Chisa Mizuno Private tour guide in Tokyo - Japan

Chisa Mizuno

Guide profile:

A licensed tour guide and editor, born and raised in Tokyo. Through a professional editor's eye, I’ll offer you a cutting edge tour which showcases Tokyo’s unique attractiveness and imparts snippets of knowledge to give you food for thought.

What do you want to experience? Good food and drinks, culture, history, art, hidden treasures? You will savor your time in Tokyo with me! I want to share my knowledge of Japanese history, culture, local life with you.

As an experienced traveler who has been to more than 25 countries, I know what makes a trip memorable.

Let me help you make your trip both fulfilling and something which you will never forget!

YouTube channel: TOKYO CHATTING

Recent reviews of this tour guide:

5 stars Mark E.

Chisa is an excellent guide, overall a very talented individual. She greatly enhanced our trip to Tokyo with her rare combination of professionalism, intelligence, warmth and humour. She made everything look easy, expertly avoiding the crowds to navigate us to some of the mostly fascinating corners of Tokyo. We were extremely lucky and grateful for Chisa's time, and highly recommend her.

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

I can tailor your tour to meet your individual requirements. Please let me know what do you want to do, see, eat and so on.

【Sample Tour】

-Based On Your Request:

After listening to your interests and requests, I will propose some plans.

-Must-See Tokyo:

Visiting popular and famous sightseeing spots in one day. You can experience traditional and modern Tokyo.

-For Food Lover:

Gourmet tours with stops at historical Japanese restaurants, great coffee shops, Japanese craft beer pubs, izakayas, local supermarkets, and more.

-Art & Architecture;

Tokyo offers a variety of art. On this tour, we will visit small but great art galleries, arty spots, and shops. We also enjoy unique architectures in Omotesando.

-Retreat in Tokyo

On this tour we'll take in; Tokyo 's spiritual spots, natural lifestyle shops, and healthy cafes. You’ll also have the opportunity of visiting a ‘God-hand’ massage place and one of the best fortune-tellers in Japan.

-Passion for Fashion;

If you are a fashion conscious person, there are so many must-see shops in Tokyo.

I will take you interesting shops, according to your request.

-Strolling Downtown;

Walking around side streets in downtown. I will show you the hidden places in Tokyo.

【Special Experience & Lesson】

-If you have an interest in; craftwork, spas, natural products, beauty spots, Tokyo nightlife, gourmet foods, I can offer you a tour with that kind of focus.

-If you are interested in Japanese cultures, such as; Tea ceremony, Shodo (the art of calligraphy), Bonsai (a dwarf tree in a pot), Kabuki (traditional theater drama), Ikebana(flower arrangement), Kimono, I can arrange an experience for you.


- Hotel pick-up is included ( in 23 wards of Tokyo).

- Transportation fee, entrance fee, meals for guests and a guide are not included.

Transportation by tour guide:

Basically we will use a public transportation system.

Tour guide interests:

nice food and drinks, Japanese history,

visiting new places, meeting new people,

yoga, plates, art, traveling, reading and writing

Reviews of this tour – by clients who booked!

5 stars Mark E. 24 Jul 2018

Chisa is an excellent guide, overall a very talented individual. She greatly enhanced our trip to Tokyo with her rare combination of professionalism, intelligence, warmth and humour. She made everything look easy, expertly avoiding the crowds to navigate us to some of the mostly fascinating corners of Tokyo. We were extremely lucky and grateful for Chisa's time, and highly recommend her.

5 stars Carlton Y. 03 Jun 2017

Excellent Tour, she was able to schedule private bus to take my family around, itinerary customized to what you want to do. She has excellent recommendations and even took us to a locals only restaurant at my request where they had absolutely nothing in English and the best steamed fish ever. She spends so much time customizing your itinerary you will truly have a excellent time. Available on weekends, message her and she will promptly reply and open schedule for you.

5 stars Erik P. 17 May 2017

Chisa was a wonderful guide, with excellent English, a great sense of the city, and was well informed about anything we could think to ask her. She was also highly patient with our off the cuff ideas.

5 stars alex W. 31 Mar 2017

It was our pleasure to have an awesome tour in Tokyo with Chisa! She`s a really nice person to contact. Highly recommended.

5 stars Yasmin B. 28 Oct 2016

The guide was super fun for the whole family!!!

Chisa was patient and very attentive to answer our questions. We highly recommend her as a guide!!!!!

5 stars Lawrence B. 18 Oct 2016

Chisa was an excellent guide who was very knowledgeable about Tokyo and Japanese history and culture. She was pleasant to be with and knew the city well; not only the usual spots but also some out of the way places. I highly recommend her.

Larry Brown

5 stars Undarmaa E. 15 Oct 2016

It was our pleasure to have an awesome tour in Tokyo with Chisa! She made a very interesting itinerary especially for us. She`s a really nice person to contact. Also she helped us with car renting. Thank you Chisa and thank you Viator!

5 stars Robert T. 13 Sep 2016

Chisa was the best guide we could have hoped for. Our needs where unusual, our daughter was settling in Tokyo for a year to pursue her Masters at Keio. We needed assistance to navigate the bureaucratic requirements as well as finding the resources for day to day life. Chisa was very well prepared, superbly organised and she knew her way around. She is also a very nice person. We strongly recommend her.

5 stars paulomi B. 08 Sep 2016

I had a wonderful time with Chisa. She is very knowledgeable and her English is perfect. She understood completely what I wished to see and prepared the itinerary accordingly.She took me to dine at izakayas which were superb. Overall I had a great time with Chisa. Thank you Chisa and thank you Viator

5 stars Kenya B. 29 Jun 2016

Oh my gosh! It's been two years since I had my tour with Chisa and forgot to post my review.

What can I say? She was totally awesome, well-organized and made sure I enjoyed my time in Tokyo. She took me around to some wonderful places for two days and I loved every minute.

I definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a quality tour guide in Tokyo.

5 stars Jason D. 16 Jun 2016

Chisa was amazing. My wife, my 21 year old daughter , my 17 year old daughter, and I spent 2 great days with her in Tokyo. She helped us plan our itinerary before we arrived. She has traveled the world so she knows so much. Her English is excellent. She was able explain a lot about the history and religion of her amazing country and also show us so many fun places. We used the train system and covered a lot of ground. It was a great trip and we owe much of that to her.

5 stars Michel B. 10 Jun 2016

My wife and I spent a full day in Tokyo and wanted to see some of the main attractions in Tokyo, including some sites that were less touristy. Chisa did a great job in taking us around the city, and both her English and knowledge were very good. She has a very positive attitude and made our trip very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Chisa to anyone wishing to visit Tokyo!

5 stars Lara D. 14 Apr 2016

5 stars Esther K. 28 Mar 2016

5 stars James K. 10 Jan 2016

We really enjoyed your guided tour to the various districts in Tokyo today.

Thank you for your effort and your clear explanation. Your local knowledge is most helpful.


5 stars Maha A. 06 Nov 2015

Chisako was Brilliant. We were glad we had the opportunity to have had booked her for our day in Tokyo. She was very obliging and considerate. Communication pre tour was also brilliant, as she was very considerate in communicating itineraries based upon our requests and interests and advising on other tours and restaurants.

5 stars John A. 25 Oct 2015

We could not have asked for anyone better. She communicated with us pre-tour and custom tailored the tour for us. Even the lunch restaurant was just right. Thank you very much.

5 stars Robin L. 24 Oct 2015

I had the opportunity to hire Chisako as my tour guide for a few days in Tokyo and would like to give her an excellent recommendation based on the following reasons:

She speaks excellent English, so there’s absolutely no issues on communications

Friendly personality and always professional in her job

Familiar with history - constantly explaining to me the history or story behind each location

As she's a writer/editor for food/lifestyle, she has good knowledge of most famous eateries.

5 stars David B. 18 Oct 2015

Chisako was a wonderful guide for my first-time, one-day visit to Tokyo. Prior to my trip, she gave many suggestions and alternatives so she could make me a detailed itinerary. She put a lot of effort into helping me see what I was interested in -- neighborhoods and people rather than temples and museums. But the best part was Chisako's happy, pleasant attitude, which made her a pleasure to tour with. Her English is very good, and she was excited to show me her City and explain its history.

4 stars Claudia K. 27 Mar 2016

Chisako is a great tour guide, she showed us around Tokyo for 4 days and we saw the different faces of this amazing town. She prepared an itinerary beforehand and adapted it to our wishes. Her English is perfect and she is a very warm and knowledgeable guide. Without her we wouldn't have been able to see so much of Tokyo and would definetely have been lost in the underground several times. Thank you for an unforgettable time.


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