank you Sowanna for the memories.

5 stars Nadya L. 09 Nov 2015

Savanna was an excellent guide: he was always on time in picking us up from outHotel, he was attentive to all our needs, he knew a lot of information about the Angkor's history, and he was excellent in taking care of all the logistics of our tour. He is also a very nice person. We highly recommend Sawanna as a guide.

5 stars Rosalyn W. 02 Jun 2015

An experienced guide who understands how to give an informative tour suited to your requests. Our carefully planned schedule allowed us to enjoy many of the temple sites, the country side and the floating houses. The wonderful photos were an added bonus . So glad we chose Sowanna. Thank you, we will always remember this tour and understand so much more of the Cambodian history.

5 stars Joy B. 13 Apr 2015

5 stars Peter W. 19 Mar 2015

Wanna was the perfect tour guide! Knowledgeable of the busy times of day at the temples and the best times and locations to visit and to beat the crowds. The heat of Cambodia kept us from staying out longer, but he totally understood and let us enjoy everything at our own pace. 100% recommendation! You won't regret!

5 stars Nicky R. 31 Dec 2014

Sowanna was a great tour guide and exceptionally knowledgable and flexible.We hired him for 4 days just before New Year, and did 3 days at temples and the trip on the lake. Sowanna suggested the times for us to start in the morning so we would miss the worst of the crowds. He took so many photos for us on our cameras, knowing the best places to stand for shots, and never shy in asking other tourists to get out the way of our shots.

5 stars Paul N. 05 Dec 2014

Sowanna was everything he was described as. He was always punctual, polite and friendly. He was extremely knowledgeable and conscientious about his job and supplied is with a lot of information. His local knowledge allowed us to avoid big crowds as he planned our routes to avoid congestion. As the weather was not too good for our 3 days he was very flexible with plans and adjusted the programme to suit.

Fluent in both English and Thai I can highly recommend him.

5 stars Bandula G. 06 Nov 2014

Wanna Yun is the best guide you can have for touring the Siem Reap region. He is very knowledgeable in Cambodian history and culture. He and his driver are both very courteous, punctual and flexible. He is willing to change the program to suit your needs. We were able to see all the major temples, visited silk farm, arts & crafts centre and Cambodian cultural dance. We also saw the boat races associated with the Siem Reap water festival. Wanna knows the area so well that he avoided the traffic.

5 stars charles P. 03 Jul 2014

Outstanding service. He understood what we wanted and did his best to provide it. Basically he made a great day possible. He is a very handy photographer and knows all the shots. Excellent

5 stars Aammton A. 17 Jun 2014

I should have done this review earlier. My family and I are very happy with our guide and we experienced the beautiful wonders of Siem Reap (without being conned - unlike with other non-official guides). He can speak in English well and my children love him. He helped us arrange transport etc.Worth it and highly recommended!

5 stars Choy W. N. 03 May 2014

Sowana Yun is a highly recommended guide. Very knowledgeable on the ancient history, friendly, and helpful. He has helped us to take many many great and memorable shots. Really enjoyed the entire trip in Siem Reap.

5 stars Ligia P. 29 Apr 2014

We spent four unforgettable days in Siem Reap. Sowana was our surprise in this place. His knowledge about Cambodia's history is amazing. Made our trip even more interesting. He is an extremely responsible and timely guide. Fulfill the whole script. But the most important and essential thing is that he always knows the best time to visit the temples. For photographers he is undoubtedly the best tour guide! Indicated the best spots and times to photograph.

5 stars Arnold E. 26 Jan 2014

Wanna was the perfect quide: responsive, responsible, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. We totally enjoyed listening to his stories about both ancient and recent history of the area. We thorougly enjoyed our visite in Siem Reap and could not have done that withou Wanna as our guide.

5 stars Wayne J. 12 Jan 2014

Excellent guide snd tour. Friendly, punctural and knowledgeable.

5 stars vijay I. 26 Dec 2013

Friendly, knowledgeable, prompt, very professional. Surely we were lucky to be able to have him take us to all places we wanted. Was well prepared and street smart too. Slightly on the expensive side but surely appreciate his support and service. Thanks Sowanna, we still think of you and talk about you. Hope you are doing well.

5 stars Aileen H. 12 Dec 2013

Sowanna is a superb Tour Guide. We saw all important sites and received thorough and learned explanations of the history,culture,and life in Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. He also listened extremely well to our wishes and made sure everything we needed was provided. We could not have wished for a more professional

or friendly guide. We rate him 10+ on a scale of 1 to 10.

5 stars Jayant K. 29 Nov 2013

We spent four days in Cambodia with Wanna Yun in December, 2013. Wanna is extremely knowledgeable about Cambodian history. Very cautious and safe driver. He is one of the best guides we ever came across. He was with us from early morning till night. He is an excellent photographer and took more than hundred pictures in our camera. Most admirable thing about him was his honesty and pleasant personality. I highly recommend him for touring not only Angkor Wat but entire country.

J Khandhar (USA)

5 stars Suchada T. 31 May 2013

I booked a day trip in Siem Reap with Mr.Sowanna to go to Angkor Wat. It was amazing! My parents (Thai) and my husband (Aussie) were so happy with the program and service he provided. His English and Thai are perfect. He is so knowledgeable and has lots of tips about where to take cool pictures and what to do, where to go and when to go. You will not disappoint to book a trip with him. I can't describe enough of how awesome he is. Best trip ever!! Thank you very very much from our family.

5 stars poon W. M. 04 Nov 2012

just spend 3 educational days with mr sowanna . he had everything plan and was always helpful . with him you will have a very insight of angkor history. he will guide u where to take beautiful shots at every site and i end up with many wonderful pictures . i like the way he says " no hurry up " makes me feel very relax . thanks mr sowanna .

Tour Guide Comment: Special thanks to Poon Wai Ming who used our pick up services in Cambodia and gave us a lot of tip, God bless you and family

5 stars Giorgio I. 01 Nov 2012

Everything was as promised. Sowanna was friendly and very helpful. Our stay in Sieam Reap was great. Many thanks

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much Giorgio Ingrami for your review

5 stars michael K. 16 Oct 2012

My mates and I had Sowanna Yun as our guide in Siem Reap and the city of Angkor. I can't say enough about Sowanna. He guided us for 3 days and everything was perfect. He was on time. Took us to the best sites at the best times. Gave us lots of super information about the history and background of the area. So informative and knowledgeable.

In addition to guiding us he provided us with transport each day as well as water and cold towels. I now consider him a friend. Thanks Sowanna.

Tour Guide Comment: Special thanks to Michael Kerr group who used our pick services in Cambodia and Angkor Wat and gave us the best comments. God bless you and family

5 stars Kevin B. 13 Apr 2012

Sowanna Yun is absolutely the best tour guide a family could hope to book. After using other tour guides in other parts of the world, we were amazed by Sowanna's knowledge, awareness and caring. We were traveling with our young girls and expected challenges with the climate, but Sowanna was prepared with cold towels and water at every stop. Sowanna's love for his country comes through in his enthusiasm which is contagious. He will show all parts of the country and cuts no corners. Amazing guide!

Tour Guide Comment: Special thanks to Kevin and family from USA who used our services in Cambodia for a week and gave us a lot of tips during our Khmer Happy New Year 2012 on 13th April. My family and I would like to pray for Lord Buddha to bless you and family to meet all the happiness forever.

5 stars Christina C. 29 Feb 2012

We had an excellent 3 day tour of Ankgor Watt and the Siem Reap area. Our guide was professional, friendly and very knowledgeable.

He took us to all the spots to get that perfect "Kodak Moment"

Highly recommendable!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Christina for the review of our services in Cambodia.

5 stars Robert P. 11 Jan 2012

Recently our group traveled to Cambodia where we were met by Sowanna Yun, who guided us through Phnom Penh and the Angkor Wat area for a stay of about one week. The trip was very memorable, largely because of the work done by Sowanna, who proved to be an outstanding and very knowledgeable guide. I still think of our trip almost every day, and it will always be remembered as one of our most memorable and interesting ones ever!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you to Robert group who used our pick up services, Phnom Penh city and Siem Reap, Angkor Wat and fresh water bird sanctuary. God bless you

5 stars Patricia P. 29 Nov 2011

Our trip in Angkor Wat was great, thanks to Wanna! A wealth of information and knowledge about each site, myth and legend, Wanna is a fantastic guide. Due to flight issues, we got only 2 days in Angkor Wat and around, squeezing our program, but Wanna helped made this possible – also stopping along rice fields, visiting local markets, testing local delicatessens (crickets!) and arranging a boat cruise on Tonle Sap Lake, a definite must-see! We highly recommend Wanna for any Angkor Wat trip!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you, Partricia & Bruno, with pleasure for your review. I do hope that you will remember the barbecued snake, fried cricket and tarantula for testing.etc

5 stars heather W. 27 Nov 2011

Sowanna was a good tour guide, and he knew the city well. We would recommend him to others. There was a slight confusion in the amount that we owed (after we paid 10usd online). Per the website, we owed an additional USD40 for 2 days of touring. However, Sowanna told us that we owed 50USD.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you, Heather for the writing, I hope that you will visit our country again

5 stars saeedah A. 24 Nov 2011

We were greeted at the airport by our tour guide Sowanna. He had created a unique itinerary to suit our needs, incorporating visits to the beautiful Temples and also local villages. 

Sowanna was extremely knowledgable, punctual and  is a fantastic photographer. His English is superb and I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone going to Cambodia.

I have left Cambodia with fond memories.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you, Saeedah for the review and extra money for us and driver.

5 stars Zulfiqar A. 06 Nov 2011

Being first time travellers to Cambodia, we were apprehensive about how things would really work. Sowanna laid rest to all our concerns. Right from the time he received us at the airport we were put to complete ease. Sowanna is a kind, compassionate and very intelligent man possessing thorough knowledge of the Angkor era history. He is extremely helpful, accomodating and on each occasion punctual in keeping his appointments, Never did we get the impression that we were being short changed f

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Zulfigar, It is nice to meet you in our country. God bless you the best health

5 stars serge G. 19 Sep 2011

the tour was excellent.always on time.car was clean and AC worked and you need it.Mr Thet was very knowledgeable and helpful and nice.he adapted to our requests and changes of schedule without problem.His english was very good and he was very proud of showing us all the temples history and the boat village.A great experience and we are coming back next year with family.

Tour Guide Comment: thank you, Serge Gutieres to pick up our friend to work with, during I was busy. God bless you

5 stars Chris L. 10 Sep 2011

We enjoyed our tour with Sowanna very much. Sowanna is a great guide and a charming person. The tour was very efficient, enabling us to see as many temples as possible in the time available to us and Sowanna was always very flexible in accommodating our requests to change the itinerary. The 4 wheel drive vehicle was excellent and required during the floods we experienced at Siem Reap and ensured our trip continued as planned. Sownna is highly recommended!

Chris and Gina. London, UK.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Chris & Gina who pick up our services and gave us a strong recommendation, as you known the road in Cambodia so I have decided to buy a 4 WD drive Pajero car to serve visitors in Cambodia. We do not want them to waste their time in our country. God bless you to have the bests in your done

5 stars Bryan M. 07 Sep 2011

Sowanna did an outstanding job. He had a great plan for the three days we were with him. The sights were outstanding and Sowanna provided great background information for each site. He was very patient and also was very gracious when we asked him to take many pictures of us. I have traveled all over the world and would rate him as one of the best guides I have used. I recommend him. His English is excellent. Bryan M, Houston, Texas, USA

Tour Guide Comment: Thanks for Bryan & Anchana who used our services and gave us a lot of extra US dollar or tips, I and family would like to pray for God to bless you both to meet all the bests in your life.

5 stars shiu K. 26 Jul 2011

I would rate Sowanna a 6!! He can find and walk around the temples blind-folded. He tells you stories in fluent English. Unless you know the Hindu epics well, you need him to explain the meanings. He is so knowledgeable!

He and his driver is ever so courteous --little details like cold towel and water.

He knows where to avoid the crowd and maximize a day. He can gage your interest just like he knows where is the perfect spot to take a photo. This alone saves t & e. Highly recommended!!

Tour Guide Comment: Special thanks to Siew & Ken who used our pick services in Siem Reap - Angkor and Beng Mealea temple and Koh Ker temple the remote places. May God bless you to have the best health.

5 stars Petra K. 11 Feb 2011

We enjoyed having Sowanna as our tour guide during our short trip to Siem Reap. He was very kind, organized and managed to show us the most interesting things of the main sights within our short stay. He knows the good spots for taking photographs and is a great photographer himself. He also organized a transportation for us which was very convenient.

Tour Guide Comment: Special thanks to Petra Kohnova and family from Poland who used our pick up services in Cambodia. I hope that you will visit our country again and recommend your friend to visit our country. Sowanna

5 stars Manivone B. 21 Dec 2010

We are very happy with Sowanna Siem Reap tour for a group of 10 people during 21/12/10 to 23/12/10. His service exceeded our expectation. He will be highly recommended. His English and Thai languages are excellent. I will rate him 10 out of 10. Many friends of mine from Melbourne and Brisbane will call upon Sowanna on their next trip to Siem Reap.

Tour Guide Comment: Special thanks to Manivone group who used our services in Siem Reap - Angkor Wat. May the God bless all of you to have the happiness and the bests and the best business that you have done in 2011 onward.

5 stars THARMARAJ T. T. 13 Oct 2010

Hi Sowanna,

This is to register our appreciation and thanks to you, Vishal and Thet for taking care of us and organising a very comprehensive tour of Siem Reap and the Temples from the 13th October 2010 till the 17th October 2010. We enjoyed the holiday very much including your company.

Hope to see you soon. God bless.

Best regards,


Tour Guide Comment: Special thanks for Thomas group who used our pick up services in Cambodia. We hope that you will bring another group to visit our country again

5 stars Ian B. 11 Jul 2010

Our tour was outstanding and although only two full days, our tour guide Sowanna gave us an excellent experience of Ankhor Wat and Siem Reap. His willingness to share his knowledge of the country, history and the people, including his own experiences made the trip memorable. We will certainly be going back to spend more time in this wonderful country and will be recommending the trip to our friends. We will also be recommending Sowanna as a considerate, respectful and charming tour guide.

Tour Guide Comment: Special thanks to Ian & Susan Baron family who used our picked up services in Cambodia and gave 2 clean water pumps in the price of US$260 to poor Cambodian family and 2 villages to use it.

5 stars paul T. 18 Apr 2010

We really enjoyed having Sowanna as our tour guide during our few days visit to Siem Reap. He was very knowledgable, friendly, flexible, and easy going. He chose the highlights of temples and itineraries for us in relatively short notice. We would not have seen so much of Siem Reap and the temples without this wonderful tour guide. I would recommend Sowanna to anyone who thinking of hiring a guide while visiting Siem Reap.

Tour Guide Comment: Special thanks to Paul Tan and family who used our pick up services in Cambodia - Angkor and gave a lot of notebooks and pens and pencils to our supporting school in English language, Free English education in the countryside.( Homestay Volunteer Teachers Organization).

5 stars Jane S. 04 Apr 2010

We had an excellent day with him, he was a thoroughly intelligent & knowledgeable guide.

He went to a great deal of trouble to arrange a schedule which would allow us to see as much as possible within 1 day, whilst also avoiding the midday heat & inevitable tourist queues. He had an extensive knowledge of the history & culture of Cambodia and was able to answer any questions we had with confidence. I would encourage anyone looking for a guide to use Sowanna, they will be as impressed as we were

Tour Guide Comment: Special thanks to Jane Savill & family who used our pick up services in Cambodia.

5 stars Rebecca T. 21 Dec 2009

Sowanna is an excellent guide. Before the trip, he provided me with a lot of useful information about Cambodia, about its current weather, money exchange, what should be prepared and what to bring etc etc. He also gave me a detailed itinerary in which his charges and other expenses were clearly set out. The transport arranged was comfortable and the whole trip was a fabulous experience. My boyfriend and I had a great time in Cambodia. Thanks a lot Sowanna!

Tour Guide Comment: Special thanks to Rebecca Tse & family who used our pick up services in Cambodia and gave a lot of notebooks to our supporting school in English language, free English education in the countryside.( Homestay Volunteer Teachers Organization).

5 stars joao C. 29 Nov 2009

Dear Sowanna, In first place have a huge hand shake from me and Gilda. We arrived home in past saturday, and the holidays were great!. Thanks for your assistance, now for us you are more than a guide which we meet in Siem Reap, we consider you now a friend. Excellent adventures with you in Camodia. Regards and respects for you and your family. João e Gilda

Tour Guide Comment: Special thanks to Joao & Gilda who used our pick up services in Cambodia and gave some pens and notebooks to our supporting school, free English education in the countryside.( Homestay Volunteer Teachers Organization).

5 stars ran G. 16 Nov 2008

He is a very kind and professional guide.He knows Angkor's history fully and shares a lots of storys with us.

He is also a good picture-taker.

Tour Guide Comment: Special thanks to Ran Gong & Jean and other friends who used our pick up services in Cambodia.

4 stars Natgrita P. 07 Feb 2016

ไกด์น่ารักเป็นกันเองและให้ข้อมูลที่เป็นภาษาไทยได้ดี มีรถรับส่งนำ้เย็นดื่มและผ้าเย็นแจกให้ตลอดเวลา ทำให้การเดินทางสะดวกสบายและไม่เหนื่อย ผู้ใหญ่ก็สามารถไปได้สบายค่ะ

4 stars Passiri N. 26 May 2013

We had just came back from an enjoyable trip in Siem Reap with happy memory.

Mr. Sowanna was an excellent guide who took us to all major attractions within limited time. He was very flexible and adjusted the program to our desire.

He was has deep knowledge in Siem Reap and Cambodien history. We learned a lot from him.

Thank you once again Mr. Sowanna.

Tour Guide Comment: Special thanks for Passiriri and his friend who used our pick up services in Cambodia and gave us extra US$100. May the Lord Buddha bless you the bests in your life.

4 stars mriam K. 24 May 2013

Wanna was an excellent tour guide. Because of my situation I couldn't join the tour, but my family had an amazing time with him. He arranged the car and driver as well. My family was well pleased with their service.

Tour Guide Comment: Special thanks for Mariam Koo, I hope that you will visit our country again. God bless you and family all the bests

4 stars Arne L. 19 Feb 2013

Sowanna planned our tour very well to avoid the worst crowds and still managed to show us the most important temples in one day. He was very kind and knowledgeable and enthusiastic to tell us about the historic background, and some of the legends behind the stone artwork. He also explained a little about modern Cambodian history. Sowanna and his very friendly driver Visal gave us a nice memory of Angkor. Many Thanks!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much. Arne Leijon for the review, God bless you all the bests.

4 stars viv L. 03 Dec 2010

Sowanna was our tour guide in Siem Reap for 2 days and we found him to be very knowledgeable, very accommodating to our needs. He organised a very interesting tour of the main sights. He also had great photographic skills. I look forward to recommending him to my friends. Thanks Sowanna for showing Susie and I your beautiful country and culture.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much Viv Lane for the review. Lord Buddha bless you the bests.

3 stars Jeremy A. W. H. H. 24 Nov 2017

Sowanna is a knowledgeable and experienced guide. He helped us understand much about the history of the various temples. and was very good at finding the best photo places! He has a flexible can do style. Thanks for a great three days Sowanna.

3 stars Teresa L. 26 Jul 2017

3 stars Howie C. 25 May 2015

Sowanna is very knowledgeable and friendly.

Also a very keen photographer too. He knows where the good spots are to take photos. He is very flexible depending on your itinerary. A good storyteller on the murals on the temple walls too. Sunrise and sunset viewings are also available on request.

1 stars Patty C. 04 Oct 2015

Terrible. He may be experienced but absolutely no people skills. We actually had him stop the vehicle because I was not going to spend three days of my life in his company. His driver was no better. No smiles, no welcome to Siem Reap, no nothing except where's my money. I wish that there was an option not to even give him a one star - he deserves nothing!

Tour Guide Comment: Patty Clarkson agreed to the price of US$370 for 2 people for 3 days visit. This price included all entrance fees and transport + tour guide and remote areas. Patty said that she would withdraw money from ATM when I had gone to meet them in the hotel lobby. We went to meet them as planned and brought them to the ATM but, on the way, we gave them the official receipt to collect money from them but Patty said that it was not for the correct price. She claimed it was only US$250 for 3 days visit. I, Wanna Yun, asked them for documentation showing this price quote and Patty stated it was in her hotel room. We brought them back to their hotel and the price displayed on the documentation was in fact US$370 as we agreed by email and trip planning. We then drove them downtown to withdraw money from an ATM but, on the way there, Patty stated calling for us to stop the car. When we did, they got out and ran away from our car. I called out for them to stop, and called out for help from others on the sidewalk to get them to stop, but it did not work. In the end, I received no payment for my services and time spent planning and collecting them from the hotel.

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