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Edu Java Private Tour Guide

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Guide profile:

Java Private Tour Guide led by a young energetic Entrepreuner Mr. Edu L Pragowo. 

His passion to do traveling has inspired him to establish Java Private Tour Guide,

He and his crews ready to give the best services to customers. Especially to explore Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung and surrounding Java Island (Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java), and even Bali and Lombok!

Java Private Tour Guide is engaged in Tourism, car rental with driver as well as with local guides. Our services include:Airport Transfer,Business Travel Support,Car with Driver And Interpreter,Small Group Sight-Seeing Tour With Private Guide,Private Car and Driver Service. At Java Private Tour you can choose to even design your own travel packages, with a flexible itinerary. Our tours include land and sea adventures, nature, culture, art, ecotourism and interaction with local communities. Our service is different from others, as there is no time limit per day and our cost is not per person. This makes our packages fair and more competitive. Our prices include car rental service, driver as well as tour guide, petrol, toll fees, parking, driver/guide meal. not include visitor’s hotel, meals, personal expenses or tickets to attractions. 

We operate throughout Java island, especially Jakarta, Bogor and Bandung.

for quick response from me, you can email at :

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

Java Private Tour Guide Explore by Your Own !

You are interested in adventure overnight at a +500 meter-high hanging hotel ?

Exploring the mountains of Java Island ?

water sports conquering the River Rush ?

Paragliding flying between mountains ?

enjoy the beauty of Java Beach and then continue to explore the sea and diving in the Java Sea ?

ecotourism and interacting with local people?

visiting places that are anti mainstream, hidden paradise in the island of Java?

culinary tours to enjoy Traditional Indonesian food?

Shopping Tour and Visit Local Market?

City Tour ?

A tour of Arts and Culture ?

Here you can choose to even design your own travel packages, with flexible agenda and goals, including transportation,Rental Car With English Speaking Driver Service, Airport Transfer,Business Travel Support, Car with Driver And Interpreter, Small Group Sight-Seeing Tour With Your Private Guide, Car And Driver,Private Car And Driver Service.

Also during the trip you will be accompanied by Travel Companion (Java Private Tour Guide) who is a trusted person who understands the ins and outs of the city.

if you visit Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Bali Island and Lombok Island or other regions in Indonesia, Java Private Tour Guide can help in terms of transportation, tourism & other matters relating to culture, art, nature and other things.

our rental rates are very fair, supported by our new vehicles and our highly competent crew in the field of tourism and transportation.

This is recommended for single traveler/solo traveler, couples, family, and special interest groups traveling together. it can be an excellent for physically challenge guest.

Transportation by tour guide:

Yes transportation provided

Tour guide interests:


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