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Kinuyo Watanabe

Guide profile:

Hello! I'm Kinuyo. I'm from Osaka and live in Tokyo for a long time.

I'd like to show you around the cities of Japan! I like meeting people and having good time with them who come from abroad. I also like to know many things about other countries. Just tell me what you want to do in Tokyo.

There are many traditional things and modern things together.

I'm sure you can enjoy those Japanese beauty, history and culture with Japanese cuisine!

I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Recent reviews of this tour guide:

5 stars Doris B.

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

Popular places in central Tokyo

・Sensoji temple (also Nakamise shopping street)

・Meiji shrine

・Imperial Palace East Garden

・Tsukiji fish market (outer)

・Hamarikyu Japanese style Garden (300yen par parson)

・Tower or observatory (from free to 3000yen par parson) etc.

Sgopping districts in central Tokyo

・Ginza (high-end brands and depertments)

・Omotesando (high-class brand shops)

・Harajuku (for teenagers)

・Shibuya (for young people)

・Shinjuku (many departments)

・Ikebukuro (especially for young children)

・Akihabara (electrical appliances and animations)

Experiencing the culture and subculture in central Tokyo

・Tea ceremony (about 3000yen par person)

・Kimono wearing (from 3000yen par parson)

・Cat cafe (about 1000yen par parson)

・Owl cafe (about 1000yen par parson)

・Maid cafe (about 1500yen par parson)

・Karaoke box ( about 1000yen par hour)

・Drinking at night in Izakaya (kind of Japanese bar)

Visit to the suburb of Tokyo







Visit to another region








You need to take care of my transportation fare and accommodation charge if you visit outside Tokyo with me.

Transportation by tour guide:

public transportation basically

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Tokyo sightseeing tours

Tokyo city tours personalized

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Reviews of this tour – by clients who booked!

5 stars Doris B. 21 Jun 2019

5 stars Stuart R. 11 May 2019

From the moment I met her in my hotel reception, with my name clearly displayed on a sign so we wouldn’t miss each other, through to parting a few hours later at a railway station, Kinuyo was the perfect guide. Calm, professional and with a good sense of humour, I experienced more of Tokyo, including a karaoke room, that I ever would have done on my own. From a somewhat vague brief “Show me something different” Kinuyo crafted some special memories. Strongly recommended.

5 stars Rodd P. 17 Dec 2018

Kinuyo was a warm and engaging guide and host during our two days visits to Tokyo must see spots. She was able to cater for both historic locations and youth sub culture spots for my teenage daughter and her friend I highly recommend Kinuyo. I will use Kinuyo again should I return to Tokyo in the near future.

5 stars julian A. 24 Oct 2018

Kinuyo ,met us in the lobby of our hotel and whisked us around Tokyo -for two days - very good fun and lots of knowledge - English excellent and very good humoured.

Had arranged special visit ti Imperial Gardens - highly recommended if you like gardens !

Would definitely book again

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for your review. It made me so happy! We've been to Tsukiji, Hamarikyu, Asakusa, Akihahara, Meiji-shrine, Shibuya as well as Palace.Thank your for hiring me for two days!

5 stars Luba F. 23 Dec 2017

Kinuyo was lovely and easy to work with. My kids (ages 11 and 8) really enjoyed our tour also.

Tour Guide Comment: I was happy to being with you and your lovely children. Thank you very much for having me in your part of travel!

5 stars Mark W. 04 Oct 2017

Our time with Kinuyo in Tokyo was truly exceptional. She is full of energy and enthusiasm and clearly loves what she does. If you like walking tours, then Kinuyo is your guide. From temples to shrines, parks, markets and food, she knows it all. Her English is quite good and my wife and I had no problem communicating with her. She is very personable and we were sad when we had to say goodbye. I would strongly recommend booking Kinuyo as a guide if visiting Tokyo.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for your heartwarming review. You were so gentle couple. I enjoyed to being with you even in the rain. I wish my husband and I could be like you someday. Arigatou!

5 stars Syed R. 24 Sep 2017

She is extremely knowledgeable and super friendly. I was visiting Tokyo for a business trip. I hired her twice because of her expertise. It is so nice to have someone knowledgeable with you to see Tokyo in a short amount of time. I only had 3 days. I made the best out of it.

Tour Guide Comment: Hi, Syd-san. Arigato for your rewiew! I had new experience to visit high ranking ramen shop with you. You were so kind and gentle. Thank you for 2days!

5 stars Bob W. 03 Jul 2017

Kinuyo was great. Two days taking the three of us around Tokyo.

Tour Guide Comment: Hello, Bob-san. Thank you for your review. I wish that your family is doing well. Arigato!

5 stars Joseph S. 07 Jun 2017

The guide was accommodating, though it was a really short and quick one, as we ended about two hours earlier than originally planned. Went to several places in Tokyo for a brief time despite that I do not shop much, plus there are ample time to visit more places as I visit Tokyo alone, which include places that aren't original planned.

Really enjoyed the tips she has provided and some introduction to Japanese culture especially on the Japanese custom. Will hire her again when I visit there :)

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for your review, Joseph-san. We visited Shinjuku, Harajuku, Ginza, Akihabara and Ueno. You taught me a lot of things about your country. Arigato!

5 stars Flora D. 04 Jun 2017

Our group, 3 couples, booked Kinuyo for "dinner hopping" on evening we arrived Tokyo. We all instantly loved her. She met us at hotel wearing Yukata, lovely surprise! Taught us ins & outs of subway system on way to lanes of Kagurazaka where, based on info advised earlier she had taken the initiative to book private room in Japanese restaurant - shoes off, low table with space under for legs, great food, good wines & beers. Then stroll through lanes & return to our hotel. All exactly as asked.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for your review, Flora-san! It was my first time to guide wearing Yukata. I'm glad you liked it and all of you were very kind to me. You are wonderful couples!Thank you for having me as your guide, Arigato!

5 stars Moises L. 28 Apr 2017

It was a fast-paced tour, yet Kinuyo-San made it happen. I know that with the limited time we have, we cannot make it on our own. Kinuyo-San accommodated my requests and my sons & daughter enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for being patient and for showing us places that make me re-live my experiences in Japan years back. Would have wanted to ask you to go with us to Osaka. Thanks and take care always!

Tour Guide Comment: I really wanted to go Osaka with you, Moises-san! Did you have Octopus dumpling? We've been Shinjuku, Shibuya, Tokyo Tower, Tsukiji, Asakusa and Akihabara. All of you are very kind so I was also enjoyed to be with you. Arigato for your heartwarming comment!

5 stars Anna C. 27 Apr 2017

I booked Kinuyo for three days at the end of April for a tour of Tokyo and had the most wonderful time! She's a really friendly, professional guide and tried to fit in as many things as she could to our itinerary which turned into an exciting, engaging experience of Tokyo! We visited Harajuku, Asakusa and Akihabara and I got to experience a tea ceremony and see the Meiji shrine as well as have my many questions on Japanese culture and language expertly answered. Arigato, Kinuyo!

Tour Guide Comment: Anna-san, Thank you for your review! You are young, strong, also kawaii woman. You told me a lot about kawaii things to me. I learned from you, Arigato.

5 stars Stephen H. 01 Apr 2017

Kinuyo was absolutely amazing! We travel like road warriors and we asked her to put together a crazy road trip...And she absolutely nailed it! Great at all aspects and such a wonderful lady to boot! We would give her six stars if it were possible, she was that impressive!

Tour Guide Comment: I'm so glad that you gave me such a nice review! You know lots of things about Samurai and their spirit. And thank you very much to showing me very beautiful nature of your country! You are wonderful couple, Arigato!

5 stars David P. 19 Feb 2017

Kinuyo was an excellent guide. She was a very good planner and showed us all of the places we had on our wish list. She is patient and very knowledgeable and gave us interesting explanations of all the places. She made our trip to Tokyo a stress free and most enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you so much David-san. Your comment really made me happy. All of you are friendly and beautiful family. I was happy to be with you, Arigato!

5 stars JAKE F. 27 Dec 2016

Spending the day with Kinuyo was the absolute highlight of my trip to Tokyo! My tour style was unconventional in that I was largely undecided on what to do and prefer spontaneous decisions. Kinuyo was quick to adapt and created an itinerary that fit my wishes. She taught me how to use the subway system, we ate at great hidden restaurant - experiences are what I cherish and she delivered.

I was sad to leave Kinuyo at the end of the day, because she was more than a guide, she was a friend.


Tour Guide Comment: Jake-san, thank you for your heartwarming review! I also enjoyed to be with you. We visited Sensoji temple, Akihabara, Tokyo staton for Ramen street and Yurakucho chaotic area, and Shibuya Niku- yococho for Yakitori and beer. I also missed you when I parted in Shibuya. I wish we could meet again someday, somewhere. Arigato!

5 stars Michele C. 26 Apr 2016

Kinuyo was fantastic. We so enjoyed our visit to Tokyo.

5 stars Pamela B. 18 Apr 2016

Ms. Kinuyo Watanabe was professional, helpful and very patient. We were a family of 5. Thanks Kinuyo san!:)

Tour Guide Comment: Pamela-san, thank you for hiring me for 3 days! Bullut train, Shibuya crossing, sumo bout and Odaiba.. I have memories all of you. You are a nice family. Arigsto!

5 stars Thu L. 13 Apr 2016

I was a little bit nervous traveling alone in a city where I have never been before. Ms. Kinuyo put me at ease and accompanied me to wherever I wanted to go. She was very professional, helpful, attentive, and patient. I had great experiences in Tokyo. I would recommend Kinuyo for any travelers, especially solo travelers like me.

Tour Guide Comment: The 4days were really nice experiences for me as well! we enjoyed tea ceremony, wearing kimono, shamisen music, blowfish lunch and more! It's unforgettable memories for me also. Thank you for your heart- warming comment Le-san! Arigato!

5 stars Shaikha S. 31 Mar 2016

We enjoyed our 2 day tour with Kinuya. She catered to all our requests and provided all the support we needed. Highly recommended.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for your review Shaikha-san. Please add the place "Sensoji temple" in your visited list in Tokyo. I think I forgot to wrote it. I wish you are having wonderful time in Kyoto or another. Arigato!

5 stars James M. 30 Dec 2015

Kinuya was a wonderful guide whom catered for everyone in our family. She was professional and friendly to be with. She has a very good knowledge of Tokyo and understood how to entertain the needs of our children as well as us. I would highly recommend Kinuyo to anyone looking for a special day in Tokyo.

Tour Guide Comment: I enjoyed to be with you. We've been Meiji Shrine, Harajuku, Sony building and shopping area in Ginza, and then Akihabara. I saw that all of you considerate each other, you are such a wonderful family! Arigato, Mellor-san.

5 stars Steve W. 08 Nov 2015

My wife and I had Kinuyo show us around several Tokyo neighborhoods for one day last month (November 2015). She was a great guide, very personable, very knowledgeable about things we might like to see. I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again. Having a guide for the city (especially Kinuyo) was well worth the expense.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you so much for your heart-warming comment! We've been Don Quijote, Sensoji temple, Tsukiji fish market, Ginza for shopping, Omotesando, Harajuku, Shibuya crossing with having ramen noodles and Akihabara. It's also good time for me. Arigato!

5 stars HAMAD M. 23 Oct 2015

I liked being around Kinuyo, she was great, she pays attention and listens to whatever I request.

During our tour we bought a lot of things I wanted to get. It was fun (specially the cafe ^.-)

I'd highly recommend her. Maybe next time when I come to Tokyo... We can visit more locations. Overall I had a great experience with her.

Tour Guide Comment: I was really glad to see you again! You are always nice to me during the tour. We've visited Meiji shrine and Harajuku this time and I enjoyed to be with you. Thank you so much HAMAD san!!

5 stars Melissa D. 13 Oct 2015

Kinuyo is a lovely, informative guide. I was unsure exactly where i want to go so gave Kinuyo a unrealistically long list for 7hours of things i thought might fancy and she did her best to fit in as many as possible. Throughout the day Kinuyo explained various local points of interest and random facts about the culture, the places etc. Fantastic day :)

Tour Guide Comment: I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed today! We've been Tokyo Sky Tree, Kabuki theater building, Tsukiji for lunch, Zojoji temple and Tokyo Tower. Thank you so much for telling me about your country a lot, Mell-san.

5 stars VERONICA N. 06 Jul 2015

Kinuyo was so sweet and definitely made our trip to Tokyo personalized and unique. There were a few spots on our itinerary that were not traditional and Kinuyo made sure that we saw everything that we had hoped to see. We even sang Karaoke together, and went to a Ramen shop that was a local spot that we wanted to check out. If I were to go back to Tokyo I would definitely book another tour with Kinuyo.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much Veronica san. You looked so happy wherever you were. I was really glad to see that and it made me very happy!

5 stars ken G. 27 Mar 2015

We had a great time in Tokyo with Kinuyo as our introduction to the city. She helped us get to know Tokyo from the perspective of people living there. We let her know what we wanted to see and she made sure we got to each place using the subway and walking.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much , Ken- san. It was a beautiful day, wan't it? We had freash sushi in Tsukiji, enjoyed Green tea and Japanese sweet in Hamarikyu Garden, river cruise to Asakusa, then Sensoji temlpe... Ueno park was the last place for your tour, enjoyed cherry blossoms. I'm glad to meet all of you!

5 stars Gene R. 29 Aug 2014

Kinuyo was wonderful. Absolutely perfect for what I was seeking. We had walked, saw the temple in detail, went to the Sky Tree. I really wanted to learn more of the Japanese people and she was most informative. I would highly recommend her to you. She is the greatest.

4 stars John B. 21 Oct 2017

Nice and competent guide who not withstanding the rain made our day memorabele and interesting !

4 stars Samar A. 15 Jul 2015

I had so much fun with Kinuyo watanabe she told me all about the Japanese traditions and customs, she showed me hot pray in a tempel it was so fun and interesting ,She also guided me to some nice places I never thought I would visitduring my trip,

I highly recommend her to you all .

Tour Guide Comment: Samar san, you have hired me as your guide for 3 concective days! We've been a traditional dance event wearing cotton Kimono, temple, shrine, Mt.Fuji and Shibuya 109 for shopping!! Thank you very much for your kind comment. I really enjoyed to be with you!

4 stars Tanner B. 15 Apr 2015

Kinuyo was very friendly and willing to do whatever we wanted to during our trip.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for your review. We went to Tsukiji fish market and Hamarikyu garden. After that, you rode on a rickshaw and had a sushi lunch in Asakusa. And we also visited to Akihabara to look around and tried Pachinko as well. You were lovely couple!

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