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Junichi Nakaya

Guide profile:

I am a certified tour guide. I started this tour guide in 2007.

I worked at a bank for 41 years including overseas assignments in NY & LA for 12 years. I would like you to enjoy your stay in Tokyo by experiencing a Japanese culture different from your own.

In the following case, please contact me for further information.

1, If you want to visit as many sightseeing spots as possible in one day ( Ambitious One

Day Tour )

2, If you want to enjoy the tour with your child

** Refer to Tour Guide Interest.

3, If you want to customize the tour ( not on the tourist spots) or make it flexible

4, If you need only a Half-Day Tour

5, If you want to experience Japanese culture such as wearing kimono,Japanese

swordsmanship,etc. ** Refer to Tour Guide Interest.

6, If you have 24 hours until the connecting flight and want to enjoy Tokyo sightseeing


Recent reviews of this tour guide:

5 stars Christina D.

Junichi was excellent! He did a great job guiding us to the must-see sights in Tokyo, and the experience was delightful. He was thoughtful in the itinerary he created for us, and we got more than our money's worth of the 24 hours train ticket. Thank you Junichi! We enjoyed our time with you.

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

((Ambitious One Day Tour)) ---- You need to be as tough as I am. (Don't worry!? I'm 69.)

Hotel - Asakusa(temple town & souvenir shops) -- Sumida River cruise - Hamarikyu Garden - Tsukiji Outer Fish Market(lunch) - Imperial Palace(Main Entrance) - Meiji-jingu Shrine - Takeshita St./ Harajuku(culture of kawaii) - Shibuya scramble crossing - Hotel

** You can replace the above sightseeing spots for the following spots.

Ueno Park(historical site)/Ameyoko St., Yanaka (old Tokyo, unique shops,

museums, art studios ), East Gardens of Imperial Palace, Kagurazaka(A mixed

atmosphere of old and modern Tokyo,Geisha St.ect), Akihabara, Sumo morning practice, Hakone, etc.

You can add or delete, as you like. The tour is flexible.

**Cost: Your transportation/ subway one-day pass yen600 or 900,

cruise & admission yen980, tea ceremony yen510-

Please contact me for more detailed information.

Transportation by tour guide:

We take trains and subway trains which are fast,convenient,clean,economical and comfortable.

Tour guide interests:

((Other option))

1)Experience the Japanese culture(additional charge) --- wearing kimono, caligraphy,

Japanese flower arrangement, zazen(seated meditation), Japanese swordsmanship

and more.

2) Akihabara (famous for its many electronics shops and pop-culture--anime,figures,etc)

3) Harajuku : culture of kawaii -- Ura Harajuku(Back Street Harajuku), Takeshita St.

4)For children : Origami Center, Washi papermaking experience, Experience making

replica foods using wax, Toyota Megaweb.

How about Samurai Museum, rated excellent by my client with a 14 year old boy ?!

5)Ghibli Museum: Advance purchase of a reserved ticket is needed.

6)Kamakura : One-Day Tour : Hase-dera Temple - Great Buddha Image - Tsurugaoka


7)Watching Morning Sumo Practice through large windows along roadside(7:30-9:30a.m)

8) Robot restaurant , The front gate of State Guest House

9) Kagurazaka walk tour( a mixed atomosphere of old and modern Tokyo, Geisha

Shindo St., Kakurenbo- hide and seek alley, many narrow back streets, etc.)

10) Deep Shinjuku tour

11) Unique architecture in Tokyo (selected by overseas architects /TV program).

12) Are you interested in Snake Cafe, Cat Cafe, Owl Cafe or Maid Cafe ?

13) Nikko tour (You cover the guide's transportation cost.)

Reviews of this tour – by clients who booked!

5 stars Christina D. 31 Mar 2019

Junichi was excellent! He did a great job guiding us to the must-see sights in Tokyo, and the experience was delightful. He was thoughtful in the itinerary he created for us, and we got more than our money's worth of the 24 hours train ticket. Thank you Junichi! We enjoyed our time with you.

5 stars Stephanie P. 29 Sep 2018

Junichi was an excellent tour guide, very informative and helpful. We did an 8 hour tour with him and saw so much of Tokyo. Highly recommend him

5 stars renato O. 17 Jul 2018

Great Guide, strong energy to walk and Very respectfull

5 stars Gloria M. 27 Apr 2018

Junichi san is a very knowledgeable and considerable guide. He took great care to explain and navigate our daily, well planned trips around Tokyo. He went out of his way to make sure that our needs were met. Thank you very much for your time and thoughtfulness!

5 stars Raj S. 01 Apr 2018

Junichi is patient and well organized. He covered all my interest points in Tokyo and more. I would use him again without hesitation.

5 stars Andrew F. 10 Nov 2017

Juncihi was knowledgeable , friendly, and accommodating to our special needs and stamina. What else can you ask for?

5 stars Erica B. 28 May 2017

We had a great time with Junichi-san. He was very knowledgeable and punctual. His time was flexible and he did great with our preschool-age kids. Thank you so much, Jun-san!

5 stars ANDREA A. 07 Apr 2017

Had a wonderful day out with Junichi. He was very informative and extremely flexible with our needs.

5 stars Carin S. 03 Apr 2017

My family and I thoroughly enjoyed being guided by Junichi for 3 days. He was pleasant, efficient (we saw and experienced SO much!), accommodating (necessary with a 7 year old...and his jet-lagged parents!) and knowledgeable.

5 stars HONG T. 17 Oct 2016

We are definitely recommended Junichi to your guys. First, he has very gentle, polite, and speak English very well. Secondly, he can arrange what you wish to see in Tokyo for your whole family. Third, his fee is very reasonable :)

5 stars JOSEPH R. R. 21 May 2016

We had enjoyed the company and expertise of Mr. Junichi. He was very accomodating/ flexible on our needs till the end of the activity.

His english was excellent.

Thank you very much,

5 stars Andrew B. 17 May 2016

We had 2 days touring Tokyo with Junichi Nakaya in May 2016 - in fact yesterday and today! Junichi is very knowledgable, very polite and very fast! We walked Tokyo between train trips, today we took more than 10 different subway trains, - we could not do that on our own. We had two great days, one very historical, and the 2nd more about contemporary Japan and youth culture, although it was raining so we spent a couple of hours at the museum - really good. Fish markets were fun, super guide!

5 stars basem A. 09 May 2016

5 stars Jeff H. 08 May 2016

5 stars Jeff M. 03 Apr 2016

Junichi planned an efficient itinerary, incorporating several destinations I requested, with a nice overview of the top sites in the city. He showed up at the hotel precisely on time, and kept us on track for the 8 hour day. He even through in a few surprises. He provided interesting details about the sites, in historical context. I highly recommend him, and whenever I return to Tokyo, I will request him. He can really "hoof it", so expect a brisk pace if you need to cover a lot of area.

5 stars Jenny K. 27 Mar 2016

I could not fault Junichi. He devised an itinerary according to my wishes and interests, even estimating the time for each place and travel time between to make best use of the time. When asked some weeks before my tour, where to buy a particular item, not only did he take me there, but found out prior where to get it, then made a special trip the week before to make sure the shop had stock. He also was knowledgeable about Japanese history.

Very satisfied!

Jenny. Melbourne March 2016

5 stars PRASHANTH B. 22 Nov 2015

Wonderful, Mr. Junichi Nakaya was a wonderful guide. He was well informed and gave us a lot of information of the tourist spots.

He was a wonderful guide to have. I would recommend him to anyone. I give him a 5 star rating

5 stars Andy K. 23 Jul 2015

Nakaya san is an excellent guide.

He is courteous, knowledgeable, flexible, patient, fluent in English and fit.

I can recommend including the visit to the cultural center to do swordsmanship or kimono wearing.

Would book again.

5 stars elizabeth F. 22 Jul 2015

Junichi was a great guide, he knew a lot about history, he tailored our visit as i´ve asked, he had two excellent days in which we visited more than 12 different places! Besides he was very kind and patient, very fluent in English, we´ve loved being with him!!! If you need a guide in Tokyo BOOK Junich !!!!

5 stars Tricia H. 02 Jul 2015

Mr Nakaya accompanied us to Obaida so that my son could go on the Toyota Megaweb rides and build the hybrid car (all activities require a Japanese speaker). Mr Nakaya was very conscientious, including phoning afterwards to make sure we found the Metro station to get back to the city. He was good at answering a variety of questions about Tokyo and good with young children.

5 stars Pandu I. 14 Jun 2015

Mr. Junichi was very professional and helpful while conducting the tour guide around Tokyo. He knew very well the places we visited and brought us to some places that's not so popular but very interesting. My wife and I recommend him to anyone needs a guide around Tokyo area.

5 stars Raquel K. 27 May 2015

Mr Nakaya has won us over. He has shown us the old and the new, history and culture of Japan. A lot of walking but we would not have missed it for the world. His tour has made us (my daughter, my husband and I) want to come back again and spend more time here. Mr Nakaya is very patient, and accommodating to my family. For anyone from the US- he is your best man. He understands the American Culture and can be flexible.

5 stars Sheila R. 18 Apr 2015

Junichi helped us accomplish what seemed like an impossible itinerary based on our limited time and our desire to see as much as possible. He was VERY gracious, highly informative and a pleasure to spend the day with. we would not hesitate to book another tour with him the next time we find ourselves in Japan.

5 stars Christine F. 29 Mar 2015

We booked Junichi before touring Japan & highly recommend him.He emailed us with ideas not on the usual tourist places.His duty of care was exceptional.

We travelled by train looking at the history, temples, street markets.Our stay timed with the cherry blossoms.As a local he took us to so many parks & streets in full bloom.An amazing sight. At our request he also took us to a teahouse & later visited a studio of an artist, Allan West & purchased a small painting to take home with us. Thx!

4 stars wendy G. 19 Jun 2015

Junichi was kind and patient as I had a tight schedule and my flight arrived two hours late. He planned a wonderful itinerary and we squeezed it all in. Thanks to him, I saw a lot of Tokyo in 24 hours with a good deal of variety. He also made it very easy to get around by meeting me at the airport and seeing me safely back. A wonderful experience.

4 stars Cynthia L. 03 Apr 2010

The tour guide helped us pre-purchase tickets to the Studio Ghibli Museum which my 10 year old daughter loved. These tickets cannot be purchased on the day so without his help, we would not have been able to visit the museum. My daughter was also interested in origami and he helped us do some research into visiting an origami center. Although he wasn't familiar with either of these places, he visited both of them before our tour, which really impressed us. His knowledge of history is very strong.

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