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Detoured Asia

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Guide profile:

Detoured Asia is the alternative tour experience for travelers in and around Vietnam designed and led by a group of local experts.

Break away from the traditional tourist routine! Don't limit yourself to huge site tours and chaotic backpacker streets. Explore Vietnam and surrounding area with local experts who know and love the secrets and surprises of their mother-home land.

Together, you'll spend time seeing and doing in some of the city's more obscure places - no markets, no museums, no crowded landmarks. You'll visit worthwhile finds, enjoy cafe oases, and connect with the culture. It's Saigon's only "tour" that will feel like anything but.

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Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

Please scroll down to see Sightseeing Tours I am offering in Southern Vietnam.

Transportation by tour guide:

I own a motorbike, so I can take you around by my vehicle. This option is good for solo travellers.

If your group is more than 3 people, so I suggest to travel by car. Please advise me in advance.

For guiding services, I can help you to book vehicle if you need my help.

If you want to upgrade your vehicle, I will try my best to find replacement to match your need (difference cost will be paid by travelers accordingly).

For my long journey package tours, I will help you to book domestic flight tickets or train tickets if you want.

Private sightseeing & group tours offered by this guide:

Saigon Graffiti and Street Art Walking Tour Price Per Person 55.00 USD
Saigon Street Food Tour By Scooter Price Per Person 60.00 USD

Tour guide interests:

I like travelling to discover about history and culture, meet many people from different countries to listen to their stories and share my experience.

Beside of traveling, I also love reading books, swimming, music and watching movie.

Tour guide testimonials

Testimonial by Date Attachment Attachment
Jason Kenney & Family 02 Apr 2015 Download
Pablo Javier & Familia 12 Feb 2015 Download
Millanie & Friends 19 Feb 2015 Download
Ana & Marvel 16 Mar 2015 Download
Royston Soo 25 May 2010 Download
Martine Dematteo 05 Aug 2008 Download
Mike Thomas & Bernadetta Kitterick 19 Jan 2015 Download

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