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Dawit Solomon of King Dawit Tours Ethiopia offers a variety choice of well designed tailored or package tours based on individual and/or group request.

Nature Based Tours

Ethiopia’s land formation is in between from the earth’s lowest point -125 meter to the highest mountain peak 4600 meter the highest in the country and the fourth highest in Africa in which

fauna and flora can be discover along the high altitude plateau, volcanic lakes, forests, alpine moor land and trout filled streams.

Adventure Tours,


From a day to three months trekking tours can be organize. The three month trekking was practiced with the British in 1998 through the North West and Central highland and lowlands of the country (the most dramatic mountain scenery and Nile valley in Africa),


The well coming of Blue Nile for white water rafting beside many other rivers well coming for rafting in the country. Omo rive is also one of the great spot for rafting tour packages.

Rock climbing,

Rock climbing is not an indigenous sport, but there are excellent sites, which are offering for rock climbers with marvelous scenic views around and on top.

Honey harvesting,

Ethiopia has suitable temperature for any living things as a result there are a lot of forests where forest bee are existing in real wilderness where a honey harvesting could be practice in the wild jungle forest as a great experience.

Forest coffee picking

A coffee tour increasingly become popular, which this tour is organizes in collaboration with the Coffee Farmers and cooperatives in the coffee growing areas where a picking with the farmers organize in the forest.

Both natural honeys harvested and natural coffee picked will take by the tourist back home.

Historic and Cultural Tour

Historical Sites

The sites from 800 BC to recent, temples, stales, rock hewn churches, caves paintings, castles, palaces, fortress, parchments and manuscripts seeing is inviting throughout the country.

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Yes, transportation can be arranged upon request.

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Attend the grand festival Meskel; visit Lalibela a Price Per Person 1100.00 USD
Southern Omo Valley Adventure of Ethiopia Price Per Person 1200.00 USD

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