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Nao Tokyo

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Guide profile:

My specialty is art, especially Japanese calligraphy.I was attracted in the world of art and culture that only human can do while I worked for some companies for ten years using computers, and I took a science of arts master of calligraphy at graduate school. I am also interested in education of Japan deeply, and I'm Japanese calligraphy teacher of junior high school Senior High School.You can see my calligraphy movie at (

I think Tokyo city is interesting because various factors are jam-packed tightly.

For example

Change: The cityscape continues changing.

Reception: For example, the cuisine and the culture continue absorbing a variety of other culture.

Tradition: But there is the thing inherited ceaselessly.

History: You can find lot of old things in Tokyo which were made from the Middle Ages to the early modern times. the remains such as a shell mound or the old burial mound, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, and traditional gardens.

People:Tokyo invites people of the world flexibly.

I'd like to enjoy this unique Tokyo with you.

I'd like to support you to make a wonderful memory of your trip in Japan that will remain for a lifetime.

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

(1) Tokyo forkcraft Experience

In Tokyo, you can experience a folkcraft. The teacher of each experience is real craftsmans.

The choice are below

1.Edo cut glass

2.Trick folding screen

3.Kimono-dressed wooden doll

4.Wood craft


6.clothe dyeing

7.Wood print

8.Write Edo letter on Japanese lantern

9.Make Washi, Japanese traditional paper

10.Edo Sarasa cotton dyeing

11.Edo wind-bell painting

13.Tokyo Cloisonne ware

You can learn the technique from professional craftmans directly.

When your booking my tour, please tell me what kind of folkcraft would you like to experience. Please give me some dates for your schedule, too.

Then, I'll arrange the tour in your proposal dates.

(2)Tokyo walking tour

1.Find tools for Japanese art. Japanese traditional brushes, Sumi ink, Washi traditinal paper, ink stone, pigment and so on.

2.Ueno park which is historical layered place which has museums, temples, a zoo, a lake, and so on.

3.Tokyo Dome area which has old temples and shurines, Tokyo Dome city, traditional garden and Bunkyo Civic center which has Observatory with restaurant on 25th floor.

4.Look around the universities in the Tokyo downtown area. You can have some chance to eat at school cafeteria which are made to keep the health of their students.

5.The most popular place in Tokyo:

Asakusa, Imperial Palace, Marunouchi, Nijubashi, Ginza, Shibuya, Harajuku, Meiji shurine

7.Please tell me your request.

If your hobby is Hawaiian quilt, Nippori Textile Street is good.

(3) Welcome at Airport (Narita/Haneda) and support to take a bus or train to your hotel in Tokyo area

I can welcome you at the exit of customs of the airport and I'll take you to your hotel.

On transportation, I can give explanation about public transportation around Tokyo area, for example JR line, Metro, Toei and so on.

(4) Number of clients

My personal tours have less than 4 guests. Children under 6 years old (up to 1 children) are not included in the number.

Transportation by tour guide:

We will travel like using public transfer; buses, trains or subway, mainly on foot. It is the best way to experience Tokyo.

If you would like to travel by taxi or hired car, transportation can be arranged upon request.

You should pay the fare, which is decided by distance or by hour.

Private sightseeing & group tours offered by this guide:

Tokyo Folk Craft Experience Price Per Person 100.00 USD
Tokyo Orientation Price Per Group 120.00 USD
Welcome at Airport (Narita,Haneda) Price Per Group 100.00 USD

Tour guide interests:

I love art, culture, history.

If you check my blog in "", you can see my interest place and part of Tokyo area.

Did you know?

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