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Youtuber introducing the Korean culture and history to the world.

Licensed English speaking tour guide Kay

Minivan Driving Guide

Travel Management

Instagram: @k_inthewild


Why you should be with Tour Guide Kay

1. Tour guide license

There is a certificate system for tourist guides in Korea. The license is given to people who have good communication skills in other languages and knowledge about Korean history and culture. I have this license and I never stop studying.

2. YouTuber introducing Korean culture and history

You may have heard and used the Korean word OPPA if you are interested in Korean culture, even just a little bit. But have you thought about what the exact meaning of the word is and where it is from? I am a YouTuber introducing Korean culture and history to whomever likes Korea. The knowledge I gain by doing the YouTube channel is going to be extremely useful when I guide you.

* Offers

1. Travel management / Travel planning

The time to follow the same tour itineraries from tour companies is over. It is now time to follow your heart. Go where you want to go and do what you want to do. I basically make tours based on those needs.

2. Driving guide

One of the most difficult and complicated things during an overseas trip is transportation. No worries! I can drive a mini van (fit for small groups). The advantage of guiding and driving together is that we can go wherever, whenever, without any restrictions.

Private tour / Private guide

Today the form of travel has been changing from packaged tours to private tours. If you have experienced packaged tours before, you know the different inconveniences that can arise. You normally should follow a schedule which is made by a tour company which can include enjoying the tourist attractions in only a short time, and going to shopping centers, even if you don't want to go. I think these things lower the quality of your tours. Recently, people travel on a smaller scale with co-workers, family and partners; and they prefer to tour freely rather than follow a specific schedule made by a tour company.

Choosing a tour guide

It is the time to choose a tour guide instead of a tour company. Actually, as you probably know, Korea is a small country. All tour products from tour companies do not differ much in services because they make tours for this restricted area. Each tour company is trying to promote their own tour products, but the only difference is the tour fee. If the tour fee is high, they offer you a good hotel and good meals; but if the tour fee is low, the hotel and meals are going to be cheap. In this situation, what should we consider? The best option is a tour guide. However, you may make bad memories during your overseas trip if you spend a lot of time and money with a bad tour guide (unkind and insincere), even though you may have made a contract with a famous and well known tour company.

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Recent reviews of this tour guide:

5 stars Ricky L.

We had Kay as our tour guide for 3 days in Seoul. Kay drove us around to see this beautiful city. He also took us around using public transport. Kay was well organised and planned our tour very well. Thanks to Kay, we had a great time in Seoul.

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

• You can basically make your tour by yourself.

• If you have specific things to do, or places you want to visit, please let me know. I will make an itinerary for your tour.

• All tours don't include meals and admission fees. I wish to be transparent with dealings. You can pay for them by yourself.

Transportation by tour guide:

• Private car can be arranged upon customer's request with an extra charge.

- Price: $100 USD per day in Seoul (No extra charge)

- Car Model: 9 Seater Mini Van, 5 Seater SUV (Depending on the number of customers)

Private sightseeing & group tours offered by this guide:

1. Customized Itinerary for Marc Nguyen Price Per Group 50.00 USD
2. Seoul - Contrasts between the old and the new Price Per Group 200.00 USD
3. DMZ + Seoul City Tour Price Per Group 400.00 USD
4. Enjoy history/nature of Andong at the same time Price Per Group 500.00 USD
5. Nami Island + The Garden of Morningcalm Price Per Group 400.00 USD

Tour guide interests:

Seoul sightseeing tours

Seoul city tours personalized

Seoul travel tours for your needs

Seoul tour guide general services

DMZ, Andong, Temple

Reviews of this tour – by clients who booked!

5 stars Ricky L. 29 Dec 2018

We had Kay as our tour guide for 3 days in Seoul. Kay drove us around to see this beautiful city. He also took us around using public transport. Kay was well organised and planned our tour very well. Thanks to Kay, we had a great time in Seoul.

5 stars Patrick D. 05 Nov 2018

Kay was absolutely wonderful! He is a very caring and kind person who made sure that I was comfortable and happy. Since the weather was a bit cloudy in Seoul and Gyeongbokgung closed, he was flexible in adjusting our tour (one more market and Gyeongbokgung on the next day). He is knowledgeable about the places in Seoul. He made our trip fun, and I would definitely book Kay as a tour guide again!

5 stars Paulynn A. 17 Mar 2018

Kay was a fabulous tour guide. His itineraries were clear, interesting and up to par with our schedule. Kay is pleasant, acccomodating and knowledgeable. I highly recommend! We have a new friend in Korea❤️❤️❤️.

5 stars Spice C. 02 Nov 2017

Spice Gala Club Philippines highly recommended Kay as he made our South Korea trip last November 2017 truly truly awesome. He carried about eleven guests all through out the best of Seoul with no complaints and all wanting the best for all of us.

Kudos!!Hope to see you soon :)

5 stars Natalia T. 14 Oct 2017

First time in Korea, and we love it! Eventhou we have toddler and a baby in our group, Kay manage to make everone had a great time.

5 stars Malou G. 26 Aug 2017

We had a great tour adopted to our needs and wishes. Don't hesitate to book a tour with this great tour guide. Most recommended!

5 stars Stephanie S. 22 Aug 2017

It was amazing! I was able to do a lot in one day. One of the stops we went to was Gyeongbokgung Palace, and it 's such a beautiful place to visit. The history is very interesting. It's a must-see. Also, I had never been on a private tour before, but it was one of the best experiences ever. Kay was so awesome and kind, and he literally catered the tour to my wants and interests. The toughest part was the fact that I'm vegan, but he knew exactly where to take me. I would recommend him to anyone!

5 stars Katherine C. 18 Jun 2017

Kay was my guide for 5 days in Seoul when I visited from New York City in October.

He is great to spend the day with, and knows exactly where to take you, even if your interests tend to be obscure. He's reliable, organized, and a good communicator. He met me at my AIRbnb and provided transportation when needed. He also showed me how to get around on my own using the subway etc, so that I could explore the city on my own. If you're looking for a unique, personalized time in Seoul, or just want to use your time more efficiently, I'd highly recommend Kay.

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