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Cindy Zhang

Guide profile:

You can hire a private tour guide and car to go among the sites smoothly and efficiently.

Choose the places and sites most interesting to you and get closer to details and enjoy personal conversations geared directly to your interests.

You don't have to waste your time wandering with people who have different preferences and interests.

You can seasonably arrange your visit time and itinerary to avoid tourist crowds. You can choose your schedule at your pace.

Choose the restaurants and taste delicious food the way you want !

Get a personal photographer to record your happy moments.

It's your time in China enjoy it !

Always follow your heart. It makes traveling a real experience and real enjoyable!

Welcome to my page!

My name is Cindy Zhang and I'm your licensed freelancer tour guide. I live in Beijing and mainly engage in travel business, interpretation (in English) and electronic businesses. I have worked as a professional tour guide for 10 years and receive constant praise and good reviews.

I majored in English at college. In 2002 I worked as an English shopping advisor in the Forbidden City of Beijing. That's when I entered Beijing tourism industry. In the past years, I have worked as an art works shopping advisor, travel sales advisor, tour guide and interpreter. In 2008, I was trained by Jet Set Sports to host the VIPs, clients, and partners of BHP Billiton during Beijing Olympic Games. I have received foreign tourists from 46 countries thus far.

I can offer insightful, informative, inspiring and entertaining tours with a difference. The tours vary in different themes, topics and locations, customized to your interests, time and budget. I make personalized itineraries in consultation with you.

My mission is your satisfaction and your enjoyment of the sightseeing and tour service, also for you to learn Chinese culture, way of life, get insights and inspiration. To achieve this, I will assist you in your experience with things big or small. I can take pictures, give you travel information & practical suggestions, book train tickets, make restaurant reservations, coordinate vehicles, help you to communicate with local people, etc...

Let me know your interests and ideas and I will help you to get the most out of your visit to Beijing and make your memories great.

Welcome to China! Welcome to Beijing! I wish you a great trip and wonderful 2019 !


If you are not sure yet where to go, what to do and where to stay, my suggestions for you is as below.

Please spend some time studying travel destinations and see what you are more interested before you contact me. To figure out what you like, you can also check my sample itineraries where you can find more details and photos about tourist destinations and itineraries.

1. where to go? desired destinations:

A. 5 world cultural heritages: the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs

B. Popular temples: Yonghegong Lama Temple, Confucius temple and Imperial College

C. 4 Traditional living quarters for indigenous people: Hutongs around Shichahai, Drum and Bell tower, Nanluoguxiaing, Qianmen street

D. options of the Great Wall: four sections ----- Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great wall, Jinshanling Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall

E. Traditional commercial area and old streets ------ Qianmen Street Area, Qianmen Street, Liulichang street, Dashilar street, etc.

F: other well-known places: Jingshan Park, Beihai Park, Wangfujing Pedestrian Street, Olympic park

G: Museums: National Museum, Capital Museum

On the tour, you will also see different sides of the city, its modern living quarters, central business district, high-tech zones, rural areas, schools, hospital, vegetable market, etc.

2. Food and restaurant for lunch and dinner:

Food: there are many cuisines and good restaurants in Beijing. the local popular cuisines are imperial cuisine, official cuisine, Muslim cuisine. the most popular dishes in Beijing are Beijing roast duck and Hotpot.

Restaurant style: temple, prince palace garden, official’s mansion, traditional residence ----- quadrangle, modern restaurants, revolving restaurants, fast food restaurants(Chinese or western), local ordinary restaurants, whatever. per capita cost range from 30CNY/person to 1000CNY/person.

Food and restaurant will be recommended to you on the tour based on your preference and budget.

3. Transportation:

The most economical: public bus, subway, taxi

economical and comfortable: special cars

the most costly, convenient and comfortable: private car

The relevant cost is listed in my itineraries for your reference.

4. What can you do in the evening after a long day walk? watch a show in the theater, rest in your hotel, wander around in the shopping streets and appreciate night scene, have a drink and listen to music in a bar or taste delicious food.

5. Shopping:

what to buy? where to shop? You may leave it for decision when you get here.

6. Hotel:

The traffic in Beijing is bad, especially in rush hour. so if you come here for travel purpose, the best hotel location for you is within the second beltway. 1.Wangfujing, 2. Chongwenmen 3. Jianguomen are all good locations. You can check by yourself when you book hotel.

Recent reviews of this tour guide:

5 stars Amir A.

Cindy was wonderful. She was kind, knowledgeable, on time, with good spirit. She saved us a lot of time, buying tickets in advance, paid for us when we didn't have cash. She bought us tickets with discount for the Kongfu show with a free ride from the hotel. This was our first time in China, and having a private tour guide for the first couple of days was just the right thing for us until we felt that we can continue on our own. Cindy was great and we warmly recommend her service.

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

Based on my working experience and personal preferences, I suggest you several itineraries on my profile. For a tour to Beijing, please check out the itinerary No 1, 2, 3 and 4 and see what you are more interested. The 4 itineraries cover the most of must-see places in Beijing. There is no duplication of them. The destinations are clear so that you will know how your time will be spent. The tours are relaxing, fun, educational and inspiring.

The quotation of my sample itineraries is made based on the duration and exact activities. It includes guide service and photography service only, exclusive of transportation, lunch and admission fees, show tickets and other expense. The itinerary can be customized based on your interests, schedule and budget.

About my tours:

1. Food and restaurants will be recommended to you on the tour by your preference and budget. You can order the dishes and pay yourselves. The per capita cost of a meal in a nice and clean restaurant is about 60CNY/person. My lunch will be paid by you. Normally I have lunch with my clients together.

2. payment methods:

The guide service charge and special cars or private car service charge can be paid to me when the tour is over.

The fees for entrance tickets, public transportation, show tickets, meals will be paid on the tour accordingly.

you can pay in cash or by credit card. Acceptable currencies; USD, EUR, CNY.

If you pay by credit card, about 3.9% of the payment will be charged extra as commission.

3. My standard daily rate is USD$110/ day (8 hours), including guide service and photography service(Fujifilm XT10).

4. If you need book a tour less than 8 hours, I charge by hour. The hourly rate is as quoted on my profile, USD$ 20/hour.

Transportation by tour guide:

1. public bus, subway, taxi

2. special cars ----- served by different cars and drivers

3. private car ----- one car one driver

Private car types and service charge:

5--seater car : 750CNY/day Passat/ Camry

7-seater MPV: 900CNY/day Buick GL8

14-seater or 17 seated van: 1100CNY Toyota Haice

23-seater mini bus: 1350CNY/day Coaster

within 100km, 9 hours/day

All special cars and private cars are smoke-free, air-conditioned, in excellent condition

Private sightseeing & group tours offered by this guide:

6 day tour to Beijing & Tianjin Price Per Group 1579.00 USD
A 15-hour Layover in Beijing Price Per Group 200.00 USD
Beijing tour 1: the Forbidden City &Summer Palace Price Per Group 132.00 USD
Beijing tour 2: Temple of Heaven & Qianmen&Hutongs Price Per Group 132.00 USD
Beijing tour 3: Badaling Great Wall the Ming Tombs Price Per Group 132.00 USD
Beijing tour 4: Lama Temple & Confucius Temple Price Per Group 120.00 USD
Beijing tour 5. Mutianyu Great Wall & Ming Tombs Price Per Group 132.00 USD
Beijng night tour to Jingshan Park &Qianmen Street Price Per Group 100.00 USD
Jinshanling Great Wall and Chengde Mountain Resort Price Per Group 320.00 USD
One-day tour to Tianjin from Beijing Price Per Group 132.00 USD
Private tour to Jinshanling Great Wall Beijing Price Per Group 130.00 USD
Tianjin Cruise Ship Port pick-up & tour to Beijing Price Per Group 80.00 USD
Tianjin Cruise Ship Port pick-up & tour to Tianjin Price Per Group 190.00 USD

Tour guide interests:

I like planting flowers, raising cart, traveling, reading, cooking, shopping, photography.

Favorite pets: cat, fish

Movie: documentaries, historical movie, comedy, action movie

Reading: communication, news, history, culture, customs, politics, biography, cats, animals, travel, real estate property investment, education, healthcare, skincare

Favorite sports: Ping pang, badminton


For any request or further questions, please feel free to let me know. I will reply in 24 hours.

Tips for inquiry:

To improve communication efficiency, please specify the following basic information in your first inquiry.

1. Tour date and duration, when do you want the tour started and finished? You need to let me know your flight’s arrival and departure time or the approximate time of your arrival and departure if your flight arrive in the morning and want to start the tour on the day when you arrive. You'd better schedule the flights or trains first.

2. Number of people, members’ general age (if there are kids or people over 60 years old, let me know. )

3. My proposed itinerary will be based on a hotel located within Beijing Third Beltway. If your hotel location is beyond the Third Beltway, please let me know. Because of traffic, the schedule won't be right for you.

4. The specific destinations you want to go. If you have got some ideas of where you want to visit, please just let me know. If not sure, please let me know your request.

Reviews of this tour – by clients who booked!

5 stars Amir A. 29 Jul 2019

Cindy was wonderful. She was kind, knowledgeable, on time, with good spirit. She saved us a lot of time, buying tickets in advance, paid for us when we didn't have cash. She bought us tickets with discount for the Kongfu show with a free ride from the hotel. This was our first time in China, and having a private tour guide for the first couple of days was just the right thing for us until we felt that we can continue on our own. Cindy was great and we warmly recommend her service.

5 stars Patrick K. 16 Jan 2019

Cindy was amazing! She made our trip to Beijing awesome. She is a wealth of knowledge and a true professional. Our group of 5 can't say enough. She made us feel at home and gave us so much information about China. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for your trust and support. wish you all a happy new year

5 stars Ke-sheng S. 11 Sep 2018

Cindy is a 5 star tour guide, we highly recommend her sightseeing service.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for your trust and support. Wish you a good time in Japan!

5 stars Viviana B. 16 Aug 2018

Cindy very knowledgeable...we enjoyed our time with her greatly..always asked what we needed or wanted to see ..loved having her as our personal guide... thank you Vivian

5 stars Dee M. 13 May 2018

Cindy’s the perfect guide to Beijing--cheerful, knowledgeable & flexible! She got us to all the sites we wanted to see at times that maximized the light for photography while minimizing the crowds. Her sense of timing was flawless. One night on the subway to a Kung-Fu show, she realized, with our slow walking pace, we wouldn’t get there on time--so she quickly arranged a car to be waiting as we emerged from underground that got us to the theater exactly on time! We highly recommend Cindy!

5 stars David G. 17 Apr 2018

Cindy is simply stated the BEST OF THE BEST!

Knows her history and what and where to go.

5 stars Jonas H. 25 Jun 2017

We had a great time in Beijing. Cindy was very helpful and really understood how we wanted to spend our time there. We made some last minutes changes, no problems everything went very smooth. Thank you Cindy.

5 stars Joseph E. 16 Apr 2017

Cindy was very nice and FULL of information. We had a long layover in Beijing and she provided a great itinerary.

We went to the great wall and used her own camera to take pics and said she would email them to us.

Although it was too late to walk through T. Square, we drove around it, then went to a park with great views overlooking the forbidden city. Then went to a great restaurant known for it's duck. Then we walked through some famous districts. Great day in Beijing. Great driver t

5 stars Jessica A. 26 Mar 2017

Cindy is a perfect tour guide!

She arranged a perfect schedule for us, with all the main attractions and points of interests.

Also, she has a lot of knowledge about all the history and other interesting information about China, which was great for our understanding about the country.

Cindy is super organized and supportive. It was great spending some days with her in Beijing.

We really recommend her as a guide.

5 stars P. K. M. 09 Dec 2016

We contacted Cindy based on the comments and ratings that appeared on the Viator site, and we were not disappointed. She did an excellent job creating an itinerary for five days in Beijing that covered the obvious highlights like the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Badaling Great Wall. We also enjoyed visiting the National Museum of China, the Confucius Temple/Imperial College, and the Hongqiao Market. Her English is excellent, and she has good knowledge of history.

Tour Guide Comment: Thanks for your good review. Hope you like the photos. Happy New Year!

5 stars RUENELLA C. 20 Sep 2016

You must book Cindy when traveling to Beijing.

Cindy is an amazing guide! She assisted me in planning 2 wonderful days in Beijing for my 11 clients and myself.

From first conversation to final goodbye Cindy was consistently great. She even went over and above for me as China can prove difficult when a problem arises and you don't speak the language.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for me.

5 stars Ryan B. 09 Aug 2016

Great tour. Cindy knows everything and is very proud and knowledgeable about Chinese culture and history. Had a wonderful time.

5 stars Rohit M. 08 Aug 2016

Cindy is fabulous. We spent the day with her sight seeing Forbidden city and the great Wall. Her knowledge and enthusiasm is very engaging.

I would recommend her services.

5 stars Joanne A. 05 Apr 2016

Cindy is enthusiastic and well very organized. We 3 toured for 3 days through major sites in Beijing, the Ming Tombs, and MuTianYu Great Wall. She met my mother-in-law's wishes ("trip of a lifetime") and even shared favorite sites/food and both modern and historical information we could not have gotten on our own. She explained everyday life, as we walked, took buses, and "Uber". She takes EXCELLENT pictures and shares them with you. She flexes well on travel needs and has great communication.

5 stars Rochelle S. 25 Mar 2016

Cindy was great and went into great detail at the sites she took us to. I would highly recommend Cindy.

5 stars Casey Y. 12 Mar 2016

Cindy was a great host. I had a special request to see the sunrise from a remote place on the Great Wall, and pick me up at 4AM from the airport. Her and our driver picked me up right on time, and took me to a very remote place. I only saw two other tourists in the morning. it will be a memory I never forget. She also took me to what I thought was someone's home but was a local restaurant and they made us an excellent authentic breakfast.

5 stars Marvin G. 28 Feb 2016

Cindy was fabulous. We had very little time in Beijing due to a schedule change on a cruise, and she adjusted the schedule for us to at least see the major sites, and make it back to the ship on time. We would use her again.

5 stars Kim D. 11 Feb 2016

Her English was excellent and easy to understand. She gave us many interested facts about Chinese and Beijing. She was patiently accompany us from when we meet her at the airport until we leave airport. We have elderly and 2 years-old baby in our group, everyone were very satisfy with our trip in Beijing with her. I would strongly recommend her to all tourists visiting Beijing.

5 stars Virginia B. 12 Nov 2015

Cindy was wonderful--extremely knowledgeable, excellent English, friendly. Her only flaw may be that she is too well-informed--sometimes we felt a little overwhelmed! But we fit a tremendous amount into two short days, and Cindy was always helpful. We would definitely recommend her.

5 stars Jan W. A. 22 Sep 2015

We had the pleasure to spend one day with Cindy in September 2015. We've climbed the Great Wall and visited the Ming tombs. Communication was a breeze and the whole day was planned very well. Received a document with all necessary info upfront.

We can recommend Cindy anytime: very pleasant to have around, great sense of humor and absolutely reliable. Cindy: thanks for a wonderful day, even though the wall was in the clouds ! Jan Willem and Bodil

5 stars Ghanshyam B. 27 Aug 2015

Cindy met all of our expectations. She took care of minutest needs of our family, showed places of our interest and guided us through historical background information. She is honest, pleasant and cordial. I recommend Cindy to all seeking Beijing tour guide.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for your support and quick feedback. Have a good time in Shanghai. Hope you all come back to Beijing some day when your little baby grows up.

5 stars Limor H. 26 Aug 2015

Cindy is amazing !!!

I took a privet tour with her for 3 days in Beijing and it was perfect.

She knows the city and it's history very well, and although the Forbidden City was closed, I don't feel that I missed something in Beijing, because she took me to so many other interesting sights.

She came with a plan where to go, but had an open mind to change it, when she noticed that I'm into something else, so it was almost like having a tour with a friend who lives in Beijing…

5 stars Eric M. 01 Apr 2015

Cindy was a great guide, and really knows her stuff when it comes to historical Beijing. We covered a lot of ground in three days, and Cindy never slowed down. She did a great job for us and we recommend her.

5 stars Nick A. D. H. 15 Feb 2015

It was a great honor and pleasure to spend our time and money with this lovely lady. She made every second worth it for us. She is a very pleasant and knowledgeable person and love to go the extra mile for you. Excellent English speaking and energetic.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much. Great to know you.

5 stars Zach S. 18 Nov 2014

We traveled to China in November of 2014. Cindy was an excellent guide with perfect fluency in the English language. She provided many options for each day prior to our trip and worked with us to customize our itinerary. Our trip to Beijing was improved exponentially by her insight. Do not risk your trip by using any other guide.

Tour Guide Comment: I'm glad you two still remember me and review my service favorably which is a greatest reward for me. Thank you.

5 stars Keith A. M. H. 12 Nov 2014

Cindy was a great guide, she set up an itinerary for us that covered all the highlights. But not only did we see the highlights we learned a lot about the culture and everyday life from her own experiences. She had very good communication skills and was fun to be with. A highlight of the trip was when we invited her to dinner and she took us to a local duck restaurant and should us the kitchen area and help us order and experience a great dinner. I would highly recommend her

Keith Hansen

Tour Guide Comment: very glad to receive your good review. Thank you very much for your support. Wish you many happy days. Merry Christmas.

5 stars Elizabeth H. 15 Oct 2014

Cindy prepared an excellent itinerary for the 3 days we spent with her. She changed and fine tuned it to suit our needs as we were arriving and departing by cruise ship in Tianjin. Cindy took us to many interesting places that we would never have seen if we had been on a big group tour. Cindy is knowledgable and organised, gave us confidence & we felt very comfortable with her. We paid her at the end of the tour. All went as planned. We are very happy to recommend her and would engage her again.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for your trust and support. I enjoy the time with you too. Merry Christmas.

5 stars ITZHAK (. E. 07 Oct 2014

Cindy is an excellent tour guide.

It was the second time we visited Beijing and with Cindy -it was the best. We were 3 days with her ,and all of them were well prepared, arranged and performed. She is very Knowledgeable , enthusiastic and her English is very good and well understood.

She was enough flexible in changing and adopting our tour program to reflect our interests and to show us the off beaten track points of interest.

If we shall come again to Beijing , of cours we shall look for he

Tour Guide Comment: Thanks again for your trust and support. Wish you many happy days.

5 stars Caroline K. 20 Sep 2014

I truly enjoyed having Cindy as my tour guide. She was very thorough in her preparation for my arrival by having my itinerary prepared with my hotel, weather and currency exchange information. She has a great personality and is extremely friendly. What impressed me the most was her knowledge of Chinese history and her ability to share that with me.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much. Caroline. I learnt many things from you too. I have studied Aliexpress of Alibaba for some time. When my shops are ready there, I'll let you know. Wish everything with you goes well.

5 stars Jeff S. 24 Aug 2014

Tour was great. Thank you for being so accommodating during my 12 hours layover/tour of China!

Tour Guide Comment: Hi Jeff, great to receive your good review and rating. Thanks for taking time to do it. Wish you successful business.

5 stars Warrick D. 11 May 2014

We had the pleasure of spending a few days with Cindy. She was very thorough in her dealings with us and had a great knowledge of the history of the places we visited. We loved sharing our stories with her and she shared her personal stories with us as well. Cindy was great company as we looked around Beijing and catered for our special request to see a certain part of the Great Wall. We highly recommend Cindy as a guide and would welcome her to our house if ever she was in Australia.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for your support. Hiking the Great Wall in rain is a memorable experience, isn't it? I watch your videos again and again. You are the pilgrims of the Great Wall of China. The smiles on your faces is the most lovely thing in the world. Hope to see you some day again.

5 stars Alan E. 22 Apr 2014

We would be pleased, and confident, to recommend Cindy to anyone seeking a private guide for their visit to the Beijing and Tianjin areas of China.

We hired Cindy as a private guide for two consecutive days in April 2014, for an onshore break from our cruise. She is a highly skilled, official / licenced, guide with detailed knowledge of the area, it's history and customs.

She is trustworthy and reliable, we were fully satisfied with the performance of her duties and would immediately book

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for your trust and support. I love the romantic city very much too. I believe you enjoy the time in the Astor hotel and the stroll along the river bank and the short break there. All these places have witnessed your enviable love. I'm looking forward to seeing you in China next time. Wish you good health and a long life.

5 stars Rudolf S. 12 Apr 2014

Without any hesitation I can highly recommend Cindy as a first class tour guide. She is very reliable, very prudent, well informed with a lot of knowledge about Chinese history and customs. Her English is good. She has a very peasant personality and is well behaved in all kind of environments.

She will go out of her way to make the stay of her visitors as informative and pleasant as possible.

5 stars Steve C. 09 Apr 2014

Cindy was fantastic. We took a tour of the Great Wall north of Tianjin. She was informative and incredibly well versed in the history of the area. In addition to the tour, Cindy chose a small local restaurant for lunch that was wonderful. I would highly recommend Cindy when visiting either Bejing or Tianjin.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for your support. I'm very glad to receive your review. Huangyaguan Great Wall looks so pretty among the cherry blossoms. It's my first time to see such a scene. I enjoy the tour very much too. Hope you can take a little time to send me my photos. Wish you good health, successful business and happy days with your families.

5 stars Jessica S. 21 Mar 2014

Cindy was an excellent guide tour. She took us to Ming Tombs, the Great Wall and to eat to two traditional Chinese restaurants as well as to an acrobatic show. Since the beginning she was very careful with all the details, her English is very good, and the explanations were very nice. She knows a lot about Chinese history and a lot about the culture to. I recommend her very much if you want to have a wonderful experience in Beijing.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for your support and trust. You are such a perfect match, like film stars, beautiful woman + handsome man. You should be proud of each other. People around you can't help praising you surely. It's very kind of you. It's nice to spend the day together with you. Hope to see you again. wish you have a beautiful baby soon.

5 stars Rita Z. 19 Mar 2014

Cindy was professional and happy to adjust the tour to my present needs and situation. She is very reliable and all arrangements worked out as booked in advance. I can highly recommend her as as personal tour guide.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much, Rita and Joseline. It's such an honor to get your good review. I appreciate your help and support very much. Wish all you the best. Hope to see you again.

5 stars Greg C. 11 Mar 2014

Cindy provided a wonderful tour and arrangements. I found her stories and information on the areas we visited to be both interesting and enjoyable. She is personable and attentive to my tour choices. She provided a wonderful lunch recommendation of authentic Beijing cosine.

I enjoyed the tour and would highly recommend her for your tour needs. I would love to work with her again on my next visit to China!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for your trust and support. I'm looking forward to seeing you next time.

5 stars Greg S. 10 Mar 2014

Cindy guided me for 2 days around Beijing. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and fun to talk with. We toured all the major sights and she was very well informed on the cultural history and architecture of each. She also took me to a few less touristy places that I found very enjoyable. Though it was just the two of us, conversation was never lacking. She was very flexible and accommodating and spoke very good English. She was also a great photographer. I highly recommend her!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to seeing you next time.

5 stars Philip A. 19 Jan 2014

I went to Beijing for the first time this year. My guide Cindy was an excellent choice. Cindy took me to several places while I was in Beijing. She is a true tour guide. Her knowledge of the sites was perfect for what I was looking for. Cindy speaks and understands English very well. I couldn't imagine trying to understand the places I saw without a guide like Cindy. Do yourself a favor contact Cindy if your going to Beijing !!! BTW. Going to TianJin was an excellent choice. Cool city.

Tour Guide Comment: Thanks, the real hero.

5 stars charles C. 22 Dec 2013

Cindy was a superb guide during our two day visit to Beijing. We constantly bombarded her with questions about China and its dynasties and she handled them like a history professor, telling us the tales of the emperors and empresses and their lives. It was like our own private story time! She was very flexible and was more than happy to change our itinerary to fit our interests and schedule. She also was extremely friendly and chatted with us casually during the long car rides. We thank you!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for your good review. It's always the best reward to me. kind, easygoing, talktive, you are just like my old friends. I had a great time with you too. Keep in touch.

5 stars wenfeng (. C. 17 Oct 2013

I had the pleasure of having Cindy as a guide in Oct of 2013. I have visited Beijing many times before. This time, I chose to go to Tianjin. She was very informative during the bullet train ride from beijing to Tianjin. She took me to many sights of old colonial mansions and along the banks of Hai River. Lunch at Gou Bu Li was awesome. She was truly amazing. I would most definitely have her again as a guide when I return.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for your good reviews and 5 star rating. It's always the best reward to me. Thank you again for your trust and support. The photo of you holding the real panda baby must look lovely and enviable. Can send me the link of your blog you often update your travelling experience by email? Maybe I can see myself.

5 stars Michael S. 13 Oct 2013

Cindy was extremely knowledgeable, flexible and fun.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much. I will do better. Your Chinese is very good. I look forward to welcoming you again with your families.

5 stars Sya N. 01 Apr 2013

My 10 friends and I throughly enjoyed Cindy's in-depth knowledge of Beijing/China the entire 3 days we had her. Highly enthusiastic and patient (we were all a handful) and there was almost nothing that she didn't have the answers to. Highly recommended.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much. Sya and Tyson. Glad to know you. Thank you for your trust and support. I enjoyed the tour too. Enjoy your happy days in China. Wish you make some progress in Chinese study and have your baby soon (In Chinese, zao sheng gui zi)

5 stars Kai V. 13 Feb 2013

Cindy, thank you so much!

You made the days unforgettable. Thank you for this great tour and for showing us imposing historic sites and places of Beijing. Now we know that we have to come back and really have to know much more about your culture and your country. Thank you for being a very professional, polite and kind guide. He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man;-)

Kind regards from Germany

Kai, André, Angelika and Dieter

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you all for your rating and review of my service. I'm glad that you like China more. Wish you all the best. Don't forget to send me a group photo.

5 stars John G. 16 Oct 2012

Cindy provided a very professional, informed, and structured tour that introduced all main areas and history of Beijing. Engaging and interesting at all times, Cindy engaged our group and led us properly and efficiently around the city. I believe she was also very responsive to our interests and suggestions. it's clear she can support her customers well in a cheerful and very friendly manner that makes everyone feel at ease and comfortable. Highly recommended as a professional tour guide.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for your support. Have a successful trip.

5 stars John G. 05 Feb 2012

The guide arrived perfectly to time, had clear itinerary planned to cover main sight seeing areas in Beijing. Explained clearly the tour idea, checked if acceptable and then we went down town. Local knowledge and also english language capability was excellent. Really excellent guide who introduced Beijing with real authority and also care for her customer. I have already suggested to other colleagues to book also when in Beijing and would highly recommend.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much. I enjoy the day too. Wish you successful business and many happy days.

4 stars Vincent B. 17 Oct 2018

Cindy was great, she could not have done more to make this trip perfect. 100% recommendation. Had a wonderful time, Cindy worked hard to capture great photo memories 5 stars

Tour Guide Comment: thank you very much for your good reviews. wish you successful business.

4 stars christie G. 05 Mar 2016

Cindy was very good with communicating. I found her to be reliable and very kind. She even brought us sweaters to wear for the Rickshaw ride. She took me to the Pearl Market and her suggestions were good.

4 stars john Z. 15 Nov 2014

Cindy was a pleasure to work with in Beijing. As I have been to Beijing many times, I was not sure what else I had to learn. Her walking tours of the neighborhoods was of great help. Most importantly she was friendly and accomodating as we wanted to go off the beaten path. I highly recommend her.

Tour Guide Comment: Glad to receive your review. Thanks for your support. Wish everything with you goes well.

4 stars Bruce L. 12 Oct 2012

Well organised, knowledgeable and very pleasant. She just needs to learn to listen a little more often to what her customers wants to do if different from the schedule.

Tour Guide Comment: Thanks for your honest review. I wish you every success. I will keep improving myself and look forward to welcoming you to Beijing again. Cindy

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