Teru Kawasaki Private tour guide in Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kamakura - Japan

Teru Kawasaki

Guide profile:

-Three Cs: Courteous, Curious, and Comfortable --- Every communication starts with courtesy, and I keep a sense of a host as a guide in this country. Every trip is made better by curiosity, and I will make it much stronger by introducing something new to you even if you are repeaters. Lastly I would like you to feel comfortable and relaxed for every moment of your stay, essential for an enjoyable trip. With these three ideas, I will provide you with Courteous, Curious, and Comfortable tours, walking, talking, eating, and viewing together. Here is my blog: https://kws-tourguide.blogspot.com

-Experience of treating business customers

I retired from business several years ago, and now live in Tokyo to enjoy my own life. I was brought up in Hiroshima, spent several years in my youth in Kyoto, and worked mainly in Tokyo. In those days, I had a number of chances to introduce business customers to our cultural and/or historical spots on weekends or after finishing meetings, which led me to a new job, a tour guide. In addition, I've visited more than twenty cities and areas overseas on business or privately so far. That helps me understand my country from various points of view.

- Area where I work

I mainly cover the Tokyo area, including cities outside Tokyo, such as Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Kamakura and Nikko. I'd say that the current capital has many things more interesting and exciting to see and experience than the old ones. Besides the famous landmark, Mt. Fuji, The city has traditional culture that flourished in the 17th - 19th centuries, and is developing amazing contemporary culture that suggests its future. Let's move around together.

Recent reviews of this tour guide:

5 stars Ken M.

Very pleasant and good English. Easy to be with and professional. On time and goes out of way to please

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

(A) Welcome you at the airport (Narita/Haneda) and support to get to your hotel downtown by express train or bus

I or my colleague welcomes you at the exit of customs of the airport and support you until you arrive at your hotel. You are requested to pay for only the guide's transportation fee, which is $30 for the fare from Narita to Tokyo, and $15 for that from Haneda. ( You pay for your own fare.)

The service is offered as a complimentary one if you book a full-day tour on the next day.

(B) Number of clients

I hope that the number of customers is less than eight.

(C) Time

I prepare three basic options: (1) half-day tour (4 hours, without a meal), (2) full-day tour (8 hours, including lunch), (3) Evening tour (4 hours including a meal).

I am willing to customize a tour for you in the range from 2 hours (one sight-seeing spot) to 12 hours, depending on your convenience.

Transportation by tour guide:

(1) I basically take public transportation during a tour, which is convenient and money-saving in Tokyo. But It might be a little tough for people with weak legs.

(2) I'll take a taxi or make a reservation of a hired car if you request.

The fare will be paid by the distance or by the hour.

Private sightseeing & group tours offered by this guide:

Evening Tour of Downtown Walking and Local Food Price Per Group 200.00 USD
Full Day Tour of the Top Five Must-Sees Price Per Group 400.00 USD
Half Day Tour of the Top Three Must-Sees Price Per Group 180.00 USD
Sumo Stable Visit Price Per Person 75.00 USD

Tour guide interests:

I would like to share with you the following things:

(1) Nature, Culture and History: You'll find them in Japanese gardens or religious structures.

(2) Traditional, Contemporary or Futuristic scene: You'll come across on the street or in the theatre.

(3) Simple, Varied or Elaborate works: You'll witness them in Japanese dishes or handiwork.

Reviews of this tour – by clients who booked!

5 stars Ken M. 23 Apr 2019

Very pleasant and good English. Easy to be with and professional. On time and goes out of way to please

5 stars Richard B. 13 Apr 2019

Teru is knowledgeable, friendly & considerate. He accompanied the 4 of us to sites we were most interested in & provided commentary along the way. He also took us to a locals sushi restaurant and patiently explained the socially acceptable way to enjoy a sushi lunch. I had some difficulty eating the raw octopus and Teru helped me with this. We made some last minute changes on our itinerary & Teru made a deduction on the professionally presented bill to us. Happy that he was our guide.

5 stars Abra B. 16 Oct 2018

Teru is great! He's super-organized and willing to take you anywhere you want to go. He takes good care of you at all times. Travel with him is by train and subway, so you'll get a lot of walking and see how the Japanese people really move around their country. I have no hesitation recommending him to anyone!

5 stars Jane L. 27 May 2018


5 stars Lance M. 04 May 2018

Very happy with the service.

I am an agent and my clients were so pleased with the full day tour to Mt Fuji

This guide goes the extra mile and offer's the clients an amazing experience.

5 stars Egbert S. 26 Apr 2018

Teru was an amazing guide. He was very knowledgeable, pleasant, and accommodating. We were with him for four full days and we experienced so much. Teru was great at explaining the culture and his recommendations were incredible. He was very organized, yet flexible when we wanted to change our itinerary on the fly. We truly enjoyed our philosophical discussions as well. Teru gets our highest recommendation.

5 stars Amy M. 13 Apr 2018

Excellent tour guide. Very flexible with itinerary changes. Pleasant, personable, and informative.

5 stars Sandra G. 31 Mar 2018

Teru was extremely knowledgeable, prompt, courteous, attentive to client wishes and professional. He is very pleasant and gave us choices as our tour progressed. He speaks excellent English and has a sense of humor

He is proud of his country and provided a great deal of insight into the origins of cultural activities. We would highly recommend him to anyone.

5 stars Adam L. 28 Mar 2018

Very good. Mr. Teru was very kind and was a pleasure to spend the day with. If you have Mr. Teru has your guide, you will be well treated.

5 stars Josh T. 07 Feb 2018

Amazing person, guide and now friend. Teru made our first Japan and Tokyo Experience unforgettable. Without his train knowledge, we would have spent more and seen a lot less. A complete professional experience. Teru went above and beyond before our two days with him and then helped us with some logistics for the rest of our trip. Again, I cannot speak highly enough of Teru and the experience he gave us. He showed us that Japan isnt just amazing sites, culture or people but much more. A++++++++++

5 stars Cindy K. 12 Oct 2017

Teru is a very wonderful and knowledgeable guide. Our trip was very enjoyable and memorable because of him. Before going to Tokyo, we notified him of the places and things we wanted to do. He provided us with a detailed itinerary and also took us to places that we didn't know about. Teru went over and beyond to make sure that we had an enjoyable time in Tokyo. He was absolutely amazing! I could go on an on about how wonderful he was. Book him as your tour guide. You will be happy you did.

5 stars Neet S. 02 Jul 2017

I would rate Teru at 7 stars if possible.

1) Before the trip, he created a detailed hour by hour itinerary which he shared with us. We provided our thoughts and he updated it

2) Our group was a tough group. Various food requirements, different interests, and different stamina. He was able to accommodate us very well

3) He helped us plan subsequent travel in Japan at no cost

4) He has great passion for Japan and its culture

5) Very warm..felt like I was with a friend rather than a guide.

5 stars Yuly L. 01 Jun 2017

We were group of 2 couples (one from NY and one from London).in our early 60'th.

Teru-san did amazing job , trying to introduce us to the Japan capital.

Teru-san was with us for 3 days - one day was for Tokyo , another for Nikko and last one for Fuji. All 3 tours were very well planned and executed.

Teru-san was very friendly and optimistic by his nature.

We are highly recommending him as a Tokyo tour guide.

Thank you Teru-san!!

Yuly Lipovsky

Inna Lipovsky

Yuri Goligorsky

Raisa Goligo

5 stars Kimberly R. 22 May 2017

Fantastic! Teru was very organized and knowledgeable. He suggested places to go that proved highly interesting and was able to include our special requests as well. His English is outstanding and he is a please to be with. A perfect guide for Tokyo.

5 stars Kaye T. 04 May 2017

Top Guide

We were recently very lucky to have Teru Kawasaki as our Guide and translator in Tokyo. He was very knowledgeable, smart, organised, fun, kind and flexible. He designed a brilliant itinerary for us and took us to all the things we wanted to see and do and made great suggestions of other things he thought we'd like. He even met us at the airport and made getting to our hotel in Tokyo super easy and quick. Whether for work or holiday Teru is the perfect guide and we Highly Recommend hi

5 stars Goldberg N. 23 Apr 2017

Fantastic!!! We had been on a cruise around China and Japan. Teru was the BEST guide on the trip. He maximized our time together and we felt like we accomplished quite a bit. He knew exactly where to find the special gifts we were looking for--from yukatas to ninja costumes to Origami books translated into English. His English is excellent and he has an easy going personality and a great sense of humor. He is very organized and detail oriented. I could not give anyone a higher recommendation

5 stars David F. 21 Apr 2017

My girlfriend and I wanted to visit a sumo stable, something that is very hard to plan. Teru worked very hard to make that visit becoming true. Teru is very professionnal and very kind. He gave us a lot of informations about the sumos stables and about the ways of sumo. We really loved our experience with him and we highly recommend him. We are glad we had him as our private guide for our sumo stable visit.

David F.

5 stars Judy D. 18 Apr 2017

We really enjoyed our time with Teru again. He is always fun to be with, well informed, well organized and charming! We look forward to another visit to Tokyo in the future, and having Teru guide us again.

Judy & Ron

5 stars Julius C. 11 Apr 2017

Teru was an excellent tour guide! He made several suggestions prior to our meeting of where he would take us including any further options we would like to visit on the day. It was unfortunate as it was raining heavily on the day he showed us around, but the tour was very interesting and he was very knowledgable about the different locations as well as any questions we had about Japan in general. Would highly recommend!

5 stars Ying L. 09 Apr 2017

We cannot asked for a better guide during our first visit to Japan. I contacted Teru before booking with him. He answered all sorts of questions and concerns that I had, down to the little things about luggage delivery, which made me so much at ease about our adventure in Japan. He planned out our itinerary before we left the US and he came to meet us at our Airbnb with a printed itinerary. He came with metro cards for all of us, helped us make calls and took us to taste authentic Japanese food.

5 stars stig J. 05 Apr 2017


5 stars Mireya B. 18 Nov 2016

I would recommend Teru-san!! My sister, my friends mother and I wanted to see a temple and Teru-san gave us a list of places with full descriptions on what they were like. It was so helpful! We ended up going to an amazing temple that was one of the most interesting places I've seen since we moved here in January. My sister, and my friend's mother-in-law thought it was incredible!! Teru-san was polite, fun, knowledgeable, and spoke excellent English. He is an excellent guide!

5 stars Buddhini A. 16 Sep 2016

Teru was a warm and wonderful Japanese gentleman. he was easy to chat to and was patient, kind and keen to show us around. We had a very slow group of older parents and young children and he was very helpful and relaxed. We would certainly recommend him to anyone who wants to enjoy Tokyo in a relaxed manner. He took us to Nikko, Kamakura and around Tokyo over 3 days. He was also very organised but flexible when necessary. Thank you very much Teru and we hope to see you again.

5 stars Querida S. 07 Sep 2016

Fantastic guide. Communications before trip were thorough. He went beyond all expectations in finding and managing wonderful guides for us in Hakodate and Sendai as well. He provided, unasked, flow charts of itineraries and costs. Took time to understand what we wanted and helped us choose the best experiences within our timeframe. Excellent company, quiet, professional manner, very comfortable guiding, nice sense of humour, paced the time well (Tokyo was very hot!). Thanks Teru - great job.

5 stars Jackie V. 23 Aug 2016

Teru was absolutely the best tour guide we have ever had in any city! He payed attention to every single detail which allowed us to see so much more of the city than we ever could have on our own. From making personalized brochures to calling our arrival hotel when we were delayed, Teru went above and beyond. We left with a friend in Tokyo. If you have a chance We highly recommend using Teru Kawasaki as your guide in Tokyo and Yokohama!

5 stars Ming Z. 05 Jul 2016

Highly recommended. Teru was very courteous and accommodating through the whole experience -- from airport pickup to making sure we can get back to the airport by ourselves at the end of trip. He has done everything to meet our various interests and answered our questions about not only the attractions but also the Japanese way of life. Can't think of a better way to kick off a visit to Tokyo.

5 stars Balraj M. 15 Jun 2016

Teru was a fantastic tour guide. He took me and my family to the major sites of Tokyo and on the second day an excursion to Nikko.

His knowledge of the history of Japan and the architecture of the buildings was very brilliant.

He also was able to accommodate changes to our plan on the day of the tour.

5 stars Yan B. 24 May 2016

I am rating our tour to Kamakura with Mr. Teru Kawasaki as 5 starts plus.

We really enjoyed a perfectly and thoughtfully tailored tour around Kamakura Mr. Kawasaki put together for us. The tour simply exceeded all our expectations. Mr. Kawasaki was very helpful not just on the day of the tour but help us with the numerous questions we have asked regarding dining, transportation, and places to see in Hakone and Kyoto that were our next stops on the trip to Japan.

We are strongly recommending M

5 stars Jean K. 12 May 2016

My husband and I are very lucky to have chosen Teru as our guide in Tokyo. He is prompt in replying my email enquiries. A patient easy going and soft spoken man. Highly recommend him as your guide with his knowledge and humour. Thank you once again.

5 stars Catherine C. 09 May 2016

We were very lucky to have Teru as our guide on our first dat in Japan.He provided all sort of information and could answer all our questions.He was very helpfull and accomodating and has à great sense of humour.He tells with enthousiasm about Japanese culture, history, daily life and sumo wrestling .He taught us also to use public transportation so we could use it by ourselves the next day. Afterwards hè sent us à few nice pictures he made during the tour.

5 stars Dewey S. 03 May 2016

Teru provided a great tour. He took great care assisting us get to the location and checked with us after we ended the tour to be sure we were safely on our way to next journey. Very knowledgable about the history and sites. Friendly and caring. We hope he will be available the next time we need a tour in the area.

5 stars Lauren J. 30 Apr 2016

Teru is very knowledgeable and professional. He spent a lot of time working with me by email before the trip- patiently answering my many questions- and everything went quite smoothly in Japan as a result. Teru submitted a precise itinerary before my trip. He also made reservations for a superb sushi restaurant and for the Ghibli museum, places I could never have gotten into myself. His guidance through the JR rail system and the Tokyo bus and subway system was invaluable. Highly recommend!

5 stars Bernadette R. 29 Apr 2016

Teru is a wonderful guide! From the time I booked the tour, we planned how our tour would go and he came up with the perfect itinerary. He recommended and booked us in a lovely restaurant when I asked about Kobe beef. :-) Teru kept the pace as comfortable as possible even if we were running late. We enjoyed every minute of the tour and took beautiful pictures with Teru as photographer. :-) If you want to a memorable and fun experience in Tokyo, book Teru as your guide.

5 stars Carol B. 15 Apr 2016

5 stars Robina T. 26 Mar 2016

Teru was excellent. He met us at the airport and put us at ease with showing us how things work in Japan. The train system, the food, the etiquette. We packed a lot in to a day. Seeing hetic crossings , busy trains , lovely Temples with a wedding also. And to end the day the Cherry Blossom came out.

He was courteous and answered all the questions we had . He also offered further suggestions for our other free days we were going to have later in Tokyo.

I would thoroughly recommend him.

5 stars Barbara S. 07 Mar 2016

Excellent tour of Tokyo. Really experienced Tokyo life and learned some history as well! Teru was very professional and personable, and adjusted the itinerary to accommodate our schedule.

5 stars Lisa L. 30 Nov 2015

Teru was absolutely amazing! When we booked him we mentioned that we needed a warp speed tour of Tokyo (we had 7 hours) and he totally delivered! We saw lots of things and he provided commentary on numerous things!

HIGHLY recommend Teru!

Thanks you so much Teru! You showed us Tokyo in a limited time and we feel we got a good "view" of Tokyo!

5 stars Rodolfo C. 27 Nov 2015

Excellent, a truly enjoyable day with Teru.

He was a wonderful guide, not only taking me to

the places I wanted to see and food I wanted to

eat, but also considerate to take a bit of a rest

when I needed it. He has a full command of English, and made my Asakusa Temple and

Shrine memorable.

Very happy to have met and been guided by

Teru. Thanks !

Tour Guide Comment: It is my pleasure. I am very surprised to see that you know a lot about our food culture, especially delicacies. That’s a great experience to me, too.

5 stars Glenn H. 04 Oct 2015

My wife and I enjoyed our time with Teru. He has a great sense of humor and is very knowledgeable. He packed a lot into the two days we spent with him and took us to some great places. I recommend hiring Teru if you need a guide in Tokyo.

5 stars Agnes H. 28 Sep 2015

Teru was an exceptional guide, he knew exactly how to get to places, happy to accommodate us. Teru planed our time with him according to our wishes, was fun to be with and very knowledgeable. He was very patient with us and made our time in Tokyo very memorable. We would not hesitate to recommend him. Thank you Teru


5 stars Robby R. 19 Sep 2015

Teru is a great guide. He was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable about Tokyo. He helped organize everything in advance and seems to know exactly how long it will take to get from point A to point B despite the vagaries of crowds and trains. I highly recommend him.

5 stars Kaiying C. 08 Aug 2015

Very enthusiastic and professional guide! Attentive to your preferences and great with follow up. Always punctual (or early) and gives his best during his time with you. Highly recommended.

5 stars Jim M. 13 May 2015

Teru is friendly and knowledgeable -- because our time in Tokyo was short we driest to squeeze in a lot of things -- he made our difficult schedule work and we had a wonderful time with him.

5 stars Marcia G. 07 May 2015

Teru was wonderful! I highly recommend him as a guide for Tokyo. He took us on a tour of Tsukiji fish market which was outstanding. He was professional, interesting, and very knowledgeable. Mr Kawasaki spoke fluent English. Additionally, he was very personable and a delightful guide introducing us to Japanese cuisine. Our outing with Teru was the highlight of our trip to Japan.

5 stars A G. 14 Apr 2015

Don't let the serious photo fool you. Teru is a lot of fun!

You're getting an expert on sites and culture and he will point out things you never would have known without him. His English is excellent and you will be able to communicate perfectly.

He takes the time to listen and plan based on your likes and preferences. He knows what questions to ask over e-mail and will ensure the best use of your time together.

I have used Viator 20+ times and enthusiastically recommend Teru for tour

5 stars Graeme L. 13 Apr 2015

We loved our time with Teru. He was respectful, considerate and thought about our every request.

Prior to starting the trip he spend alot of time making sure we covered all the important sites. He went out of his way to book us a Sumo wrestling match and a special ceremony at the Fukagawa Fudodo temple.

He was also prepared to take us to quirky area such as the Golden Gai and Harajuku. Even on days that he did not guide us he helped plan our day to Harkone . Thanks Teru

graeme & co

5 stars Ann N. 10 Apr 2015

His picture may looks serious in fact he wasn't, rather kind, patient, thorough and understand. Our family, includ senior, teen, pre teen and baby, but Teru made every one happy for the tour. Without his help, I wouldn't know where to begin our tour but he patiently showed and guide where to start. He wouldn't leave until he made sure that we were on the right place. Less worried with Teru, like you had a good friend there. I am highly recommended to anyone for their first time visit Tokyo.

5 stars Janie B. 07 Apr 2015

Teru describes The Three C’s (Courteous, Curious, Comfortable) in his Profile and I add the 5 A’s as in Amicable, Awesome, Approachable, Adaptable, & Amazing! It would be very Advantageous for you if he were your guide! He made it possible for me to see the shrines & temples on my list in the short time I had in Tokyo/Kamakura. I was thrilled to see the centuries old wonders and also have time to enjoy a soba/tempura lunch ! He was knowledgeable, tireless, well spoken, & helpful in every way!

5 stars Katie T. 28 Mar 2015

I would happily recommend Teru as a tour guide in Tokyo. He is very organized and thoughtful. He took the time to incorporate all of our family's interests into the tour, and he also suggested some cool new experiences. My sons and I enjoyed his wry sense of humor as well. He was gracious in teaching us some of the many unique customs, especially around food and dining. I'll never eat soba or ramen the same way again! Teru, we thank you for a lovely tour.

5 stars Emmitt T. 14 Mar 2015

Very knowledgeable and was very helpful. He took into account what we wanted to do and was flexible when we wanted to change course. Showed a genuine interest in us having a great experience. Made sure that we understood everything and did not leave us until he knew we were safe. Was helpful with luggage during our checkout and transfers to the train station. Would definitely use him again!

5 stars Moss J. 15 Feb 2015

Teru-San was really great. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Went out of his way to make our tour and transport easier.

Would definitely go with Teru-San in future and recommend him to friends.

Thanks again Teru-San.

Tour Guide Comment: Moss-san, I am very happy that I have a chance to introduce you the wonderful spot off the beaten track.

5 stars Alison C. 18 Jan 2015

I would very highly recommend Teru as a guide. I was in Tokyo on business and had limited time (2 hours) to visit Yokohama, where my parents met and were married in 1949. Teru laid out a very thoughtful minute by minute agenda which covered all of the key points of interest, did research on my father, called and made arrangements in advance of my visit to obtain documents from that time. He went above and beyond. It was a tremendous tour of Yokohama and I would recommend him without hesitation.

Tour Guide Comment: It's my pleasure to do my best for my guests. Business executives don't have much time to do personal things overseas. I am honored to be given an opportunity to support you.

5 stars chris O. 23 Nov 2014

We booked two tours with Teru to enhance our time in Tokyo. He service and response is second to none and his help was above and beyond. He went as far as to help us prepare our trains schedules for the balance of our trip. I would highly recommend his services. He speaks above average English and he has extensive knowledge of the city, it's customs and history. We would absolutely use his services again if ever to visit Japan in the future!

Tour Guide Comment: I am very happy and pleased to share good days in autumn. We had even lovely talks till late in the evening, which improved my ability of speaking English. That's great, too.

5 stars Oleg V. 26 Oct 2014

5 stars Iwona G. 27 Sep 2014

Teru was the best guide with ever had We appreciated emails from him before we went on holidays that were friendly and informative He customised out trip to what we wanted to see in Tokyo and was flexible when we added additional activities, tea ceremony We appreciated Naoko, another guide, meeting us at the airport and helping us with the transport to our hotel. Tour with Teru and Naoko was like walking with friends. They did not mind when our tour finish after estimated time We will be back

Tour Guide Comment: I am happy that I had a chance to spend a lovely day with her and her familiy in Tokyo. We visited historical spots and the latest ones, and had talks on our culture during the full day tour. It is a great fun for me to walk around with friendly and lovely tourists like her.

4 stars amerigo B. 07 Apr 2018

We really enjoyed our time with Teru. He has very good knowledge of Tokyo and presents the information in a relaxed manner.

4 stars Iris T. 28 Mar 2017

Teru san was responsible and called the hotel the night before to confirm the tour. He was punctual and gave us a briefing of the itinerary before we set off. He proposed changes as the weeping cherry blossom tree that we planned to see had not bloomed that day. Teru was flexible to make changes during the tour when we wanted more time at one place and then tried to catch up by taking taxis instead of train. Overall, we enjoyed the day.

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