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Kazuhisa Furuichi

Guide profile:

Hello, my nickname is Kazu, a government licensed guide. By now, I have guided, about 140groups from 30countries. Among them, I found some people say “Visiting temples and shrines is enough, I would like to gain more insight into Japanese life and culture!”  Every time, I do my best to realize such clients’ requests, and to make a tailormade itinerary as visiting unpretentious markets or small alleys in addition to typical tourist spots.

I am a retired business person. In 2007, after retirement, I walked Japanese Buddhist pilgrimage road known as Shikoku 88-temples, total 1200km, then in next year walked Spanish Santiago pilgrimage road 800km from Pyrenees. I love travelling and contact with different cultures and talk with people.

If you want to explore and experience the true Osaka, or Kyoto do drop me a line and I will assure you an unforgettable trip ahead!

My tours are not insured. Although problems are highly unlikely, we ask our guests to be responsible for any loss or injury and be covered by your own travel insurance policies.

Recent reviews of this tour guide:

5 stars Gary E.

Excellent tour . Kazu is a very knowledgeable and interesting man. He was also able to make last minute changes at our request.

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

Osaka, once dubbed a “Nation's Kitchen” as the center of commerce, is now famous for unpretentious mind and humor. To enjoy this unique atmosphere, I propose follows as the basis of our tailor-made tour. Please let me know your preference: shopping, people’s life, history, culture, photogenic, gourmet etc.

AM: Osaka Castle, this is a must. PM: Housing and living museum、Tenjinbashi-suji-shopping street、Doton-bori、 Dotombori river cruise

・Osaka Castle :Timeless, Majestic, Beautiful, one of Japan’s largest castles and the symbol of Osaka

・Housing and living museum :life-size reproduction of 19th century’s Osaka and people’s life, merchant’s housing, alleyways, and a public bath house etc.well-reputed.

・Tenjinbashi-suji-shopping street:history-rich 600shops varying from good old specialty shops to quite business-minded idea shops, and literally Osaka-like restaurants.

・Doton-bori:the epitome of Osaka, shopping and entertainment area including restaurants that gave rise to the expression “eat until you drop

・Dotombori river cruise: enjoy Water Metropolis Osaka

As for PM, the above could be changed on your choice even on the tour morning. If a facility is closed, other options will be offered. 800yen of one day subway pass is available for this tour. Admission fee (castle plus museum): 1,200yen cruise 700yen lunch:about 1000yen

Other optional spots: Historical spots:Sumiyoshi shrine, Shitennoji Temple. For finding unique souvenir: Macchamachi toy shop street, Oimatsu antique shop street. The Latest Fashions from Osaka:Shinsaibashi, America Mura. Popular Shopping Areas: Den Den Town & Ota Road(like Akihabara in Tokyo). In the suburbs: Old farm house Museum. For children:Osaka Bay cruise, Osaka Aquarium(one of the world largest).

●Tour Inclusions:Tour guide service.

●Tour Exclusions:Transportation and admission fee, meals and drinks (for yourself and guide )

・As for the guide fee balance, kindly pay in Japanese yen on the day of the tour.

Transportation by tour guide:

Tour Duration:8 Hours

Tour Type: Tailor made and very small group walking tour using public transportation and taxi if necessary. Min. 1 person Max. 4persons

Tour Price:Price Per person per day USD 90.00, children under 12 - free.

Private sightseeing & group tours offered by this guide:

Koya-san One Day Tour from Osaka Price Per Person 90.00 USD
Kyoto Half Day Tour Price Per Person 70.00 USD
Kyoto One Day Tour Price Per Person 90.00 USD
Nara One Day Tour from Osaka or Kyoto Price Per Person 90.00 USD
Osaka Half Day Tour Price Per Person 70.00 USD
Osaka One Day Tour Price Per Person 90.00 USD

Tour guide interests:

I’m a festival lover.

There are many festivals in Kyoto and Osaka, you can find one or two even in winter.

On June 14, Rice-planting festival is held at the Sumiyoshi Shrine, Osaka. The most impressive here is Sumiyoshi dance by hundreds of young girls, ringing bells in hands accompanied by an ancient song. It is held around the sacred rice paddy, where farmers are planting rice seedlings.

Summer, it’s a festival season. Kyoto’s Gion Festival, held in July, is Japan’s most famous one. Magnificent 33Yamaboko floats with a "hoko", a long pole or halberd, 25m in height decorated with beautiful tapestries and with many traditional musicians sitting in the floats, proceed gracefully along the streets. My best favorite festival.

Osaka Tenjin-festival is held also in July, on 25. Becoming for “ the Water Metropolis Osaka, over a hundred of decorated boats, full of parishioners group, go up and down the river after dark, sounding gongs and exchanging cheers to celebrate the festival with people on bridges or on banks with “Osaka clapping”. Mixed with the sound of fire work, this festival is rather noisy but very vibrant. Indeed it’s Osaka like.

In August, on 16, "Gozan-no-okuribi" in Kyoto is a festival to send off the spirit of deceased family members, in which giant bonfires are lit on mountains surrounding the city. Viewing these from river side is wonderful experience becoming to Kyoto's hot summer. A Japanese enjoy the transition of seasons through festivals in each season in this way. It would be a great pleasure if I could guide you to a Japanese festival and enjoy together.

Reviews of this tour – by clients who booked!

5 stars Gary E. 07 Jun 2018

Excellent tour . Kazu is a very knowledgeable and interesting man. He was also able to make last minute changes at our request.

5 stars Alexander S. 22 May 2018

Kazu did a great job, arranging a rather unique kind of a private tour for me. I know that might have been difficult (especially the first part) but he managed to do this. So i have to thank him for that because without his assistance this tour would never occur. Aside from that i enjoyed having conversations with him about life in Japan and so on. I would reccomend him.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for wonderful review. I also enjoyed with your company. I'd like to promote my guiding skills to meet gusts' needs more to deserve your review.

5 stars EVERETT K. 17 Sep 2017

Kazu was really helpful in every way. He joined us for great days in Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. He showed us all the special places they had to offer. His knowledge of all things Historical with regard to Buddhism and Shintoism and Japan was beyond impressive. He was able to give us such detail whenever we asked about specific things we saw. This was no easy task as he did this amongst century old structures with no writing or vague signage. Beyond this Kazu was able to get us to everything on time.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for the warm and highest review. I have never seen people so energetic like you. I also enjoyed with your company and look forward to having you as my guest again in the near future!

5 stars Nicholas E. 25 May 2016

Kazu is the quintessential tour guide for Kyoto, Nara and Osaka! We had done no planning at all for our trip and I can say that after 5 days with Kazu we wouldn't have planned it better if we had tried!

What is special is that Kazu is a retired business executive - and knowing him for 5 days now it seems that he was a very high powered one. But he's also a grandfather with a wicked sense of humour.

All of this has been skillfully welded into his tour guide persona. Trust Kazu!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for the warm and highest review and for telling me about your country a lot I had a good time with you too.

5 stars basem A. 14 May 2016

5 stars Jerald G. 23 Apr 2016

Kazu was very accommodating and organized, had the train and subway tickets all arraigned. We only had a few hours to see Kyoto (ship docked in Osaka) and we had a successful tour.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you so much for your wonderful review. I enjoyed hearing your wonderful cruise life. Hope to see you again.

5 stars Sophie N. 19 Nov 2015

Kazuhisa San is a very experienced tour guide. Before I booked him, he provided a lot of tour details included maps and tour route by email. And also he can tell you the estimate budget which will cost you for the whole itinerary in details. During the trip, he told us the history and culture of every sightseeing. He knows how to choose the best route to avoid the busy hour traffic. We had a good time for one day Kyoto tour! Thanks to Kazu San! He helps us to learn more about Japan culture.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for your kind message and your highest review. I'm so happy that you enjoyed the tour with me. Particularly Ninnaji temple was your nice choice, thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing you again.in the future.

5 stars warren B. 28 Oct 2015

Kaz was great.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Warren for your highest rating! I really enjoyed your company.

5 stars Robert (. E. 08 Sep 2015

Had a great day. Covered a lot of territory and Kazu had all of the answers. A very pleasant sojourn to his home to meet his family. All went smoothly. He knows Osaka very well.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for giving me such comments and highest rating! . It was enjoyable day for me and my family.

5 stars Kelly T. 09 Aug 2015

Mr Kasu is a very knowledgeable guide and accommodative to our needs.We would definitely recommend him.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for your recommendation and highest rating! I'm looking forward to seeing you again in the near future!

5 stars Gitanjali B. 07 Aug 2015

I really wish I could give Kazu more than 5 stars. He is simply an excellent guide. Mr. Kazu is very knowledgable and thorough. I can't believe his energy level. He was extremely organized and even sent me a map of all the places we were planning to see. In addition, Mr. Kazu was flexible. He made last minute changes to accommodate our schedule. Mr. Kazu really went out of his way. Even after the tour was over, he made sure we had the correct tickets at the station. Wonderful experience

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for giving me such comments and highest rating! I really enjoyed your company and am looking forward to seeing you again.

5 stars Graeme L. 21 Apr 2015

Kazuhisa had excellent English and a wonderful way of describing temples, shrines and gardens.

He was always in tune with our needs and when it was raining he was flexible about changing our plans. we were impressed by his knowledge of Japanese history and his sense of humour. He was very helpful before we left for japan to help plan a very full program of interesting sites and diverse activities.

Graeme Levy

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for taking your time sending me the review and with highest rating! I'm looking forward to seeing you again in the near future.

5 stars Jeani T. 23 Mar 2015

My husband and I were on an Oceania cruise in March and booked Kazu as our private tour guide for 2 days in Kyoto. We were absolutely delighted with Kazu and his level of knowledge and service. Kazu worked with us to determine a 2-day itinerary that included Nara, Osaka and Kyoto and he met us at the port in Kobe. Had a fantastic experience with Kazu and highly recommend him as a tour guide. Saw so much more than was possible through the cruise line. Don't hesitate - get Kazu! Bargain!!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for your recommendation and highest rating! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the tour with me and I had a great day with you too. I'm looking forward to seeing you again in the near future!

5 stars chris O. 29 Nov 2014

Kazu is an excellent guide and I would highly recommend booking him for a tour. His English is great. Kazu also is extremely helpful with questions and even helped us with basic schedules/advice in other parts of Japan we visited without using his services. Very friendly with a great sense of humor..he really enjoys introducing foreigners to his wonderful country. Honestly I can say enough about his services!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for your warm comment and highest rating. In the middle of autumn leaves, I really enjoyed your company and Kyoto.

5 stars Catherine W. 21 Nov 2014

I simply cannot rate Kazu too highly. I had asked him to take me on day trips outside Kyoto, to places he had never been. He must have spent hours in research, and each day went perfectly. He is a wonderful companion to spend the day with. I am only sorry I did not hire him for more days. Not only did he research how to get there ( and we had to take trains, buses, and taxis) but he learned the history of the place as well. And his delight in a new place was as great as mine.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for your review! It's nice to hear you've enjoyed the tour. Thanks to you, I found beatiful, lovely and interesting places outside of Kyoto. I hope to see you again!

5 stars Graham T. 11 Nov 2014

The tour was a highlight of our stay in Japan. Having Kazu as a guide meant we did not have to waste time with organisation. most importantly we learnt so much about a wonderful city and the culture of a fascinating country. We will definitely be doing a similar tour when we return to Japan. Kazu's interest in people from other countries shines through and makes him a terrific tour guide.

5 stars Chris C. 12 Oct 2014

We spent a wonderful day in Kyoto with Kazu. We visited far more places than we would've had we gone by ourselves. Kazu also provided interesting historical perspectives, which is not always easy to get since the English translations at the temples are quite poor. He also brought us to a wonderful soba house for lunch. We'll find you again next time we're in the area!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for your warm feedback about my guide. I really enjoyed your company, especially when we talked about Japanese poem at Rakushi-sha old poet hut. I will surely be glad to be your guide again !

5 stars Karen G. 06 Jun 2014

Kazuhiro is willing to adjust a tour to meet our needs. He is knowledgeable and willingly informs his clients regarding life in Japan as well as on historical sights. We would highly recommend him for those interested in independent tours.


5 stars Sandra Z. 24 Apr 2014

Kazu was an excellent guide for our 2 day stay in Kyoto. He provided a well planned, detailed itinerary that was flexible & attuned to our needs. He was very informative & is highly recommended !

5 stars Wm K. 28 Feb 2014

Kazu was an excellent guide. He arrived early and met us at our ship, toured with us all day and escorted back to the port even though it was out of his way. He tailored the time to our wishes and even added a few sites. We had a great day and enjoyed ourselves. He was informative, knowledgeable and enthusiastic the entire day. We learned much about the history and culture of Japan.

5 stars Stella I. 15 Jan 2014

I had a great day with Kazu. He was very professional and planned a full and interesting day for me. I appreciated that he picked me up from my Hotel. I particularly enjoyed the market and lunch.

5 stars Hui J. Q. 31 Dec 2013

Kazu was very helpful before and during the tour. He was quick to response to any questions that we have over email prior to the tour. During the tour he brought us to eat delicious food and explore places where you normally won't get to go unless you know you way around. Overall it was a good trip in Osaka and would love to come back again one day.

5 stars Avery H. 16 Dec 2013

We liked Kazu-san so much, we booked him for a second day in Kyoto! My parents and I really enjoyed our time with him. The pace was just right for us. We learned a lot about the history behind the sights, got to eat delicious food, and were able to see all the highlights we wanted to see because of his patience and generosity in planning the itinerary. Thanks so much! We hope to return to Osaka/Kyoto very soon.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for your review, and I really enjoyed your company in Kyoto too. AS there are still lot of places left, visit again with all of your family.

5 stars Avery H. 15 Dec 2013

Kazu-san was the perfect guide for us in Osaka. Traveling with my parents, he was a great match for us in terms of flexibility and thoroughness of itinerary for what we wanted to see and do. He had funny stories and good knowledge of the places we visited. We would highly recommend Kazu-san and would definitely have him again, if we return to Osaka! Thank you for a great day!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you so much for your kind words.Your request for "eating all of the four Osaka specialty foods including takoyaki,kushikatsu etc in a day tour", puzzled me but I was able to find the answer! I enjoyed tour with you and your family, thank you.

5 stars Rafael M. L. 08 Nov 2013

Kazu was very personable as a guide. It was pretty obvious he loved what he was doing and had a great sense of pride and joy in talking about his native Osaka. He talks of history and culture without being boring nor condescending. He was also very generous with his time and patience. He personalizes the tour by allowing me to focus more on what is interesting to me. He is most generous with his time and shows true concern for the satisfaction of his client.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for the nice review. From your comment, I learn a lot what a guide should take care of. And, I myself really enjoyed your company also, thank you.

4 stars Stephanie L. 19 Mar 2017

we had a really nice time with Kazuhisa, he managed our tour in Kyoto very well so that we could access the main attractions early and avoid the big crowd. He was very attentive and accomodating to what we wanted to do. We have spent a day and a half with him and it saved us a lot of time. thanks for all the explanations and the insight of the japanese culture !

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for wonderful review. I also enjoyed with your company and look forward to having you as my guest again in the near future!

4 stars Colin M. 03 Mar 2015

Kazu provided a comprehensive tour of Osaka for two Australian seniors, based on our requests and his special knowledge of the city. He is an educated, charming man, whose English is excellent and who was delightful to spend a day with.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for your kind message! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the tour with me. I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

4 stars Olivier R. 03 Sep 2014

Dear Kazu,

It's my turn to thank you for having showed a part of your mysterious Japan.

My parents were so glad to finally discover Osaka, Kyoto and Naha with you.

While the program was dense, they could understand a hint more of the rich historical and daily life.

I have myself forgot to tell you that my mother doesn't have yet the same rhythm than you and my father who have intense experience of pilgrimages!

And who knows, maybe they will come back in Japan to visit another interesting part such as Tokyo, Okinawa, Hokkaido or many others?

Thank you again for your good service.


Tour Guide Comment: Dear Olivier Thank you for the review. I am very happy to hear your parents were glad to discover Kyoto and other cities. Sorry, I may have talked too much with your father about the pilgrimages. Wishing you and your parents come again soon. Next time I'll take care about this. Sincerely

4 stars Pauline S. 18 May 2014

We spent 3 days with Kazu, in Osaka, Kyoto & Hiroshima. He did everything to accommodate our needs, making interesting, unique tours of each city. He even acquired festival tickets for us in Kyoto, prior to our arrival, which then made viewing the festival a possibility, given our tight schedule.

4 stars Samuel C. E. Q. 14 May 2014

Kazu-san is a very experience tour guide. besides that one more thing to comment is he is very punctual! So anyone who make appointment with him, please keep your appointment sharp. With his guide, I am able to travel to three excited itineraries that Is hard to reach, such as Fushimi-Inari Shrine. Last but not least, I would like to thank him for sharing Japanese culture and custom with me so that I get to know their lifestyle better. I will recommend my friends and family members to him!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for your kind review. This week, I went to Toei Studio Park in Kyoto. As this is a film studio, we can enjoy real ninja actors and actresses playing ninja scenes for visitors. Their skilled action is great fun. I hope you and your friends visit Japan in the near future.

4 stars Richard B. 14 Oct 2013

Overall a great experience for us. Kazu-san was able to accommodate our schedule and work around our 1 year old while keeping us on track to still see Osaka. Excellent in that respect.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for your review.It's my pleasure to show you around in Osaka. I also had a lot of fun with your wonderful family. Best Wishes to your family.

4 stars Felix G. 14 Sep 2013

We enjoyed our time with Kazu-san. Super nice and flexible with deep knowledge of subject matter, he made our stay in Osaka and trip to Koyasan an unforgettable experience. Way to go, Kazu-san! Thank you for everything!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Felix-san, Thank you for your kind feedback and hope to see you in Osaka again. I was very happy to be with you.

3 stars Max K. 01 Nov 2016

While the preparation of the trip seemed very good, the execution was somewhat less convincing. The planned program was shortened from the very beginning. Kazu knows the topics, but is not always on top of the situation (e.g. regarding time management). Going an extra mile is not foreseen without appropriate payment.

Tour Guide Comment: I apologize for the inconveniences I have cased.  I have leant a lot from this tour with you. Thank you for having given me a chance to improve me.

3 stars ronald G. 12 Nov 2014

We had Kazu for 1 day. He is a very likable person and enjoyed his company. We made our plan for the day in the morning. We mentioned we really wanted to go to this temple,but after lunch he told us there was not enough time and wanted us to go to see something else. We insisted on going to the Temple and he did take us. We thought the plan should have taken the time into consideration and that the Temple was a little far.His English was ok not great

Tour Guide Comment: I apologize for the inconvenience you have pointed out. In the morning, I may have spent too much time at the ceramic museum than I planned due to my bad time control Also, I have to admit that my English was insufficient due to shortage of vocabulary particularly for explaining ceramics. Thank you for giving a chance to improve me.

1 stars Alexander S. 08 Jan 2019

Terrible and poor service this time!

Chose a half-day tour in Osaka (5 hours ) to explore Nishinari and Tobita areas.

First you gonna be looking for a guide in Osaka station for 30 or so minutes just looking for you guide, because he cannot set up a defined meeting place.

Then you will only spend 2,5 hours on the spot with a guide just walking beside you, having no knowledge on the subject +poor english.

Then tour ends- less than 4 hours but he charges you for 5.


Tour Guide Comment: These are dangerous areas. I did my best. Thank you for your very warm comments.

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