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Dear Travellers,

My name is Martina and I am originally from Slovakia and moved to Czech Republic capital Prague already in 2001. I Studied at Prague Information Service school to get accreditation of Official Guide of Prague in 2007 and I have been running my own business in tourism since 2006 and after years in the business, I built a team of fun nice tour guides who are helping me out.

What kind of tours I do?

1. Trabant tours

Trabant 601 is a Soviet vintage car made of fibreglass. It is little miracle which I have personally felt in love with already in 2008 and decided never to drive any other car ever! I broke my promise few times in the past but up to today, I am a proud owner of 3 of them; Blue and Gray combi and Pink shorty. Each of them is unique and I also managed to put together a team of Trabant and Skoda 1000 owner to provide unique sightseeing experience of Prague. First, all our vehicles are authentic – NO REPLICAS and they are also carefully maintained. Tours are designed so that clients will be driven to different parts of the city for viewpoints, taste the beer and those who aren't afraid can try to drive at the large parking area of Strahov Stadion.

Trabant is a small car from the late 70s, it isn't suitable for faint of hearts, also people with weight issues and for those who can't stand the smell of fuel. But its indeed suitable for those who want to have fun and travel back in time.

2. Prague Witch Tour

This original evening walking tour is focused on Slavic Paganism, Freemasons, Theology, Prague mysticism, Spells, Legends and each tour participant gets a magic stone at the end of the tour

3. Private Walking tours of Prague

My team and I like doing walking tours focused on all kinds of topics! You can choose on the day of touring if you want to focus on architecture, communism, beer or do it all together. The most popular is, of course, the Prague Castle which offers a lot of hidden gems and great viewpoints on the whole city. There is amazing Troja Chapeau in Prague 7 next to Zoo which is worth to visit as well as Vysehrad Castle which is wrapped in the legends.

We are suitable for openminded people who like to have fun, visit off the beaten tracks, go for a beer to a local pub, learn something about paganism and witchcraft on evening tour or tour in plastic fantastic vintage Trabants 601 and in general enjoy Prague in my eyes or eyes of one of my team members.

Recent reviews of this tour guide:

5 stars Tim M.

I booked a one day tour of Prague with Martina which was nothing short of AMAZING! Martina was able to whisk me around the city using short cuts to get the most out of our time, she is very outgoing and seems to know everyone in town which helped us to visit places before and after hours which really made for an authentic experience. We had a good balance of breaks which offered lots of time to try the local beer and bites.

I am already planning my return trip which will include more tour ti

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

Private walking tours, tours in vintage cars, ghost tours and pub crawls in Prague.

Tailor-made tours focused on different topics; Architecture, Communism, Legends, Czech Cuisin, Beer, Music...

Transportation by tour guide:


Private sightseeing & group tours offered by this guide:

120 minutes Trabant Prague Tour Price Per Person 49.00 Euro
240 minutes Prague Trabant Tour Price Per Person 80.00 Euro
70 minutes ride in Trabant 601 Price Per Group 54.00 Euro
Prague Witch Tour Price Per Person 20.00 Euro
Walking tour of Prague - day 1 Price Per Group 190.00 Euro
Walking tour of Prague - Day 2 Price Per Group 190.00 Euro

Tour guide interests:

Architecture, History, Traveling, Music and Arts...

I am a massive fan of old vehicles, my most favorite is Trabant 601 and l have 3 of them for special Prague Fun Tours ;)!

Reviews of this tour – by clients who booked!

5 stars Tim M. 04 Dec 2015

I booked a one day tour of Prague with Martina which was nothing short of AMAZING! Martina was able to whisk me around the city using short cuts to get the most out of our time, she is very outgoing and seems to know everyone in town which helped us to visit places before and after hours which really made for an authentic experience. We had a good balance of breaks which offered lots of time to try the local beer and bites.

I am already planning my return trip which will include more tour ti

5 stars Zac S. 10 Jan 2015

There's no better way to discover a new city than with accompanied by a knowledgable local. I had the privilege of spending a day with Martina and her classic Trebant car. You can get a sense that she's passionate talking about Prague's history, culture, beer, and food! She will take you to great off-the-beaten-path spots that provide great views of the city--without the crowds--as well as common landmarks. After my tour Martina continued to provide various recommendations. 5-star guide!

5 stars Sylvia M. 25 Sep 2014

Martina was a lot of fun. She gave us a remarkable and memorable Prague experience!

She made us experience going around Prague walking and taking public transportation just like the locals do. She brought us to places that regular tours don’t normally go to.

I highly recommend Martina to people who loves fun and adventure.

5 stars Carolyn G. 02 Sep 2014

Martina was very good guide. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to rate her. We have had a crazy, crazy few months. Martina was very thorough and helpful with major sites and some minor as well. We loved our time in Prague. I would book with Martina again for sure.

5 stars Mat A. 13 Dec 2013

Martina was an amazing guide and really delivered on her promise to visit unusual and less well-known places in Prague. She was extremely efficient getting everything organised and took the time to understand what would be most interesting. On the tour itself she was great fun, full of enthusiasm and energy, and willing to go with the flow. She was also very happy to advise on things to do once the tour finished and this really made it a memorable trip. Definitely recommended.

5 stars Teresa C. 28 Jul 2012

We had a great time with Martina. We was knowledgable about Prague - both now and the history of the city. Her tour helped us to get the full flavor of the city - both the touristy parts and the parts that only the locals would know. She is also very fun and has a great sense of humor. I recommend her highly.

5 stars Laurie C. 29 May 2012

The party of 4 that I was with found that Martina Gregorcova had a vast amount of knowledge and took us to places that I am sure a lot of tourists miss. We enjoyed her sence of humor that helped keep us focused over a long day and half. We gained so much knowledge about the culture and saw so much of beautiful Prague. I would certainly recommend Martina to anybody looking for a tour guide in Prague.

5 stars Paul D. 20 Jan 2012

This was a highly enjoyable and interesting way to spend an afternoon in Prague. We could not have hoped for a more knowledgeable and friendly guide. Martina speaks perfect English and had a genuine enthusiasm for telling us about her city and country. We went to places off the beaten track and a couple of really fascinating "pubs", one brewing its own beer, another a labyrinth of underground rooms with lots of communist era memorabilia. This was a fantastic tour, I'd highly recommend Martina!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Paul, was great to meet you, glad you liked the tour, I see you back in Prague someday! :)

5 stars Marcia G. 08 Jun 2010

We loved touring Prague with Martina, she is fun and knowledgeable. We had a great time and learned so much about the city and the culture... definitely two thumbs up! :)

5 stars sherry S. 04 Aug 2009

Our family had a great time with Martina. She was a lot of fun and knowledgeable at the same time. We felt like she was a friend we've known for a long time after two days. We miss her!

5 stars Li S. 15 Jul 2009

Overall, Martina was an amazing tour guide! Very thorough with her history and explanation of all the famous and interesting sites in Prague. It was a wonderful 2 half day tours where she covered all of Prague by foot and also we managed to catch a glimpse of her cute classic car on the way. :) Highly recommended tour guide! Li KS

5 stars Paul G. 13 Feb 2009

Martina brought a very energetic and knowledgeable blend of history, art, architecture and modern culture into our tour. I really appreciated the way she tailored the time available to best match our varied interests. Well worth the cost. We learned so much in our short time with Martina.

5 stars David C. 16 Jul 2008

I had an amazing tour of Praha with Martina in July 2008. High energy and perfect for someone looking to have a real good time and party. Great insight into the history of Prague and a fun way to see it from her lovely Trabi car....

4 stars Elaine C. 12 Jul 2013

Martina is really fun and helpful. She's full of energy and makes the tour very interesting. She's knowledgeable and left us with a great impression of Prague. We really enjoyed the ride in her lovely Salvador.

1 stars Dennis G. 29 Nov 2011

just ok

Tour Guide Comment: Mr. Gayman, I never guided anybody by this name! :D It shows the intelligence of the competition who are trying to cause harm and cant even put together a decent complaint that would make sense. To give 1 star and write just ok just shows this is written by moron!

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