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Patrick Lovell

Guide profile:

Providing visitors to Japan with custom tours, including Nikko, Kamakura, Tokyo, Kyoto, complete Nakasendo, and other fantastic locations in Japan.

If you are coming to Japan, contact me for guidance for your whole time in Japan, or for a portion of your time. Either way, I look forward to showing you the best of Japan!

Thank you, Patrick

As a university student I majored in Japanese history and have lived in Japan for 39 years since graduating. During that time, I have taught Japanese history at an international school and have often led small groups on tours around Tokyo, Kamakura, Nikko, Kyoto, Himeji and other off the beaten path locations.

I enjoy explaining the culture and history of my adopted country to visitors who want to discover, experience, and learn about Japan at a deeper level.

Recent reviews of this tour guide:

5 stars Lawrence C.

Four of us spent two days touring Tokyo with Patrick. It was FANTASTIC. He is friendly and fun and has an amazing knowledge of Japanese history and culture. Being an American ex-pat, he was easy to relate to and to understand. We would recommend him highly to anyone wanting to learn more about Tokyo and Japan.

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

Personalised guides to;

- Tokyo tours

- Little Kyoto in Tokyo, Yanaka

- Edo Castle tour

- Asakusa tour

- Seven Lucky Gods of Shibamata, Both Japanese history and food

- Historic Garden of Tokyo Tours

- Complete or Partial Nakasendo Tours

- Nikko - Toshogo and environs

- Hot spring tours

- Yokohama tours

- Kamakura tours

- Kobe and area

- Kyoto tours

- Himeji Castle tour

- Nara tours

- Custom tours to off-the-beaten-track

Families and groups up to six 210.00 per day. Groups that exceed this number 250.00 per day

Transportation by tour guide:

Tours by both public transportation (inexpensive) and by arranged private car (costly)

Private sightseeing & group tours offered by this guide:

Tokyo History Walking Tour Price Per Group 381.00 USD

Tour guide interests:

History, Food, Culture, Traditional Japanese Dance, Kabuki

Reviews of this tour – by clients who booked!

5 stars Lawrence C. 13 Nov 2018

Four of us spent two days touring Tokyo with Patrick. It was FANTASTIC. He is friendly and fun and has an amazing knowledge of Japanese history and culture. Being an American ex-pat, he was easy to relate to and to understand. We would recommend him highly to anyone wanting to learn more about Tokyo and Japan.

5 stars Deborah D. 10 Sep 2018

I will remember and greatly appreciate Patrick Lovell for the rest of my life. With competence and persistence, Patrick was able to locate my 92-year old Japanese aunt whom I have not seen since I left Japan at age 3. Through Patrick's excellent command of the Japanese language, I was able to communicate with my aunt. It was an incredible experience! Patrick is a very honorable, reliable, and trustworthy human being who went above and beyond. Thank you so much! Deborah

5 stars Megan B. 21 Dec 2017

Patrick was very knowledgeable, and did an amazing job squeezing as much as he could into the very limited time frame we gave him. He was also very flexible in meeting our requirements. Would definitely recommend!

5 stars Hans-Joachim H. 13 Aug 2017

Patrick was our excellent guide for a 3 day stay inTokyo. He not showed us sightseeing points, historic sites and attractions, but also gave us a tremendous insight into Japanese and Tokyo history, culture, habits and Japanese way of living. He connected the points between Tokyo / Edo history and today´s Tokyo, also providing a wealth of supporting reading material. Patrick was very friendly, flexible and adapting to our preferences. With Patrick as a guide, we had 3 unforgettable Tokyo days.

5 stars richard N. 02 May 2016

A great trip

5 stars Rodrigo P. 24 Jan 2016

Very nice Guide. Was a Amazing day !

5 stars Tamela H. 27 Dec 2015

What passion for Japan! Patrick was an amazing guide while we were in Tokyo. His knowledge and cultural experience proved to be outstanding and if we are back in the area, we will not hesitate to contact him again. THANKS so much!

5 stars Christine H. 19 Oct 2015

We have toured the world and often used guides - Patrick was definitely one of the best. From beginning to end of our six day tour he never lost his passion and enthusiasm to show us in detail, the history, culture and lifestyles of Japan. Taking care of all aspects of the tour and our requests was so much appreciated and allowed us to focus on the experience itself. Thank you Patrick - we were lucky to have you be our teacher.

5 stars Kim L. 15 Oct 2015

Japan is a very special place to learn about the culture and everything is set up for a specific purpose. We are very happy to learn so much history and understand the meaning of each place guided by Patrick. He was easy to understand and willing to explain every questions we had. Wish we had more time in Tokyo to learn more about the interesting highlights of the city.

5 stars Derek L. 18 Sep 2015

We really wanted to experience Tokyo on a much deeper, historical level. Patrick gave us what we were looking for: a very unique tour of the "Low City", explaining how the city evolved during and after the Edo period. It was fantastic! We saw sights far from the beaten path that we would never have seen on our own. He also followed up with excellent recommendations for places to see after the tour. We highly recommend his tour for anyone who wants to know about Tokyo's history below the surface.

5 stars Hangwah M. 28 Jun 2015

We think Patrick was the best. He was very organized. We were with him for 3 days. He laid out what we were going to do during those days. He gave us detailed explanations on current and past Japanese life.He is extremely knowledgeable on history and current affairs. He also is easy to work with and very friendly. He got to know the individual interests of each member of our six-person group and adjusted the tour to meet our interests. He is the best tour guide we have ever had.

5 stars David J. 30 Apr 2015

Patrick provides an outstanding, professional and friendly service. He gives you the social and historical background to the places you visit and willingly adapts the tour to his clients individual requirements packing as much or as little as you want into each day. If only there was a "Patrick" in every major city of the world!

5 stars Debbie S. 16 Jun 2014

My mother and I had a great tour of Tokyo with Patrick.His knowledge of the history of this city was wonderful. He was very thoughtful in making sure we had some great photos to take home and gave us some great tips on how to make our journey of Japan easier (which came in very helpful).

I have already recommended Patrick to a couple of friends, he was fantastic.

Thanks Patrick

Debbie & Barbara


5 stars Joanna R. 24 May 2014

Patrick's tour was insightful and helped understand better the culture and the configuration of the city, definitely something I wanted to learn since it was my first time in Tokyo. I sincerely recommend Patrick, specially if you are interested in looking inside the history and not only go from one viewpoint to the other.

5 stars alan S. 13 May 2014

Patrick was terrific, very knowledgeable about the places he took us and the history of Japan.

5 stars Kerry W. 05 May 2014

We have traveled extensively and when it comes to tour guides, I can't say enough good things about Patrick. We were traveling with our grandmother who's in a wheelchair, and Patrick put together a very enjoyable tour, was organized, kept us informed, not to mention was one of the most knowledgable guides I've ever met, with a true love of Japan. He helped us with train tickets, baggage, etc. He made a good trip into a great trip. We ended up booking him two more days. Highly recommended!!

5 stars Amanda M. 31 Mar 2014


Had a great two days of gardens and Cherry blossoms!

thanks Patrick

5 stars Carmela H. 29 Mar 2014

Patrick is extremely knowledgable and very nice. He has a unique point of view, and offers you to see Tokyo in a special and original way. He is very accomodating and is very attentive to your wishes. Patrick has a very special way to explain Japan to interested outsiders like us. He is modest, full of energy and knows to introduce you to very special places, that regular tourists never see. He is willing to guide you as long as you stay on your feet, with no extra charge. We had a great time!!!

5 stars Phyllis S. 10 Feb 2014

Snow in Tokyo changed our plans as we needed to transport our luggage to Yokohama. Patrick was a great help in getting us there. We appreciated his patience, learning of the culture & history while we traveled with him on trains & metro, & his nice company.

The nice info he sent ahead of time was also helpful. Thanks!!!

5 stars Stella I. 20 Jan 2014

We had a great day with Patrick. A private tour is the only way to really appreciate Tokyo. We saw so much and particularly enjoyed the museum and lunch not to mention dessert. The day was well balanced and I now understand more about Japanese culture and how life used to be in Tokyo. Thanks Patrick.

5 stars Joseph B. 24 Dec 2013

We were more than pleased with Patrick. Our tour with him combined high energy sightseeing with very interesting information about Tokyo, including a good deal of historic background. He obviously loves to share his knowledge, affection and respect for Japanese history and culture. It was exactly what we hoped for. His personality is warm and pleasant. We highly recommend him.

5 stars Robin S. 29 Nov 2013

Originally we only booked Patrick for our first 1/2 day in Tokyo, to give us an introduction to the city. This is the first time we have done this kind of traveling, so didn't know what to expect. Patrick is knowledgeable about both the history and culture of Japan, and our time with him was beyond great. We spent another 2 days with him, showing us the rest of Tokyo, as well as accompanying us on a tour of Hakone National Park. Giving him 5 stars isn't enough.

5 stars Alexander S. 20 Oct 2013

Patrick is knowledgeable, punctual and efficient. Even though one of our days with him was rainy throughout, he still managed to squeeze a fine day-tour out of it. Excellent tour guide.

5 stars Lely U. 25 Aug 2013

Patrick is very efficient and knowledgeable about Japanese history and culture. He even extended his helping hands on where to ride and what to do for our upcoming trip to Osaka via Mount Fuji and Hakone. Highly recommended and a truly excellent tour guide.

5 stars Wren T. 08 Jul 2013

Patrick is a true professional. There was no question we asked that he did not know how to answer. We truly enjoyed our experience and his knowledge of Tokyo. I highly recommend him. Just be aware that unless you are in great walking shape, that he will give you a workout. Ask for the foot pads, you're going to need them. Haha.

5 stars Mendy K. 04 May 2013

Patrick was wonderful to work with. Good communication before the tour. Our students loved him and a wealth of knowledge. Would definitely recommend him if you are in Tokyo.

5 stars Jason K. 21 Apr 2013

I highly recommend Patrick. His knowledge of Japanese history and culture is phenomenal, and his enthusiasm is infectious. He is a consummate professional who made it his mission to see that I had a most memorable experience. He ran well over the allotted time free of charge. On top of all that, he paid for transportation, drinks at the end, and shipping to send me a CD of photos that he took for me during my tour. I have recommended him to friends and colleagues already, and I do so again here.

5 stars Daniel I. 14 Apr 2013

Excellent tour! IT was our first time in Japan and Patrick really show us the best of Tokyo. Highly recommended.

5 stars Carole N. 10 Apr 2013

If you’re looking for a guide thoroughly knowledgeable of the history,

culture, geography, and intricacies of modern Japanese life than Patrick

is an absolutely perfect guide. In the time we spent in Tokyo with

him he showed us many of the important and well known sites, but also

quaint and interesting neighborhoods, small neighborhood shrines and

cemeteries, and many of the historically and politically important

places. Of particular interest to us was his ability to place the sites

5 stars Shereen T. 30 Mar 2013

Reliable, helpful & knowledgable.

Patrick provided us with a very well organized tour. Easy going & adaptable, our family throughly enjoyed touring Tokyo with him.

Thanks so much Patrick :) hopefully you'll be free to tour with us again on our next trip to Tokyo :)

5 stars Daniel J. 29 Mar 2013

5 stars Karen A. A. I. 08 Feb 2013

We had only one day in Kyoto and wanted to make the most of it. Patrick made that happen! From the time he met us at our Riyokan at 9 AM until 6 PM that evening, he not only guided us to some of the most fascinating places in Kyoto, but shared his wide knowledge of and enthusiasm for the city -- its culture, history, and beauty. To top it off, when we returned to our home in Washington DC there was a CD from Patrick with photos he had taken of us! We were so lucky to have found him!

5 stars Fiona P. 25 Feb 2012

Patrick is a fantastic tour guide! There aren't enough characters for me to write just how much of an awesome tour we had in Tokyo with him. He's extremely organised and very flexible with the tour. His knowledge of Japanese history is impeccable and my husband had a ball asking question after question. Patrick took us to some wonderful hidden places that we never would have seen if it wasn't for him and he never rushed us in our tour (we did 2.5 hours overtime!). You won't be disappointed!!! :)

5 stars Seena S. 28 Nov 2011

We were very lucky to meet Patrick Lovell and spend two days with him. Patrick is very knowledgeable about Japanese history and culture and open to sharing. I pummeled him with questions all day long and he generously responded to every one.

We specifically requested his time to see things we wouldn't see on our own and he created an itinerary that totally satisfied us.

He's fabulous!

5 stars Renee' B. 17 Sep 2011

5 stars Harold W. 17 Jul 2011

My wife, daughter, nine-year-old granddaughter and I spent three very full days with Patrick in the Tokyo area. We had a fantastic experience!. Patrick has an exceptional knowledge of the region and Japanese history. His expertise and willingness to share greatly enhanced our trip. He, also, readily adapted the itinerary and slowed the pace a bit to accommodate my daughter and granddaughter. Also, Patrick is a great photographer and provided us with CD of outstanding photos that will help u

5 stars Moe L. 20 Feb 2011

excellent tour guide

5 stars John U. 10 Feb 2011

Patrick went beyond the call of duty & provided a fantastic tour filled with insight and experiences. His knowledge and insight is second to none and besides he is good company. We spent some wonderful times together and our restaurant visits were outstanding thanks to him. Without him we would have missed a number of experiences, due to language if nothing else, that we would not have been without. Patrick was the best investment we made re. the vacation in Japan. Fantastic value for our money

5 stars Stephen D. 28 Dec 2010

I would rate Patric 5/5. That is 100% score. He was absolutely amazing, and I will highly recommend him to all my friends & family.

5 stars Mark D. 25 Jul 2010

Our family wanted to see Nikko and Patrick put together a wonderful (and flexible) 2-day itinerary full of historic sites, events, and craft shops that excited everyone. He enhanced our Nikko journey with his historic background on the sites, events & rulers of the early-to-mid Edo eras, and

introduced us to elements of Japanese culture, tradition, and joy of Japanese cuisine while dinning in our room at the Ryokan.

5 stars Linda M. 05 Jun 2010

Patrick was the best decision we made for our Japan trip. He was exceptionally helpful and friendly and went out of his way to make our tour go smoothly. We took in great sights and he provided us lots of interesting historical references. Patrick gave us tips for the rest of our vacation, provided a packet of his tour material and pictures he took for us on a CD before we left our hotel and left his phone number in case we got stuck! I highly recommend his services to anyone needing a guide.

5 stars Adrian A. 17 May 2010

It was our pleasure to see Tokyo with you, and we enjoyed the day, and learned about the city and it’s history, more than we could have have we tried to do it on our own. Thanks, and hope to see you again when we swing by the next time – with more time on our hands.

Regards, Adrian

4 stars Sandi S. 19 Sep 2013

If you're a history buff, this is the guide for you. His knowledge of Japanese history is all-encompassing. Also, he's fun to be with. His English is perfect. (Most welcome after being communication-challenged.) He was helpful with guidance outside the realm of the tours. However, his timing could be improved. Both days we wound up not having time to do a couple things on the agenda. In addition, he may not be as flexible as other guides regarding the addition of particular requests.

4 stars Kathia C. 14 Jul 2013

Excellent places and knowledge of the city and culture. Very helpful and positive attitude.

4 stars Martha E. 16 Jan 2012

Patrick was quite informative and gave us information & perspective that wouldn't have been available to us otherwise. He was able to flex to meet the needs of my two jet-lagged boys. He did a great job preparing for our tour arriving with cards for the subway system that we were able to use throughout our trip. Thank you Patrick, it was a great start to our trip to Japan!

3 stars Rhona G. 24 Apr 2018

Tour was not very interesting. Only a couple of places were worthwhile the emporers gardens and the peace garden. Sobe lunch was a very nice experience. Otherwise a lot of walking and riding subways for little return.

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