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Hello Everyone!

I am a passionate trip leader who loves lecturing about Turkey’s any signature marvel site. With 16 years of practice in providing excellent travel & leisure experiences, i have been happy to interact with travellers from all around the world including U.S., Canada, Oceania and Europe. I am fully licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkish Republic with an on going BA in History of Art.

My extensive work experiment includes wide range of styles from 21 day Turkey overland programme leading for organisations like America's Overseas Adventure Travel; to organising private shore excursions arriving ports of Kusadasi and Istanbul with Holland Americana Line, Oceania Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises and alike.

My top rated topics include history, art, local life, gastronomy, modern architecture, politics, while discovering the extraordinary hidden paths of my fascinating Turkey.

Private travel services can begin at any airport, cruise port or accommodation in Turkey and ensures providing "skip the line entry" to all sights.

I look forward meeting you all..


Recent reviews of this tour guide:

5 stars James H.

Not a "sight-seeing tour" but a real education. My goals were very specific and were more than met. Ovunc "Deedee" was a very wonderful guide - enthusiastic, adaptable to my needs, knowledgeable, A great companion and a true ambassador for her wonderful country. My time was not as a tourist and concentrated on a rather narrow area of study - Deedee was prepared and well researched.

My week in Turkey was extremely tiring (thanks partly to DeeDee's enthusiasism) but was a wonder. JH, Florida

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

Meet you at the cruise ports, airports or at the accommodations of Istanbul or Izmir in the morning.

Start your day visiting the famous archeological and historical sites, architectural highlights, bird-eye view points and town squares. Listen and learn the history, the culture, the yester-centuries and today of Turkey; her prides, politics, future hopes and all kind of interesting topics one can learn from an experienced local host.

Stop at cafes to taste local delicacies, beverages and snacks. Have lunch at "off the beaten track places" where ordinary tourists will not know about. Interact with locals, take their photographs, all with help from your local tour guide and her personal touch on your travel time in Turkey.

Transportation by tour guide:

Yes, transportation can be arranged upon request.

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Istanbul private sightseeing tours

Istanbul private shore excursions

Izmir private sightseeing tours

Izmir private shore excursions

Ephesus tour from Izmir airport or hotels

Ephesus tour from Izmir Cruise Port

Turkey Tours upon request

Reviews of this tour – by clients who booked!

5 stars James H. 29 Apr 2018

Not a "sight-seeing tour" but a real education. My goals were very specific and were more than met. Ovunc "Deedee" was a very wonderful guide - enthusiastic, adaptable to my needs, knowledgeable, A great companion and a true ambassador for her wonderful country. My time was not as a tourist and concentrated on a rather narrow area of study - Deedee was prepared and well researched.

My week in Turkey was extremely tiring (thanks partly to DeeDee's enthusiasism) but was a wonder. JH, Florida

5 stars Clint G. 17 Oct 2016

Incredible! I came to Istanbul on business with only one day of free time to utilize and reached out to Ovunc to tailor that day on my behalf.

She took my precise interests and requests and tailored an unforgettable itinerary off the beaten path. She planed both my morning before our tour and evening after.

Ovunc is a true professional, a scholar of local history, and a delightful personality to spend the day with. I would suggest her services to anyone.

Tour Guide Comment: Dear Clint, thank you very much for your prompt comments, only few hours after our farewell. I hope to be able to work for you again during one of your business returns to town. Best!

5 stars Thomas &. A. B. 29 Sep 2016

Ovunc was passionate, knowledgeable and fun! We enjoyed our two days together and were able to cover lots of territory both tourist attractions as well as some 'inside' special places she knew. She loves her country and is an excellent ambassador. Highly recommended! Hope to see her again.

Anne and Tom Bailey

5 stars Dan C. 22 Aug 2016

Ovunc was really an extraordinaire guide. I planned a 8h layover in Istanbul with her and she made most of it with me. From visiting all I wanted and more.

She really knows her city and history. What a great time and I highly recommend to all.

5 stars Amer B. 04 Jun 2016

I and my sister from Jordan and my niece from the united states had an fantastic time with Ovunc D. Ozdemir between 1st & 4th of June 2016 in Istanbul. It was a very short visit and Ovunc helped me a lot to plan for a tour fitting the interests of various ages (40s, 30s, 20s) for 3 people coming from two different cultures. Ovunc was doing her best to take care even of our very different private little demands. She is very well organized, extremely knowledgeable and long experience tour guide, e

Tour Guide Comment: Dear Amer, you and your small lady group were the first guests that i guided from Jordan. At first i was worried for if i too understand your needs for i wasn't familiar with the culture. However we became close quickly with your positive and clear approach and designed our time together efficiently. All the Best..

5 stars Hemant P. 01 Apr 2016

A very Punctual, An Excellent Knowledge about History & Places and Always Smiling is OVUNC, the excellent tour guide.

after going through & talking through few tour guide for Istanbul, I am glad finally I choose the best.

OVUNC is one of the best tour guide I have come across in Turkey...

5 stars Asako I. 09 Feb 2016

I had a great tour with Ovunc. She is very informative and among other things she is very passionate about her job. My daughter and I were impressed to hear that she took an airplane to come to Istanbul to guide us. I highly recommend her .

5 stars Alice B. 24 Oct 2015

Ovunc was a wonderful guide for our first visit to Istanbul. She is very knowledgeable and adapts to any schedule.In our three days we visited many of the sights in Sultanahmet and beyond with a stop at Chora Church and a Bosporus Cruise. We became good friends as we travel through Byzantine, Ottoman, and Turkish history., We hope to schedule another tour with her in the future.

5 stars Nicholas F. 04 Oct 2015

She was one of the best tour guide wish we could have booked her for more time. Took us to best areas saw all we wanted to see. an A++++++

5 stars Alexandr C. 22 Sep 2015

She was very sweet. Her English was excellent and her knowledge terrific. We had a lovely day together. Everything I wanted, one on one tour of an amazing city.

Many thanks Ovunc!

5 stars uvais A. 03 Sep 2015



5 stars minda H. 27 Aug 2015

Ovunc was so cheerful and always accommodating that we thoroughly enjoyed her company. Our small group of three had three different voices, so it was a challenging job, but she handled it well with a smile.

5 stars Pierre-Yves M. 02 Aug 2015

Ovunc is a great and enthusiastic guide.

She was responsive to me request and managed to show me what I wanted to see in Istanbul while still providing me with great advise on what to do and what to see. She is passionate about her city that she knows very well.

I would highly recommend her.

5 stars Douglas A. 26 May 2015

I cannot rate my personal tour experience with Ovunc highly enough. Ovunc allowed me to see and experience Istanbul in a way that, given I had only one day to do so, resulted in me seeing the most important parts of the city, as per my personal preferences. I was able to proceed at my own pace, and given options as to where to concentrate the precious time remaining. Above all Ovunc is a warm and professional guide who genuinely cares for her country and her clients. You won't be disappointed.

5 stars Deana S. 10 May 2015

Ovunc was the perfect tour guide for our small group of three. She was knowledgeable, flexible, and made our full day tour of Istanbul a real treat. I absolutely recommend her services, if you book Ovunc you will not be disappointed! We discussed an itinerary prior to our trip and we gave her our 'wish list', which she adjusted, and her suggestions worked best in the end. She has a full personality and a kind heart. We all miss her now that we're back in Canada. A private tour is the way to go!!

5 stars Brittany J. 24 Mar 2015

If getting an extremely efficient fully-packed tour with a knowledgeable and friendly tour guide with tons of energy is important to you, Ovunc is the best tour guide you can get. She literally showed us the entire city in one day (both the Aegean side and the new side) and basically made an itinerary for us for places we needed to see the following days after our tour with her. Her recommendations were spot on and we went back to every single shop, restaurant, and place she showed us! Fantastic

5 stars Ronald F. 23 Mar 2015

If viewing and photographing the maximum opportunities that Istanbul has to offer in a compressed time frame is important, Ovunc is the guide you want. After making it through Pass Port controls, having someone waiting at the airport to guide me was such an enormous stress relief from the start. Her extensive cultural and historical knowledge made sight seeing in Istanbul a delight. From the cafe's to the best shopping places, to the names of local plants and birds. Very cheerful personality.

Tour Guide Comment: Dear Ronald, Thank you for your priceless feedback! All my best..

5 stars Linda A. 27 Jul 2013

Ovunc was an extremely knowledgeable tour guide and tailored the day to suit our needs. Full of energy and a great story teller.

5 stars John W. 17 May 2013

O.O., if you have anything to do with this web site, you've earned another star. As for the tour, definitely a 5. Our guests were very pleased with their experience and would recommend you to their many friends. They use facebook etc, which I do not; My mouth is my main medium. By the way, I rarely respond to surveys, which makes this all the more exceptional.


5 stars Richard B. 01 May 2013

Ovunc provided guiding for my wife and I in Istanbul for 3 days.

First I needed a camera and Ovunc acheived helping me purchase a specific Canon easily. My wife has balance problems and we are both retired (but active) and again around these problems we were led by the ebbullient Ovunc through a very great deal of walking so that we both enjoyed our Istanbul stay very much.

Ovunc is enthusiastic about her city, very well informed and a lovely person but also responsive to her clients' needs.

5 stars Jean G. 17 Mar 2013

Ovunc was so much more than we had expected. She was punctual and very gracious and accommodating. We created our day tour with her as we went along and it turned out to be our best day in Istanbul. She took us places that we never would have seen and we really appreciated it. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and love for her city and country made everything we did

very special. I would like to think we began our day with a guide and ended it with a friend.

5 stars Gary U. 11 Feb 2013

Ovunc is clearly passionate about Turkey/Istanbul and its history... I was not her easiest customer as I was changing my schedule throughout the day and enjoyed the freedom to do and explore things as the day unfolded. Ovunc was prefect in that she enthusiastically shared all her stories and the regions history with me from one coffee shop or eating place to another between historic venues and places of interest. We covered so much yet interacted with so many locals on a personal level. 5 stars!

5 stars Jeff B. 04 Sep 2012

Ovunc is extraordinary. She has all of the qualities of a great guide - knowledge, patience, and ability to deliver information in an interesting way. However, she is also a great person who is so much fun to be with. We had a wonderful day seeing sights, shopping, eating, and learning about the Turkish culture. At the end of the day, we parted as dear friends.

I would highly recommend Ovunc for anyone who wants to have an memorable experience with a truly wonderful person.

5 stars Mark L. 28 Aug 2012

Ovunc is a fantastic guide. My wife and I cannot recommend her enough! We spent a full day with Ovunc touring the entire city. She is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We appreciated her candid insights about the historic sights and the Turkish culture. Thanks again Ovunc!

5 stars Hong V. 12 Aug 2012

We loved our historical tour with Ovunc. She was very friendly, informative and accommodating. We had a wonderful day! Thank you Ovunc!

5 stars Eddy S. 19 May 2012

We had a great time with our private tour guided by Ovunc. Besides Ovunc's lively and pleasant personality, she also has an in depth understanding of Istanbul: its history, culture and more importantly: its great cuisine.

We enjoyed our time in Istanbul and shall certainly return only if Ovunc is free to guide us again.

Tour Guide Comment: Dear Eddy Soerpano, Thank you very much for your positive comments! I look forward meeting you, your family and friends in our city in a near future time.

5 stars Nancy L. 15 May 2012

Ovunc was the perfect choice for a first time visitor to Istanbul. Her enthusiasm, sense of humor, and patience about my search for photo ops made her the ideal companion. We had fun and discovered gems even in the rain. In addition to guiding me to sights I would not have discovered on my own, she taught me how to navigate the city using public transportation. Ovunc's delightful and engaging personality made my stay in Istanbul memorable.

5 stars hai Y. B. 14 Mar 2012


You really made the world of Istanbul come alive; you described the scenes so vividly that without much difficulty we could imagine what life must have looked like and sounded like-remember the fountains, and even smelled like-remember the spice shop when Istanbul was at the peak of its power. This was the most rewarding tour and your enthusiasm contagious. Thank you very much.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much! I would be more than happy to do it again for your friends and other family members travelling to Turkey in the future.

5 stars Robert D. 13 Mar 2012

Our guide, Ovunc, was absolutely outstanding. In addition to her enthusiasm, attention to detail, knowledge and care for her guests, she provided many unique "discoveries". She often charmed strangers, smoothly interpreting our questions and the answers, and drawing out fascinating information - she's a truly gifted tour guide. We definately recommend her.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much! It was a pleasure to work for your family.

5 stars Matthew C. 12 Mar 2012

Ovunc was an exceptional tour guide. Extremely personable, she was happy to talk about the history of Istanbul as well as the culture of the city/country. The tour was tailored to what we were interested in and she was very flexible. My favorite aspect of her tour was that she didn't go into the nitty gritty details of everything. She kept it interesting and told you what you needed to know about all of the sites/artwork and nothing more. Overall a fantastic experience, and I highly recommend!

Tour Guide Comment: Dear Matt, thank you very much for choosing me as your guide for your stay in Istanbul. I would be more than happy to work for you and your family again in the future, when you come back to Turkey for a broader visit.

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