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Hi, This is warm greeting from David yang Beijing, I have been working as a guide for more than 15 Year. My first company to serve is CITS-China International Travel Service which is the most famous branding in China’s travel industry, I was working there as a national guide for groups from Britain and United state, What lucky for me is that during this period I made my trip with customers to all over China. However the experience and knowledge I obtained in this period enable me to do a perfect travel consulting job, I received lots of emails from my former customers which inquiry me for their next trip to China, that is why I decided to open my own travel business in 2005. First year I got 100 customers only,which made me very frustrate as I invested a lot on google adwords for marketing. But things were getting much better on my second year, I had gotten 500 customers! Majority of them are recommended by my former customers.That convince me something much better than adwords marketing are enthusiasm, honesty and sincerity. Those are answers to the question: why so many people remember me, come back to me, and recommend me.

Below are some advantages of booking with my service:

Host you like a friend (Big save, no hassle, flexible and More funs)

1, Flexibility:

We accept any kinds of traffic tools for touring around the city, such as bus, subway or taxi, In the traditional way of a package tour, you will have to pay the full day costing for a private driver despite he drives for only 20 minutes in a day, spend the rest of time sleeping in car and wait for you out of the scenic spots. Now you pay only the Number shown on the meter. In this way you will get more personal touch with your guide, wherever you go, you can simply tell your guide and catch a cab to start your adventure strait away regardless of overtime driving excuse of driver.

Don’t worry about whether we can get the taxi during the rush hour or not,because We have Taxi APP!!!

This would save minimum 30% of Total tour costing.

2, Variety:

The enthusiasm on travel industry is the key to our success, I can tell you I have been walking through more than 300 lanes of hutongs, 20 sections of great wall(tourist attraction or wild part), and taking about 50000 photos in the corners of this city. All of the pictures on my website are taken by myself, there is not even one copy of photos on my site, and that enable We built more than 300 unique tour packages to this city. Let’s check on my site: www.beijing-wow.com


We are both friendly and easy going,We are qualified guide with bachelor degree educational background and license issued by the government travel authority in China, the most important thing is we are working for this company only, and surely we will deliver the same value to the customers---enthusiasm , honesty and sincerity. We are good at listening to your requirements and always give good proposals, We will be going with you through out the whole trip and help you to find a taxi,show the direction,pay by meter, find a good restaurant catered for westerners taste and you will get hassle free.We make you feel you are not alone in China! Click the link to meet our guide http://www.beijing-wow.com/Guides/GuidesList.asp

4, Unique:

Unlike the hassle arrangement of regular package tour groups,We encourage the customer to get a real touch with the Chinese culture and history. We direct you to view the essence of this city from different angel, and fulfill our commitment: Tour is not just a glance!

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

Pick up from your hotel around 1:30pm.Then transfer to Jinshanling Great Wall(driving about 2.5hours). Hike up on the west section of Jinshanling Great Wall for a sunset view. Jinshanling Great Wall is a well known part of Beijing Great Wall famous for the beautiful scenery. Jinshanling Great Wall lives up to its special beauty among China Great Wall by being slightly in ruins. Located some 140 kilometers to the northeast of Beijing, Jinshanling Great Wall starts from the Wangjinglou Tower in the east and ends at Longyukou in the west and stretches about 10 kilometers, with an elevation of 2100 feet. Jinshanling Great Wall Tour takes good advantage of the excellent condition of its wall and the majesty of its watchtowers. From afar, it conjures the image of a dragon lying across the mountains and it is easy to imagine the kind of awe it would have inspired in ancient times. For many Great Wall travel experts, Jinshanling Great Wall is the ultimate expression of Great Wall construction to be seen anywhere in China and it is revered for its strategic significance and aesthetic majesty.

After the sunset view,transfer back to your hotel around 6:00pm.

Jinshanling Great Wall:

Jinshanling Great Wall, one of representative sections, is located at the intersection of Luanping County in Hebei Province and Miyun County in Beijing. Jinshanling was listed as one of the world cultural heritage sites in 1987. It is also one of the AAAA-grade national tourist attractions of China.It is said that Jinshanling Great Wall is the most beautiful and best preserved stretch of China Great Wall. It is also the most preferred place for photographers. Located on the junction of Miyun County of Beijing and Luanping County of Hebei province. It consists of five basic passes and 67 watch towers. Every 100 meters (328 feet), is an enemy of the tower, each about ten meters (33 feet) in height.

Transportation by tour guide:

Yes, transportation can be arranged upon request.

Private sightseeing & group tours offered by this guide:

Jinshanling Great Wall Sunset Hiking Price Per Person 169.00 USD

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