Ninja F Private tour guide in Maebashi, Takasaki, Tokyo - Japan

Ninja F

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Guide profile:

Full Excitement with a licensed guide! I can offer you a journey of discovery exploring the world of the Ninja and Samurai and traditional Japanese culture.

My service is

1. Travel counselling

2. Private guiding

Tailored tours available around Tokyo & Gunma prefecture. My tour can start from Narita airport, Haneda airport, some stations and your hotel.

Contact me with

1. Your name

2. The dates you wish to explore Japan with me

3. A Pick-up place (airports, stations and hotels)

4. Your interests

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

* One Day City Walk

* Discover Mountainous areas ( Outdoors, Historical places and Onsen spa )

* Tailored Tour

Transportation by tour guide:

Public transportation will be arranged.

Private sightseeing & group tours offered by this guide:

Historic Path Walk - Nakasendo Way Price Per Group 120.00 USD
Maebashi One Day Visit ( Samurai & Tumuli ) Price Per Group 200.00 USD
Nikko World Heritage & Japanese Religion Price Per Group 150.00 USD
Tokyo Tour Price Per Group 1.00 USD

Tour guide interests:

* Ninja

* Samurai (armour and swords)

* Kimono, Japanese traditional clothes

* Architecture, Historical buildings such as temples and shrines

* Japanese gardens

* Matsuri, Japanese festivals

* Ecotourism, Interpretation of wildlife habitat

* Outdoor activities such as Kayaking, Canoeing and Rafting

* Cars & Technologies

* Japanese crafts

Did you know?

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