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Thank you for your checking my profile. It should be a lucky day today for both of us, since you happen to browse my tours at last!

My name is Hiroshi and Hiro is my nickname. I have been ready to serve you as your exclusive tour guide while you are in Japan. Although my name, Hiroshi, might remind you of Hiroshima, one of the famous sightseeing places here, there’s no concern between them. Actually, I’m particularly specialized in guiding around KANSAI area including Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. Of course, I’m determined to make every effort to meet any of your itinerary request in and outside the region.

I have been a licensed tour guide since 2008. Before that I had had much experience to see various cultures and worked with foreign people in my business carrier.

For a long time, I had been eager to show our land, culture and history to foreign visitors. Now I have engaged in the guide business for several years, I always feel happy to make full use of my knowledge to share same time and experience with foreign guests.

■ Watchword of my tour: Relaxing, Enjoyable and Memorable ■

Feel free to contact me, and together we will be able to find an excellent answer to your exhilarating journey to Japan.

Recent reviews of this tour guide:

5 stars Raj S.

Very excellent and knowledgeable tour guide who showed my wife and I all around Kyoto. Very professional and friendly. I definitely recommend Hiroshi to anyone who wants a nice tour around Kyoto.


Tour guide services/sample itinerary:


-Sightseeing tours (Kansai area: Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and other parts of Japan)

-Travel itinerary making (custom-made tours depending on your request)

-Purchasing goods and souvenirs (antiques, home electronics, Otaku-gadgets, and you name it.)

-Meals (local cuisine, expensive dinner, Kobe beef, B-grade cuisine and even foreign restaurants)

-Hands-on activities (wearing kimono, Samurai experience, Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, tea ceremony and so on)


Morning: Meet at your hotel lobby in Osaka >> Osaka Castle >> Shinto shrine (sightseeing)

Noon: Lunch at a local Okonomi-yaki restaurant (B-grade cuisine)

Afternoon: Samurai experience >> Printing Ukiyo-e (hands-on activity)

Early evening: Downtown, Minami area >> Shopping arcades, home electronic store or Otaku-gadget shops (shopping)


This is just a sample course.

Please click [View details] in “Private sightseeing & group tours offered by this guide” section to check more details.

### I have many options of hands-on activities including Japanese sweets making, Japanese flower arrangement, making sundry goods with Yuzen dying, Japanese fan making, cooking Takoyaki octopus dumpling, plastic food replicas making and so on. ###

Transportation by tour guide:

Transportation can be arranged upon request.

Public transportation system in this area is convenient, economically and safe but taking a taxi generally saves your time and energy (and helps make your wallet light).

Private sightseeing & group tours offered by this guide:

[11] SAMURAI, Castle, Downtown in Osaka Price Per Group 300.00 USD
[12] Top 3 Popular Sights in Osaka Price Per Group 300.00 USD
[13] Intriguing History of Osaka Price Per Group 300.00 USD
[14] Subculture, Downtowns, Oldest Temple in Osaka Price Per Group 300.00 USD
[21] Kimono, Geisha culture in Kyoto Price Per Group 300.00 USD
[22] Zen Temple, Nature and Animals in Kyoto Price Per Group 300.00 USD
[23] Classic but always New, Kyoto Price Per Group 300.00 USD
[31] Meet Great Buddha and cute Deer in Nara Price Per Group 300.00 USD
[32] Old town, Sake tasting, Deer in Nara Price Per Group 300.00 USD

Tour guide interests:

Useful electrical appliances, state-of-the-art gadgets, world economic situation, endangered civilization, seasonal changes, gardens in tranquil, cozy cafés in town, and meeting people who had been strangers till the day.

Above all, to guide guests.

Reviews of this tour – by clients who booked!

5 stars Raj S. 20 Apr 2017

Very excellent and knowledgeable tour guide who showed my wife and I all around Kyoto. Very professional and friendly. I definitely recommend Hiroshi to anyone who wants a nice tour around Kyoto.


Tour Guide Comment: Raj and Priti, I'm very glad to help you have a memorable spring day in Kyoto. We're enough lucky to be able to enjoy blooms of cherry trees at the end of April. I'm good at guiding not only in Kyoto but also other parts of Japan. Hope to see you again. Wishing you a future filled with happiness.

5 stars Stephen B. 05 Apr 2017

Hiro was an exceptional tour guide. He was very friendly, informative and answered all our questions. He took us to all the sites we requested as well as an extraordinary walk through a park that was ablaze with cherry blossoms as well as picnickers enjoying the afternoon. A real gentleman. I would strongly recommend using him in Kyoto.

Tour Guide Comment: Steve and Carol, Thank you very much for your comment which makes me feel encouraged. I also had fun waling the bloom of cherry blossom with lovely couple. Your comment and pictures you gave me improve motivaton. Hope to see you in the future again.

5 stars JONAS J. 29 Oct 2016

Thank You very much Sir

Tour Guide Comment: Mr & Mrs Jonas, Thank you very much for the rating. I can recall the tour with you on the bright and clear autumn day. It was only one day tour but we could visit many places, Rose Garden, Ceramic Museum, Old temple, the tallest building in Japan and river cruise. Next time I'd like to guide you in old capitals.

5 stars Buddhini A. 03 Oct 2016

Hiroshi was a well prepared guide and made it easy for us to see Nara and several sights in Osaka. Osaka is a big city and not easy to navigate when you first arrive so it was wonderful to have Hiroshi with us. He is a quiet and very conservative Japanese gentleman and it takes a little time to get to know him but he is very kind and helpful. We were quite slow as we had two old parents and a three year old child, but Hiroshi was patient and keen to show us around. Thanks Hiroshi from us all.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for the rating and comment. I was lucky that I could guide a happy family. As you wote, I might be a bit quiet and conservative. By the time we meet again, I'll try to be more active and more friendly.

5 stars MARGIE S. 22 Sep 2016

In several emails prior to our arrival, Hiro helped us plan our itinerary to include many of our priority locations He met us at our ship's terminal in Kobe to begin our adventure through Kyoto, Nara, & then added some wonderful additional Osaka sites before seeing us off to our train back to our ship. Through Hiro's expertise of the transpo system & historical knowledge of places we visited, we had a memorable fun time. He went above & beyond with extra time to assure we met our tour goals.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for the rating. It was quite a busy day but I think it was a fulfilling day. Though visiting three cities in a day was quite a tough, I'm thankful to you for keeping up with me. I was very happy to have a tour with a wonderful family. There are much more to see even in this region, so please tell me when you visit here again.

5 stars Jeff B. 28 Jun 2016

Hiroshi is a super prepared guide who brought us on a great tour for two days. He was able to take us to main sights that we expected and he threw in positive unexpected curves which added a sense of excitement to our time with him. I like a guide who will take you where you want to go but also show you some things that you wouldn't have thought to see on our own. Hiroshi did both in a fantastic way. Thank you Hiroshi for a great two days!

Tour Guide Comment: Hello Jeff. Thank you very much for your posting a glowing review. I also enjoyed with your company and was interested in knowing standard American's idea. I'd like to promote my guiding skills to meet gusts' needs more to deserve your review.

5 stars Linda H. 12 Nov 2015

I just got back from spending two days with Hiroshi touring in Kyoto and Nara. He is an excellent tour guide who is easy to be around, knowledgeable, and very well organized. He came on time, with plenty of information about the sights but always let me just relax and enjoy them, too. I never felt pressured to hurry to the next place. I would highly recommend him as a guide. I always felt well cared for and really enjoyed my tours.

Tour Guide Comment: Hello Mrs Higgins. Thank very much for your comment. I was able to enjoy your company and interesting episodes under the perfect weather of fall. One thing I have regrets was "rickshaw". If we have another chance, I'll try to find one.

5 stars VERONICA N. 08 Jul 2015

Hiroshi was very informative and had a lot of knowledge of the culture of Kyoto and the sites that we visited. I would recommend Hiroshi to anyone who would like to learn more about the history or Kyoto and the many sites this great city has to offer. Hiroshi took us also to a ramen shop that was in another part of the city that we wanted to visit. I was impressed with Hiroshi's knowledge of getting around town on public transportation. Thank you Hiroshi!

Tour Guide Comment: Hello Mr & Mrs Nguyen, you praise me to the skies. I am very much flattered. They offered quite delicious ramen in the shop, so I visited there again with friends. Every time I guide my guests, I can increase new knowledge. I'm quite happy that I could share time with a couple on good term.

5 stars Emmitt T. 13 Mar 2015

Very knowledgeable and helpful. He showed us lots of sites that we hadn't even planned on! When we wanted a change of pace, he was flexible. Showed a genuine interest in us having a great experience. He made some great dinner recommendations based on our likes and even adjusted later in the week based on his observations of our tastes. Was helpful with luggage during our checkout and transfers to the train station. Would definitely use him again

Tour Guide Comment: Hello Emmitt. Thank you for your prompt review. One of pleasures as being a guide is sharing happy time with happy families. There are a lot of heartwarming good memories of your family such as visiting the deer park, the macaque hill and playing kendama (the cup and ball game).

5 stars Constance P. Z. 02 Oct 2014

Very organized, polite and informative gentleman. We enjoyed our two tours with him very much. Would recommend him to everyone. He especially kept in touch with us.

Tour Guide Comment: Hello Conny. I'm glad I could have your review! I hope your journey on the ship was memorable to you all. Please convey my kindest regards to your company.

5 stars Jonathan S. 19 Jun 2014

Hiroshisan was a very knowledgable and kind guide. we really enjoyed the time together and he took us to some great places. was very patient as we were traveling with an infant and a baby so difficult to keep to a precise itinerary.


Tour Guide Comment: Hello Jonathan. Thank you for your kind comment. I was very happy to share time with your family. I can recall you were playing with your child at the caslte yard.

5 stars Kerry W. 03 May 2014

We travel extensively and have had lots of experience with tour guides. This year we toured Japan with my wife's grandmother who is in a wheelchair. Hiroshi was an excellent tour guide, one of the best we've ever had. He not only helped customize our tour of Osaka, he booked a private dinner with a Geisha, private sake tasting, and more additions at the time of the tour. He was knowledgable, helpful and connected. We couldn't have been more pleased and ended up booking him again. 5 star rating

Tour Guide Comment: Hello Kerry. Thank you very much for your comment. I enjoyed and learned a lot with your company. I'd like to progress my skills and ability to meet gusts' needs more and more deserving of your rating to me. Hope to see some of your photo albums next time.

4 stars Douglas D. 11 Apr 2014

I exchanged a few emails with Hiroshi to decide on the 1 day itinerary, as we would be seeing some sites in Kyoto prior to our tour. Hiroshi put a lot of thought into planning our tour.

Hiroshi first took us to a small temple in the hills, then to the Imperial Palace and an excellent lunch at a nearby restaurant. Afternoon at the Arashi-yama area, then to the market, finishing with a pagoda visit. Everything was well organized, and fit our schedule with no time pressure. Recommended.

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