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Samath Keo

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Guide profile:

Hello every​one,​

Are​ you​ look​ing​ for​ a​ knowledgeable,​ friendly, and​ helpful tour​ guide? I​ can​ help​ you​ to​ plan your​ trips with​ enjoy​able and​ memorable​ experience.

My name's Samath,​ just​ call​ me Sam. I​ am an​ English speaking tour​ ​guide in​ Siem Reap​ Angkor​ region​ and​ the​ surrounding areas. I​ was born and​ grew up​ in​ a​ village​ locating in​ Angkor​ complex areas​ so​ I​ know​ well​ about​ people,​ culture,​ tradition,​ history,​ and​ geographical​ areas​ here.

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

I​ can​ organise for​ you​ 1 day,​ 2 days,​ 3 days tour upon your​ ​resquest​ as the​ following:

1​day​ tour__/\_/\_/\__

Visit​ the​ main temple​s in​ small tour​: Angkor​ Wat,​ Angkor​ Thom ,​ Taprom,​ and​ so​me​ temple​s​ on​ the​ way.


2​ days​ tour​ or 3​ ​days​ tours​:

- day​ 1: Visit​ floating village​ a​long the​ bank of​ the​ largest fresh water​ lake in​ Southwest​ Asia.

- day​ 2: Visit​ the​e main​ ​temple​s: Angkor​ Wat,​ Angkor​ Thom,​ and​ Taprom.

- day​ 3: Visit​ Preah Khan,​ Neak Pean,​ Ta Som,​ East Mebon,​ and​ Pre Rup.

Transportation by tour guide:

Yes, transportation can be arranged upon request.

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