Sergio Ocampo - Tobón Private tour guide in Manizales - Colombia

Sergio Ocampo - Tobón

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Guide profile:

I am Sergio Ocampo Tobón, born in April, 1967, nature Guide, researcher of flora and fauna and Colombian ornithologist since 1997. I am the technical director of the Ecological Foundation Gabriel Arango Restrepo FUNDEGAR, creator of the group of birds observers of FUNDEGAR, founding member of the Colombian association of ornithology ACO , national net of bird watchers of Colombia RNOACOL, member of the Antioquian society of ornithology SAO and the national net of Colombian natural reservations of the civil society RESNATUR.

I manage a monitoring station of migratory birds in the reservation Rio Blanco, in association with the WWF Colombia.

My fee is US$ 75.oo Day per person, not including my expenses: food, housing and transportation, which should be covered by you; I am in charge of all the logistics for the trip to the mutually chosen site.


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Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

birding guide principal, but helping all tourist visiting Colombia

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I speak Spanish and English, I know the great majority of bird watching sites in our country (ask me which species you wants to see and I will tell you were we can see them at any moment).

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