Kazuyo Okudaira Private tour guide in Tokyo, Kamakura - Japan

Kazuyo Okudaira

Guide profile:

I live in old town Asakusa in Tokyo, near the Senso-ji temple. Let's explore the unique Tokyo where the old and new, modern and traditional, conservative and progressive otaku culture coexists. (My guide fee is mentioned in lower right column of this page, way down under my photo.)

I love to show you around from Japanese gardens, museums and galleries to famous sites such as Senso-ji (very close to my house) and the Imperial Palace etc. I will ensure you get the most out of your Tokyo visit.

I can show you Tokyo's hidden treasures such as atmospheric old alleys, hidden streets, unique kawaii otaku shops, public bath houses.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you to get the most out of your visit to Tokyo. From the famous tourist places to hidden corners, you will discover more with an enthusiastic professional guide. I am a nationally qualified Japanese Tour Guide.

My lunch and transportation fee is included in the fee (except the suburb areas Nikko, Kamakura, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto etc.)

My guide fee is mentioned in lower right column of this page, way down under my photo.

8 hours for 3 people USD $350

Deposit will go to Viator: USD $70

Please pay me in Cash I appreciate Japanese Yen: USD $280

BA Psychology and Sociology @ Clark University in the United States.

Thesis “Are Emotions Universal? Shame and Guilt in Japan and in America.”

Recent reviews of this tour guide:

5 stars Anthony L.

Knowledgeable, pleasant, good sense of humour, well paced tour. Highly recommended.

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

Highlight tours of Japanese Art, Tokyo National Museums (zap Japanese art history ), Akihabara(manga & anime otaku geek), Ginza galleries ( Japanese-style painting contemporary & old, Tea ceremony bowls, swords) etc.

Fascinating walking or bicycle tours of the old Tokyo districts Asakusa, Ueno, Yanaka etc. I can arrange bicycle rental service.

Out of Tokyo, I can show you the world heritage Nikko and the off the beaten mountain spirits trails.

Kamakura where the first feudal capital between 1185 and 1333.

Visits old Zen temples and hiking off the beaten samurai path ways and meet up with the Great Buddha of Kamakura.

If you are interested in hiking I could arrange Mt. Tsukuba, Mt. Takao, Mt.Fuji tour etc.

I have taught skiing for beginners at GALA Ski school in 2013. Ski & visit a Sake maker.

I love to travel around Japan with you: Kyoto, Nara, Hidatakayama, Hiroshima Miyajima, Matsumoto-castle, Tsumago-magome hike, Kanazawa, Hakodate Iriomote-jima etc.

Please pay my transportation fee and accomodation fee 10,000 yen per day.

Transportation by tour guide:

We will travel like Tokyoites using buses, trains or subway, but mainly on foot. It is the best way to experience Tokyo.

If you want to travel by car, transportation can be arranged upon request.

Using a taxi from a place to place is much economical and we can visit many places.

Private sightseeing & group tours offered by this guide:

Daimyo Garden & Old Town Price Per Group 260.00 USD
Nikko World Heritage Just 2 hours from Tokyo Price Per Group 350.00 USD
Tsukiji - Imperial Palace - Meiji-shrine - Asakusa Price Per Group 340.00 USD

Tour guide interests:

Meeting people from around the world, hot spring onsen, art, anime, Noh, Kabuki, Japanese gardens, hiking, architecture, and exploring the beautiful Japanese countryside.

Reviews of this tour – by clients who booked!

5 stars Anthony L. 20 Aug 2019

Knowledgeable, pleasant, good sense of humour, well paced tour. Highly recommended.

5 stars Daryl S. 28 Mar 2019

She was excellent! Very personable prepared and knowledgeable. This was our first trip to Japan and we enjoyed our first day in Tokyo with Kazuyo.

5 stars Wendy F. 15 Mar 2019

Our family of 4 well traveled adults had a great touring experience in Tokyo. We gained a sense of the city and insight into the lives and issues of its residents. We learned so much about Japanese culture and thought and Kazuyo's explanations kept popping up as we made our way through other parts of Japan. We kept up a great pace and are still talking about the soba noodle place for lunch! Thanks for making our trip so worthwhile.

5 stars Art G. 03 Dec 2018

Kazuya-San was outstanding; just wonderful. Very professional but personable. Very caring about our welfare. Extremely knowledgeable about Tokyo and Japanese history and culture. My wife and I hired Kazuyo-San for 3 days. All were delightful. We would highly recommend her. You won't be disappointed.

5 stars Dave C. 19 Apr 2018

A fantastic tour of Modern Tokyo with Kazuyo-san. She was very knowledgeable on any topic we cared to discuss with her and the pace of the day was to our request.

5 stars Hazel K. 14 Mar 2018

We really enjoyed our tour very informative and enjoyable. We would highly recommend kazuyo very friendly and extremely helpful. Thanks you for a great time and introduction to Tokyo.

5 stars Jacob R. 10 Dec 2017

As good as it gets! Kazuyo gave us a perfect cultural experience. The day was well planned and covered a broad view of modern and old Tokyo, seeing way more than we expected to be able to see. She was very welcoming and knowledgeable, and I could not imagine a better tour guide!

5 stars Karen H. 05 Dec 2017

Kazuyo is an exceptional guide! Her deep understanding of Japan's rich history and cultural tradition makes for a very meaningful tour. She leaves no detail unattended. The perfect stops for light traditional meals along the way; an offer to take your photo so that you can share this memory with family and friends; a thoroughly researched history of each spot, shared in her notebook and IPAD. Kazuyo's warmth and expertise are memorable. I left Tokyo with a new friend and a love for Japan.

5 stars Kathryn M. 24 Nov 2017

Kazuyo is the friendliest and most knowledgeable guide! We spent a day with her touring Tokyo and she not only helped us navigate the subway & buy Shinkansen tickets, but she also gave us the complete history of each site and showed us accompanying photos on her iPad. Had we not seen Tokyo with Kazuyo, we wouldn't have understood the cultural significance of what we saw. Kazuyo even gave us her contact information in case we had questions or needed anything for the rest of our stay in Japan.

5 stars Gerardo G. 21 Oct 2017

Had a great time visitng Tokyo for the first time, great insights, really enjoyed tour with Kazuyo.

Highly recommend her not only for her experience but for her kindness and willingness at all time.

5 stars Audra J. 22 Sep 2017

Wonderful tour guide. Very knowledgeable. Was able to connect me with my Japanese family. Gave us quite a bit of information on the history of Japan . Highly recommend Kazuyo-san.

5 stars Saengten M. 21 Sep 2017

Kazuyo-san was amazing. She had went above and beyond to make this trip magical. I was able to not only enjoy the view but learn some of the most interesting stories a myths of each place. It was entertaining and educational. Kazuyo-san was a blast to be with and she made everything fun, she even gave us some extra help with the things we wanted to visit after the tour. I would highly recommend her if you ever want a one of a kind tour of Tokyo.

5 stars Adam H. 23 Jul 2017

Kazuyo was amazing! She customized a 4-hour tour of Tokyo and was full of useful information. Very highly recommended!

5 stars Bryan K. 03 Jul 2017

5 stars Flora D. 05 Jun 2017

Our group of 6 good walkers was thrilled with our 7hr tour with Kazuyo. Basic brief was: hotel to hotel, leisurely pace, no rushing, learn public transport, enjoy charms & historic details, no Sky Tree or fish market. As well as great temples and shrines we enjoyed "behind the scenes" spots & laneways of Asakusa & Ueno. 100% endorse all previous comments of Kazuyo's knowledge of historic detail, her English, friendliness etc. We got a great 7hr snapshot of a wonderful city & lovely people.

5 stars Heather M. 07 May 2017

Wonderful day, wonderful guide. Thoroughly recommend!

5 stars Jennifer L. 14 Apr 2017

I only had 24 hours in Tokyo and wanted to make the most of my stay so I spent a half day with Kazuyo. Having graduated from an American university, her English is excellent. She is very kind and knowledgeable. We made the most of our short time together and I got a good overview of Tokyo. (Bonus - Kazuyo carried an iPad with her and photographed me at various sites which was nice since I was traveling by myself. Then at the end she airdropped me all the photos!) Highly recommended guide.

5 stars Barbara S. 28 Jan 2017

The most fabulous guide. She made our whole trip wonderful. Her English was perfect and her knowledge outstanding. Because of her the trip to Tokyo was great. Thank you.

5 stars robert R. 20 Dec 2016

Kazuyo is an exceptional guide with extensive historical knowledge of Japan. Her English rivals many Americans. She is highly professional and very kind. She made our trip beyond amazing. She is 10 stars.

5 stars Peter W. 17 Nov 2016

Kazuyo, was excellent, spoke very good English and had a great knowledge of Tokyo city. I had a very enjoyable and relaxed day and it felt like I had spent the day travelling with an old friend. We had lunch in an amazing 120 year old traditional Sushi Restaurant which was a standout. She is the Best!

Peter W W

5 stars Max K. 12 Nov 2016

Very kind and knowledgeable person which made my visit to Nikko a real highlight. She is also able to adjust the program to new circumstances or time constraints. I highly recommend her as a very convincing and competent guide.

5 stars Robert P. 26 Oct 2016

Kazuyo is an excellent guide, knowledgeable, charming, with excellent English. Not only did she lead us on a fine expedition to Kairakuen garden in Mito, she helped us process a complex set of reservations on our JR Passes for Japanese trains. We couldn't recommend her more highly.

5 stars Eli B. 04 Sep 2016

We had a great day with Kazuyo, She is a very friendly and genuine person who gave us an excellent insight into the local area and much of the important history of japan. We would highly recommend Kazuyo for anyone seeking a tour guide while in Japan.

5 stars Walter G. 01 Sep 2016

This guide was excellent!

5 stars Rosy G. 27 Jun 2016

Kazuyo is a wonderful guide,

She was the best guide we had in all our Asia vacations. She is a very intelligent woman full of knowledge. All of us ( family of 5 including 3 kids ) loved her. She speaks english extremely well.

5 stars billy V. 24 Jun 2016

I absolutely recommend Kazuyo as she was friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating with me and my family.

Thank you Kazuyo!

5 stars Manny B. 20 Jun 2016

Kazuyo is an excellent guide. She accommodated our every wish. I would definitely use her services again. By the way her command of English is great.

5 stars Lawrence C. 29 May 2016

Kazuyo is an excellent guide. She speaks very good English and understood completely what we wanted to see and took us there. We spent three days with her and enjoyed each day.

5 stars Ladina V. 29 Mar 2016

Our day with Kazuyo was very enjoyable. She did a wonderful job showing us a lot of Tokyo in one day. She perfectly understood what we were interested in and planned a tour according to it. We had a lunch in a great traditional Sushi restaurant which we would have never found by ourselves. The food was being prepared right in front of us. Kazuyo was very friendly, knowledgable and speaks an excellent English. She even spent one more hour with us than planned. We would highly recommend her!

5 stars Heidi V. 26 Mar 2016

We really enjoyed our tour with Kazuyo. She took us to all the places we had requested plus more and told us all sorts of interesting information along the way. The tour was relaxed and unhurried. She took photos of us along the way and then shared them with us at the end of the tour. It was an invaluable experience to hear about Tokyo from a true local.

5 stars Bonnie B. 15 Mar 2016

Kazuyo gave us a wonderful introduction to Tokyo. Her English is excellent, and we saw and learned so much. Thank you, Kazuyo!

5 stars Marvin G. 09 Mar 2016

Kazuyo was awesome. We spent three days together. We wanted to get a feel of local neighborhoods, and she had it planned perfectly. We wholeheartedly recommend her.

5 stars Helene L. 25 Feb 2016

We arrived in Tokyo sick and exhausted. Kazuyo-san was able to adapt our pre-scheduled day to our needs and capacity. We had a memorable day in Tokyo. She knows so well the neighborhoods we visited, that she was able to fulfill our last fifteen minutes in town: stores for specific items and post office. It was an incredible efficient day on all aspects. She was able to cater to all our needs and beyond. This was an outstanding experience.

5 stars Christine K. 28 Jan 2016

Kazuyo-san was wonderful! I would highly recommend her without hesitation. She was very relaxed and flexible and was willing to stay with us over the designated time in order for us to see everything that we wanted to see. If I ever get to Tokyo again, I will be contacting her again.

5 stars John N. 29 Dec 2015

What a great day we have just had with Kazuyo! She was happy to suggest sights as well as accomodate our requests. She spoke excellent English, had a sense of humour and showed us sights off the beaten track. She was particularly useful in navigating us through the Tokyo train system as well as helping us buy train passes. She suggested somethings our teenage boys might be interested in and gave us the internet links as well. We recommend her highly.

5 stars Erica S. 23 Nov 2015

Kazuyo was AMAZING - her tour was easily one of the highlights of our trip.

She met us in the lobby of the hotel right on time and let us for a full day (9-5:30) of tours around Tokyo. She had great recommendations of places to go but was also very flexible based on what we were most interested in. She took the time to teach us how to use the transit system (so we could do it ourselves the next day) and was SO knowledgeable about everything we saw - from pop culture, spirituality, and history.

5 stars Alain L. 04 Oct 2015

We had the best experience. We loved this tour of Tokyo, exactly tailor-made for us by Kazuyo. We got explanations and isights on history, but also on the present society. Kazuyo is a very friendly and warm person, and we totally recommend her for visitors to Tokyo.

5 stars Joanne A. 26 Sep 2015

Kazuyo-san was wonderful! As a guide for my mother-in-law's 1st trip to Japan (to see gardens), she shared her insight into daily life, historical knowledge of Ueno and Yanaka, plus temples, shrines, and well-known and smaller private gardens. She answered those "Why?" questions with politeness, ease and humor. Her love and understanding of her home and culture, blended with knowing how to meet "guests'" (her word, not "clients!) needs is what makes her "Dai-ichi"! M-I-L will return for hanami!

5 stars Dave L. 04 Aug 2015

You cant get any better than Kazuyo. She is very personable, knowledgeable and entertaining. My daughter and i were fortunate enough to have Kazuyo for 2 days traveling around Tokyo and Kamakura. She has made our trip very memorable and certainly would not be the same had we chosen another guide. 5+ stars! We feel as though we made a friend and hope to return some day

5 stars Heidi C. 18 Jul 2015

I recommend getting a tour guide for anyone visiting Japan for the first time. Language is the most difficult barrier. I give Kazuyo five stars. She is prompt, accommodating to meet your needs, organized, prepared with ideas and location, friendly, easy to talk to, and explains the Japanese culture. My visit to Tokyo was unusual. I wanted to visit the neighborhood I left 60 years ago. Kazuyo helped me accomplish my dream. I could not have done this alone. Thank you for this service.

5 stars John C. 23 Jun 2015

5 stars Benjamin W. 24 May 2015

Great tour guide. Very good english, very friendly and warm and knowledgable. Passionate about her job and gave us a great experience in Tokyo!

5 stars Katherine S. 24 Apr 2015

Kazuyo is a wonderful guide - So well organized and a great communicator. She was completely responsive to our needs from the first email communication through the end our touring with her. Her English-speaking skills are exceptionally good (especially important for my husband who has a profound hearing impairment). Plus she is a lovely and interesting woman. I can thoroughly recommend her services to anyone seeking a private guide in Tokyo.

5 stars Richard N. 22 Apr 2015

Kazuyo was better than advertised. We all fell in love with her. She has a great sense of adventure and was terrific with the smallest od details. There were four adults--like herding cats--and Kazuyo was deft at keeping us apace while also answer all our questions. She was always willing to go off outline to satisfy our queries (what is this ad? what is this product? etc.). Kazuyo also has a great sense of humor, which was critical to us. If you are lucky enough to find her available, book her.

5 stars robert U. 07 Apr 2015

Kazuyo was awesome! she worked with us to create a fantastic day, she was very flexible and accommodating. she had a ton of cultural and historical information and pictures on her iPad to show us. she knew the public transportation system really well and her English was flawless. we highly recommend her! you won't be disappointed!

5 stars roerta G. 15 Mar 2015

Kazuyo was an exceptional guide. We enjoyed our full day tour with her very much. She shares her extraordinary knowledge of Japanese history, culture, and sites with clarity and enthusiasm. She is flexible and makes sure you are well taken care of. She went above and beyond to make sure we not only had a great day but that we were set up with the JR Pass and the remainder of our itinerary. We highly recommend Kazuyo!

5 stars John D. 21 Jan 2015

Very knowledgable, flexible, personable, good sense of humor and excellent English without a heavy accent. Could not ask for a better guide!

5 stars Myra K. 25 Dec 2014

This review is very late but I did not forget! My husband and I had Kazuyo as our guide in Dec 2014. We had her for the 7 hrs and ate at a nice restaurant, visited the Tokugawa Gardens in Tokyo and a few others places/shopping districts per my request. Do try to get the 7 hrs if you can b/c it goes by very fast. My favorite spot was Meiji Shrine. She was very knowledge about the history of each location. Kazuyo is excellent and I highly recommend her. Thank you!! Miss Japan already.

5 stars Clay M. 29 Nov 2014

Kazuyo is an excellent guide. We worked out what I was going to see back and forth over email and even changed the itinerary as we went to avoid the worse of the poor weather we had that day. I would definitely recommend her and will hire her again if I make it back to Tokyo soon.

5 stars Martin M. 26 Nov 2014

Kazuyo was terrific. She met me on time at the airport and planned a wonderful tour for me. Her English was perfect and her tour went with out a hitch. She even delivered me back to the airport so that I wouldn't have any problems getting on my plane. She was great!

5 stars Farah A. 09 Nov 2014

spent 2 days with our tour guide and she was extremely accommodating. enjoyed exploring Tokyo with her :)

5 stars Robert Y. 04 Nov 2014

Kazuyo is an excellent guide. She was extremely helpful when we changed our itinerary and very knowledgeable about Tokyo on a moments notice.

Her English is excellent and her ability to communicate and understand our needs shows well her basic personality.

Most importantly she is a very cheerful person.

We recommend her highly.

5 stars Brian G. 30 Oct 2014

It's been quite some time since our tour with Kazuyo and I feel guilty that I have not written this review a long time ago. In any case, my wife and I spent 5 days with Kazuyo in Tokyo in the fall of 2014 and we had a wonderful time. We highly recommend her!

5 stars Christian M. 05 Oct 2014

Kazuyo is very professional and knowledgeable. I can’t imagine there is a better tour guide in Tokyo. The tour with her was a real highlight.

5 stars Benjie G. 02 Sep 2014

Thank you very much Kazuyo-San for taking us around Tokyo. Our day trip to see the sights of Tokyo both less traveled and well-traveled made our tour most memorable. We will definitely recommend you to our family and friends. Domo aregato gozaimashita and Aufwiedersiehen.

5 stars Orna S. 10 Aug 2014

Kazuyo was a wonderful guide. We would never have managed to do everything on our own in 7 hours. She took us all over Tokyo, showed us how to use the subway, explained & taught us so much about Japan, it's history, religion & people. She also took us to shops/ streets/to try food we would never have known even existed. Kazuyo is a lovely person- easy to get on with & very accommodating. She also gave us info about what else to do & see. We highly recommend her.

Orna & Geoffrey.

5 stars Larry C. 05 Jul 2014

Kazuyo-san is extremely helpful and very patient with her naive clients. She made advance arrangements for us even before we met and offered good suggestions for our use after our time with her. She is eager to please and is very accommodating--willing to react and adapt to the issues (for us, the weather) or our preferences or level of fatigue.

Anyone should feel comfortable with this knowledgable, professional guide!

Larry & Kathy

5 stars Matt H. 26 May 2014

Kazuyo was great! She gave my husband and I an excellent tour of Tokyo. There is absolutely no way that we could have done it without her. She was very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating and she spoke perfect English. We recommend her highly!!!

5 stars Ed S. 08 May 2014

We had a very pleasant full day Tokyo tour with Kazuyo. She is very knowledgeable, professional and accommodating and her English is excellent. The tour was enjoyable as well as informative so we were able to get the flavor of Tokyo in the day we had there. We would definitely recommend her as a tour guide.

5 stars Louanne M. 30 Apr 2014

Kazuyo was wonderful to work with. We have some unexpected changes to our itinerary based on the weather and she was able to make the changes which allowed us to see a great deal of Tokyo. Asakusa is a must see...

5 stars Gale S. 25 Apr 2014

Kazuyo was absolutely terrific. We spent an entire week with her and she exceeded every expectation. Her English is excellent and she is incredibly knowledgeable. She was extremely flexible and changed plans based on our whims! We took all sorts of public transportation (our request) and had time to submerge ourselves in a truly local experience. We went to a Sumo Stable, a Kuydo raining center, all of the required sights and sounds. We even remain FB friends after 2.5 years!!! Thank you!!

5 stars Rodney &. M. S. 02 Apr 2014

We had a full day tour of Tokyo on 4-2-2014 from Kazuyo, and she was fantastic. Her English is excellent and she is very friendly and pleasant. She has a great personality and is very knowledgable of the history of Tokyo. We very much enjoyed our day with her and highly recommend her.

5 stars gideon S. 28 Mar 2014

Pleasant, accommodating, cooperative, informative, excellent English, flexible in trip schedules, honest and friendly.

Highly recommended

5 stars Aleena B. 26 Mar 2014

My husband and I spent our first day in Tokyo with Kazuyo. This really set us up for a successful vacation because not only did Kazuyo show us to the major attractions around the city, she also provided us with countless tips and guidance on getting around Tokyo. She was also very accommodating, personable and showed us a side of Tokyo we would have otherwise missed.

5 stars Edward S. 24 Mar 2014

Kazuto was an outstanding guide with a deep knowledge of Japan's cultural history and contemporary society. My interest was in religion and art. I was completely satisfied with Kazuyo's suggestions and guidance. She is also is an engaging and intelligent conversationalist which made for enjoyable lunches.

5 stars Karen H. 27 Jan 2014

Kazuyo was a wonderful guide! It was our first day in Tokyo and she was very helpful with the subway and showing us everything she could in 4 hours. She even went over her time with us which was very much appreciated.

5 stars Richard F. 25 Jan 2014

This was an 8 person tour of mixed business associates. Kaz did a great job understanding what we wanted to see and used good judgement in providing the right amount of commentary and historical information without overwhelming the participants. She is easy going and adaptable and we all highly recommend Kaz to anyone considering a day tour of Tokyo.

5 stars Sharon V. 19 Nov 2013

My daughter and had an absolutely delightful day. Our time with Okudaira-San was the highlight of our trip to Tokyo. She took us to a variety of shrines and parks and of course Tokyo towner. My daughter wanted to try okonomiyaki for lunch and she took up to a great Monja place for lunch. It was the best meal we had while in Japan. Her knowledge and passion were very evident. Her english is excellentand so if her personality. I can not say enough to recomend this guide!!!!!!!

5 stars Gillian Z. 14 Nov 2013

Although we had only one day in Tokyo, we covered a lot of ground with Kazuyo. We wanted to see a few of the major sights, but mainly get a sense of the city, walking and using public transportation. She provided everything we asked for, was very knowledgeable, interesting, fun and spoke excellent English. We hope to return to Japan and will definitely use her again.

GZ Connecticut

5 stars Noel S. 05 Nov 2013

A definite highlight of our recent holiday in Japan. Kazuyo was wonderful, nothing was too much trouble for her. We had a full day 0700-1900 in which Kazuyo organized everything. We are independent travelers who like to plan and manage our own time on our travels, but we're so glad we engaged Kazuyo for our trip to Nikko as well as a tailored full day tour of Tokyo the next day. Kazuyo is extremely knowledgeable, personable, enthusiastic highly recommended Noel & Kath Sydney Australia

5 stars Hue F. 10 Aug 2013

Ms. Okudaira is a professional and very well educated tour guide. She was very flexible with our schedule and accommodated all of our group diverse interests. We had one senior, 2 adults and 2 teenagers with various interests and all had equally a superb time. Congratulations to Japan for winning the 2020 Summer Games. We will return to Japan in 2020 and hopefully, Ms. Okudaira have time once again to show us around the amazing city of Tokyo. Book with Ms. Okudaira, you won't be disappointed.

5 stars Laurie R. 08 Jul 2013

Kazuyo is smart, witty, and a treasure. Her appreciation of Tokyo and all it offers is wonderful, and her ability to associate the Tokyo experience to our American sensibilities made the experience especially valuable and meaningful to us. Highly recommended!

5 stars Ellen R. 25 May 2013

Kazuyo is a lovely woman and made every effort to show us interesting things in Tokyo and accommodate our needs. Her English is excellent, having attended college in the states. Tokyo is difficult to navigate if you don't speak Japanese and so Kazuyo's assistance was essential in our maximizing our short stay (2 days) in the fanatstic city. Highly recommend her.

5 stars Vincent G. 05 Apr 2013

Over the 5 tour days we had with Kaz we had a great time, lots of fun and an amazing experience throughout Tokyo, Nikko, Hakone/Mt Fuji and Kamakura. It was so great my family would love to repeat it.

She always tried to find places to eat for my vegan daughter, so she could eat. She also tried to save us money with her recommendations for food and travel.

Overall, could not be better and she felt like part of our family.

5 stars Susan S. 04 Dec 2012

I was having a once only trip to Tokyo and so had limited time. My tour guide Kazuyo was great. She came to meet me at my hotel and made everything simple for me by taking me to the most interesting places in Tokyo. She accommodated my wishes and was very informative in the information she gave me about Japanese life which helped me a lot to understand the culture of the country. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to find their way quickly around Toyko.

5 stars Lurette B. 08 Nov 2012

5 stars Steve K. 04 Nov 2012

I booked Kazuyo for three days of sightseeing in the Tokyo area, and she was excellent! She was well-organized, had loaded lots of information on her iPad, and was very knowledgeable. She's a cool woman and we had a great time together. Highly recommended!

Tour Guide Comment: Steve-san, I certainly enjoy walking around with you. Thanks for sharing your interesting insight.

5 stars José E. C. S. 24 Oct 2012

Satoko was an excelent guide and we were very much satisfied.

5 stars Debbie P. 01 Oct 2012

3 of us booked Kazy for a 2 day tour while in Japan in October 2012. She was absolutely amazing and plan our tour and was very flexible when we wanted to change things!!! She brought us to all the touristy spots and the not so touristy spots that we wanted to see. She was very informative with all the questions that we asked her and we asked ALOT of questions.

We would all highly recommend her to anyone who is visiting Tokyo & needed a tour guide. She will definitely make your trip memorable

Tour Guide Comment: Debbie-san, Canadian Joyful Trio, you are so sweet. “Just” like Canadian Maple candies that you gave me. Irresistible you! It was fun to absorb life's lessons with you.

5 stars Lungji C. 25 Jun 2012

Kaz is a wonderful tour guide who spent a lot of time preparing materials for our trip. My son is an architect major and wants to see some well known Japanese architects' buildings. Kaz toured us many exciting buildings and constructions. She is a wonderful person to travel with. We will certainly come back to see her again. I recommend her without reservation.

Tour Guide Comment: Lungji-san, Thank you, I really enjoyed viewing the scenery of Tokyo with you. I vividly remember about your son running around to see the different perspectives right before the sunset. Sejima Kazuyo (Pritzker Prize, architect) and my name happen to be the same; my great delight.

5 stars Rebecca R. 12 Jun 2012

During a visit to Japan, I toured on my own, with group tours, and with Kazuyo. While all 3 methods had advantages, the time with Kazuyo was the most enjoyable and the best value. There didn't seem to be any question she could not answer right down to explaining the unique manhole covers!

We shopped, we ate, we toured temples, gardens, you name it! Afterwards, she kindly emailed us photos. My praise here is limited by the space allowed or I would go on; Kazuyo is delightful!

5 stars Jennifer O. 09 Apr 2012

Kaz is a wonderful guide. We wanted to see the Tokyo sites while getting our 17 year old daughter to practice her Japanese. Kaz took good care of us and had us confidently using trains subways and buses. Our daughter got lots of practice with the very patient Kaz and we all got to see sights we wouldn't have got to by ourselves..We highly recommend Kaz as a tour guide. Jenny O'C

Tour Guide Comment: Jennifer-san, Wonderful remark Arigato Gozaimasu (*^_^*)  It was my pleasure to meet, talk , walk, drink with you. Please send my best regards to your smart & kawaii daughter. I would love to see her in "dandy dress". (^^)/

5 stars Stephen H. 30 Mar 2012

4 stars Calvin N. 08 Mar 2015

Our tour guide Kazuyo was very patient and knowledgeable. She was very considerate in taking care if my mum's needs with regards to staur climbing and light walking. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone. She was also flexible with her itinerary.

3 stars Florence N. 14 Oct 2016

Our tour guide Kazuyo is very knowledgeable. She knows the places a tourist would like to visit in Tokyo and she also works in collaboration with what we want to see. She's fluent in English which is a plus for us. We truly enjoyed our visit to Tokyo and it is largely due to the fact that we had a very good tour guide. Thank you, Kazuyo-San.

2 stars Marc S. 18 May 2016

Starting your first day in Tokyo with a tour that begins with the fish market was not a good way of getting a good positive view of the city. Traveling between sites on the underground subway took away the ability to see and experience things as you travel between sites. On our second day, a trip to Nikko, the guide was unaware until we arrived, that May 18 is the semi annual reenactment of the March to Nikko. It was very enjoyable and would have been better if we had been prepared.

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