Kikko (Kishiko) Ohsawa Private tour guide in Tokyo, Hakone - Japan

Kikko (Kishiko) Ohsawa

Guide profile:

Hi. I am Kikko, a national licensed guide.

I worked as an interpreter at trade shows/exhibitions of JETRO and Japan ASEAN Center for about three years. After that I worked as a translator for a medical equipment manufacturer for 14 years. I belonged to MRI design department for 8 years until I quit the job on March 2016.

I quit the company because I wanted to guide tourists from abroad and wanted to assist them experience Japanese culture. I also have a license of tour conductor and worked as a tour conductor in 2016.

Japan has wonderful nature including the weather, beautiful views, unique culture, and delicious food. I want you to enjoy them and it is my great joy if I can help you for such experiences.

I will customize the tour for you according to your requests, what you are interested in, what you want to see/ go/ experience etc.

During the tour, if a new idea comes up in your mind, please tell me. I will change the plan flexibly along your request as much as I can.

Tokyo is an interesting city which still remains old traditional Japan while it is one of the most modernized cities in the world.

I have been learning the way of tea. The world of tea is deep. It influenced the developments of “Ikebana” flower arrangement, tea utensils, especially tea bowls, the manners, Japanese sweets, Japanese cuisine, and so on.

I like traditional Japanese cultures and would love to introduce them to the tourists from abroad.

Join my tour to see and experience the Japanese cultures and double-faced Tokyo.

I will guide you wearing Kimono as much as possible. (Kimono is inconvenient in a bad weather or for an active tour.)

Recent reviews of this tour guide:

5 stars Debra M.

Kikko does an amazing job at tailoring your tour not only to preferences in activities but also pacing and physical restrictions. We thoroughly enjoyed our day with her and would happily book again if we return to Japan in the future - one day in Hakone area is not enough!

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

I will pick you up at your hotel.

If you book my tour, I will meet you at Narita/Haneda airport and take you to your hotel upon your request for free as far as I am available. I will charge you only my transportation fare (JPY5,000).

I provide tours from 2 hours to 8 hours. Please see the rates shown in the right column. The price doesn't include my transportation fare. For a tour in Tokyo, my transportation fare is JPY3,000. You should pay lunch and transportation fare for yourself and me during the tour.

If the meeting place is not inside Tokyo, especially for the tour to Nikko, Kamakura or other suburbs of Tokyo, I will charge you my transportation fare to and from the destination too.

*Feel old traditional Japan:

Meiji Shrine - Hamarikyu Garden - (Sumida River cruise) - Asakusa - Ueno Park (Tokyo National Museum)

*Experience Japanese culture:

Shinjuku Samurai Museum - Akasaka Ninja restaurant (lunch) - Tea ceremony experience at hotel - Imperial Palace Plaza/ Imperial Palace East Garden

*Possible-last chance to see the largest fish market in the world at Tsukiji.

Tsukiji ( Inner Market, Outer Market, Tsukiji Honganji temple) - Kabuki theater - Ginza

*Sumo town walking:

Observing Sumo morning practice at a Sumo stable - Ryogoku (Kokugikan Sumo Stadium) - Edo Tokyo Museum - (Sumida River cruise) - Asakusa

*See fashonable Tokyo and enjoy shopping:

Meiji Shrine - Harajuku - Omotesando - Aoyama - Roppongi - Ginza

*Other places you are interested in:

I mainly guide Tokyo and the sightseeing spots near Tokyo like Kamakura, Hakone, Kawaguchiko, and Nikko.

The tour plans above are sammples.

I will create the tour schedule along your request. Tell me what you want to do in Tokyo.

Transportation by tour guide:

Let's enjoy Tokyo using public transportation, trains, subways and buses like Tokyoite do. You should pay the transportation fare.

I will arrange a taxi for the tour upon your request. You should pay the taxi fare.

Tour guide interests:

Tokyo sightseeing tours

Tokyo city tours personalized

Tokyo travel tours for your needs

Tokyo tour guide general services

Samurai, Ninja, The way of tea, Kimono...etc.

Reviews of this tour – by clients who booked!

5 stars Debra M. 20 Oct 2018

Kikko does an amazing job at tailoring your tour not only to preferences in activities but also pacing and physical restrictions. We thoroughly enjoyed our day with her and would happily book again if we return to Japan in the future - one day in Hakone area is not enough!

5 stars Howard A. 07 May 2018

Kikko was a great guide and a wonderful ambassador for Japan. Before we arrived she helped us arrange transfers, train tickets and our itinerary. We couldn't have asked for more. She was efficient, flexible, easy to understand and very knowledgeable. She's a pro and very nice to be with on tour.

5 stars Nikita P. 27 Oct 2017

Superbly excellent experience. Kikko made a wonderful itinerary for us & our kids age 6 & 4. We made so many changes to the trip but Kikko was always accommodating. She found the most delightful places for my girls, such as a kimono rental & ninja studio. She earned a special place in the girls' hearts making origami for them everyday. Tokyo would have been incomplete without her. She is truly passionate about her work & knowledgeable about modern & traditional aspects of Japan. Kikko, you rock!

5 stars Charlotte A. 20 Jul 2017

I made two day trips outside Tokyo with Kikko as my guide...and I couldn't have taken a better choice!

Already when organising and outlining the suggestions to Nikko and Hakone I got the best impression of her. Everything was prepared and worked out perfectly. Her English is excellent. She has a broad knowledge of history and culture. She adapts to all your needs and wishes.

Thank you Kikko I spent two wonderful exciting days with you and I can highly recommend her any other visitor!

5 stars John S. 14 May 2017

A great guide and full of surprises esp with our visit to the " Hie - Jinja "..., A very unique chance to witness the holy shrine and see local folks do their rituals.... then, i went nuts when we got to Kappabashi. You will love those fake Food replicas and you would not want to leave without getting your "sushi clock" or sushi key chains. And of course, the Japanese Pudding, tempuras, and rice crackers, my goodness, you will love her for pointing these out to you.

5 stars Elisa M. 14 Apr 2017

Kikko is a wonderful tour guide. She is so professional! The tour hours with her leading us were so well spent! she knows a lot. She is such a bright and happy person. She took great care of us. We got to see and experience so much of Japan. My children loved her, she made them origami stars and she was very kind with them. Picnic at the Imperial Gardens was such a great idea.I can go on and on with all the wonderful things we did... Kikko thank you so much, you made our stay in Japan worthwhile

5 stars Jeffrey H. 07 Apr 2017

Kikko is a fantastic guide. She is punctual, professional, knowledgeable and friendly. My wife and I would not have had nearly as amazing an experience without her. We simply told her some of the things we wanted to see and do, and she worked out a schedule that fit in everything and more. She met us at the airport the first night and got us to our hotel desk only charging for her travel. Hopefully we will be able to return to Tokyo, and we will definitely retain Kikko again as our guide.

Tour Guide Comment: It was so good for me to get a chance to guide you, Jeff and Lizzy. Had happy days with you too. Thank you so much. Hopefully see you again someday. Kikko

5 stars Linda S. 28 Mar 2017

Prior to our arrival, Kikko did the extra step of checking out the places we were going to go. She took note of the places with the best cherry blossoms in the park, and even had picnic mats ready for us.

We wanted to buy a certain product in bulk amount and even before we arrived she had already arranged for the products to be ready for pick up at a store near our hotel.

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