NAM Cao Tung Private tour guide in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

NAM Cao Tung

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Hi everyone. Aren't you landing in Vietnam? Don't you need a Vietnam-savvy companion by any chance? I am always on hand to help you. But perhaps you are wondering who I am and on what grounds we should accompany each other, right? Let me put it...

=+= I AM A licensed English international tour guide with the remarkable breadth of knowledge and experience in the Vietnamese tourism. I know this slender S-shaped slice of the Asian landmass like the back of my hand; and also, I believe that I am resourceful enough to ensure smooth journeys for you.

=+= A PERPETUAL AIR of geniality and tenderness from the bottom of my heart, and this attribute will make you invariably feel like being at home when setting foot in Vietnam.

=+= MY FLAWLESS PROFICIENCY in English, which you might establish as soon as we have talks with each other in person if possible. In addition to English – a quite mother tongue of mine, I am capable of using Deutsch.

=+= MY MOTTO IS "What you relish are what I offer" – Let's tell me what you are inclined to, and pick up your journeys of your own accord (based on my recommendations).

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Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

=+= Travel Consultancy

=+= Tour Guide

=+= Tour Operation

=+= Interpretation

with bargain-oriented deals yet of excellent quality

Transportation by tour guide:

=+= By all means and at reasonable prices

Tour guide interests:

=+= Wanderlust

=+= Looking for novelty values

=+= Demystifying Vietnam, and the world

=+= Swimming

=+= Hanging out and parties

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