Aristotle Koskinas Private tour guide in Athens, Nafplio, Piraieús - Greece

Aristotle Koskinas

Guide profile:

I lead a double life: as an Archaeologist, I seek clues of the past, as a Licensed Tourist Guide, I try to infect people with my enthusiasm for all things old. History is my passion, as well as my job. I can feel it all around us and I like nothing better than to make people see the past as vividly as I can. I use every means to this end - pictures, pantomime, recordings, you name it.

I was born and have lived in Athens all my life (except for a brief stint at University) and know it like the back of my hand. Its museums and sites are like a second home to me and I know most (not all, Athens is a big place) of its secret haunts and charming spots. I can show you where to do your shopping or grab a decent bite, but I’ll be brutally honest with you: history and archaeology are my strong points and I am at my best when being with people interested in what we’re seeing. So, if you’re a little bit interested in history or you’d like the antiquities of Greece explained by someone with a genuine passion for them, then I’m your man. If shopping is your thing, I’m afraid I’ll disappoint you, as I do my wife at the sales.

NOTE: Please, check with me before booking to make sure that I am available on the requested date(s). Thank you.

Recent reviews of this tour guide:

5 stars Guy B.

Aristotle is the best guide we have ever had. I do not make that statement lightly, as we have had many fine guides. We spent two days with Aristotle, one day in Athens and one day out. He is wonderful - hard-working, extraordinarily knowledgeable, patient, kind, funny, and dedicated to his craft. We cannot thank him enough. Guides do not get any better than Aristotle.

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

In Athens: I usually begin with a walk (or drive) around the city to get familiar with its layout. On the way I give a brief outline of Greek history and point at the most important landmarks, then on to the absolute must-see sights, the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum. From there the program can be shaped to fit your tastes:

For museum lovers, I recommend several museums, each catering to a different audience: The National Archaeological Museum, the Benaki, the Cycladic, etc.

For the outdoor types, I’d suggest a visit to the temple of the Olympic Zeus, an impressive sight, or a hike up Philopappou hill, to enjoy an unobstructed view of the Acropolis and the entire city.

I take history lovers for a stroll in the heart of Ancient Athens, the Agora, where democracy was born and classics students to Plato’s Academy and the city’s ancient cemetery.

For theatre lovers, I can reserve a ticket for a performance at the ancient theatre of Herodes (no relation to the Biblical one), still in use.

For the romantic, I recommend a drive to Sounion, for a stunning sunset with a backdrop of ancient columns and the roar of the sea below.

For architects, I reserve the Modern Greek Architecture Tour, taking in the most important buildings of the 19th and 20th century in Athens. A running commentary of recent Greek history is offered, on demand.

The Jewish Tour, the Roman Tour and the Muslim Tour of Athens are also available, upon request.

Transportation by tour guide:

Yes, transportation can be arranged upon request, via reputable taxi drivers, car rental companies, or travel agencies. Limos, mini vans and coaches can also be made available.

Private sightseeing & group tours offered by this guide:

Must-see Athens Price Per Group 150.00 Euro

Tour guide interests:

- Emphasis on cultural heritage.

- Student groups, incentive groups and special interest groups accommodated.

- Historical & Political perspective.

- Sights on and off the beaten path.

Reviews of this tour – by clients who booked!

5 stars Guy B. 24 Jun 2019

Aristotle is the best guide we have ever had. I do not make that statement lightly, as we have had many fine guides. We spent two days with Aristotle, one day in Athens and one day out. He is wonderful - hard-working, extraordinarily knowledgeable, patient, kind, funny, and dedicated to his craft. We cannot thank him enough. Guides do not get any better than Aristotle.

5 stars David G. 08 Jun 2019

Aristotle was an outstanding guide to the city and especially the archaeology of Athens. His English is excellent. It was a special experience for our family including our adult sons to have a professional archaeologist take us on a tour of his city. If this is your interest I recommend Aristotle with enthusiasm. But it was not just archaeology, he was very knowledgeable on history and all aspects of Greek life. I highly recommend this tour guide.

David G.

5 stars Todd G. 22 Nov 2018

Aristotle was an excellent tour guide. He had a commanding knowledge of Greek history and mythology and tailored the tour to our interests. We had an ambitious schedule and he was able to engage our three kids, while offering the adults the intellectual depth and background we were looking for. If you are looking for a tour guide for Athens, I can recommend Aristotle without hesitation. He was outstanding in every way.

5 stars Ryan S. 28 Sep 2018

5 stars Ton D. 10 Jul 2018

Some years we met Aristotle when visiting Athens with friends. This year we were in Athens with our two daughters. Happily i managed to find Aristotle again. We had a wonderful day, tailormade to our individual interests (Music and Medicine). Thanks again Aristotle!

5 stars Beth G. 07 Jun 2018

We really enjoyed Aristotle. He was able to make ancient ruins come to life. We had a family group of seven with all levels of interest and he was able to accommodate that. My brother-in-law, who has been to Athens multiple times asked me later for his card, saying he would be glad to have him as a guide for some other parts of Athens.

5 stars Pru B. 05 Jun 2018

Aristotle was a really excellent guide - we (a family group of 2 adults and 3 x 18 to 22-year-olds) booked an 8-hour tour of the Acropolis, and he was extremely knowledgable and interesting, and very considerate about how we were all doing in terms of attention levels and stamina. All in all a totally worthwhile experience - we would all highly recommend him.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Pru! I'm glad you all enjoyed the tour

5 stars Harvey L. 14 May 2018

Aristotle is simply AMAZING. He was knowledgeable, personable, and provided excellent service throughout the walking tour. I've already recommended Aristotle to friends.

5 stars Gioele L. 09 Dec 2017

My day with Aristotle in Athens was one of the most culturally richest i have had during all my travels. Aristotle is an enthusiastic and extremely prepared guide, he can transmit the charm and beauty of the Ancient Greek culture, inspiring you to know more and more in depth. Moreover He is a lovely and friendly person himself. I highly recommended to book a tour with him, it will be a unique cultural experience.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Gioele! I'm only trying to do my job; I'm glad you liked the result.

5 stars Nalaki H. 20 Oct 2017

Thanks Aristotle for the fabulous time we had with you in Athens.

We thoroughly enjoyed his stories, interesting facts and insight to ancient culture that made Acropolis and ancient Agora come alive. He kept our young kids interested right throughout and they still quote back the stories they learnt from him. He is highly knowledgable about history and stories of Greece and is a lovely person! Highly recommended!!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you for a great tour together. I thoroughly enjoyed the story-telling and I'm glad to hear the girls still remember my stories ;-)

5 stars Nick K. 13 Aug 2017

Aristotle is knowledgeable, interesting, helpful and considerate. Highly recommended!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Mr. King!

5 stars kelly W. 13 Aug 2017

Aristotle is an outstanding tour guide. His scholarly understanding of Athens made its fascinating history come alive for our family (with teens). Among the many private guides we have used, he is among our very favorites. (And his lunch stop recommendation was our favorite meal in 5 days in Greece.) Wonderful.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Kelly!

5 stars Samantha G. 30 Jun 2017

Went in expecting a tour, left with an experience we will not forget anytime soon!

Right from the get go, you can tell Aris is consummately knowledgeable about the history and stories of Athens from the present time to centuries long past. He had an interesting story for every landmark and tailored our tour to the sites we were most interested about. Aris showed us locations we would never have considered seeing if we had gone without a tour and it was a terrific experience. Worth every cent!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Samantha!

5 stars Merilyn C. 17 Jun 2017

Great guide. Easy and helpful to work with. considerate of disabled husband. Very flexible and even suggested different hotel due to distance from airport for early flight. Recommend highly!

Tour Guide Comment: Dear Mrs. Crain, thank you for your kind words. I'm glad my suggestions helped. I appreciate your recommendation.

5 stars Mark P. 03 May 2017

I hired Aristotle to guide me through Athens, Argolis and Delphi last week and, WOW, is about all I can say. I got exactly what I wanted out of the tours. His passion and enthusiasm for Greek history and mythology are really impressive, and his background as an archaeologist means he's able to really help you interpret the archaeological sites you'll visit. I'd highly recommend Aristotle if you're looking for a much deeper and richer understanding than you'll get on typical tours.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Mark; always glad to hear I elicited the "wow" factor ;-)

5 stars Amelia C. 17 Apr 2017

FANTASTIC. If you want a guide who really KNOWS ancient Greece and can bring piles of rocks to life with great stories, interesting facts, insight into the culture and time than Aristotle is your guide. My 13 year olds were pretty much done with ruins by this time (two weeks in Greece) but they are still quoting back tidbits they learned about the history of theater, stories from ancient Greece etc. Aristotle is the best guide we ever had... if only we had hired him at Delphi! And super nice too

Tour Guide Comment: Dear Amelia, thank you. I must say, it fills my heart with pride to know that the boys still remember the things we talked about - please give them and your husband my best.

5 stars Rita M. 15 Apr 2017

Highly recommend Aristotle Koskinas! My family and I thoroughly enjoyed Athens with him. He made history come alive. He is brilliant!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Rita! Glad you enjoyed the tour. All my best to the family.

5 stars Galit N. 07 Apr 2017

We enjoyed our day with Aristotles very much. Highly informative and friendly and really made history come alive.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Galit! I'm glad your family enjoyed the tour, although I'm sure that your interpreting skills had something to do with it too ;-)

5 stars Carol C. 27 Mar 2017

Aristotle is an amazing person, an incredibly knowledgeable archeologist and a truly fabulous guide! We could not have chosen a more perfect person to acquaint us with the classical sites in Athens (Aristotle's Lyceum, Plato's Academy, the Ancient Agora, the Keramikos Cemetery, and Hadrian's Library), Delphi (with stops at the Archeological Site of Gla and the crossroads where Oedipus killed his father!) and Cape Sounion. We learned so much in the 2.5 days we spent with Aristotle-super guide!!

Tour Guide Comment: Dear Carol, I'm humbled by your generous praise. I should be thanking you for giving me the opportunity to guide in those special and off-the-beaten-path places. I'm happy you and the professor enjoyed your tour.

5 stars Daniel K. 28 Dec 2016

Aistotle's wide knowledge of ancient as well as modern Greece, ability to organise a tour that within a few (intensive!) hours gives you an overview of Athens' 3000-plus years of history, his excellent English, his willingness to explain any sight at any depth you wish, made our half-day Athens tour with him an unforgettable experience.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Daniel. I'm glad the cold and rain didn't spoil your day!

5 stars Bruno B. G. 12 Nov 2016

Veey knowledgeable and pleasant. Nevee rushed the tour and was ready to answer all our questions. Wonderful tour and highly recommended.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Bruno. It was a pleasure guiding you. I'm happy that you found it more than "vaguely" interesting ;-)

5 stars Kelli H. 01 Oct 2016

My boyfriend and I spent four hours with Aristotle going through the Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis. The range of his knowledge on the subject matter is very impressive, and he supplemented many parts of the tour with additional pictures from his tablet and various 'props' (e.g., marble chips, coins) so that we could have much better context of what we were seeing. Our time with Aristotle was the highlight of our trip to Athens, and I highly recommend booking a tour with him.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Kelli! I'm happy to hear that my "props" and pictures actually do help to give a better picture of the past.

5 stars Angela W. 19 Sep 2016

Aristotle was the whole package. VERY knowledgeable, spoke perfect english and a great personality! We had so much fun with him and recommend him highly!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Angela! I'm glad you had such fun. I must say I enjoyed myself too. Plus, your humor and fun-loving attitude brought out the best in me ;-)

5 stars Laurelle H. 18 Sep 2016

Aristotle was extremely knowledgeable, well prepared, and very interesting to talk to. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with him. He made wise suggestions for things to see that would work with my mother's abilities.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Laurelle. I'm glad you both enjoyed the tour.

5 stars Jonathon C. 25 Jul 2016

Had a great day with Aristotle in Athens. He was able to bring the ancient city to life with stories ranging from how the political members were chosen and the legal system worked down to the realities of everyday life like how the merchants in the markets managed to cheat their customers and how much you had to pay to use a public toilet! A great guide. Highly recommended.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed my stories!

5 stars Jeff M. 29 Mar 2016

We hired Aristotle for an 8-hour private tour. He was very accommodating right from the start. He quickly responded to emails and had good suggestions of sites to see when putting together an itinerary. On the tour itself he was prompt and engaging right from the start. He is very knowledgeable and insightful. He would have gone the entire eight hours without lunch or a break if we had not wanted to stop ourselves. I cannot think of anything negative to say about our experience.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you, Jeff :-)

5 stars Jonna F. 26 Mar 2016

Look no further for the best guide! Aristotle was fantastic. He had such a depth of knowledge about everything we encountered. When we asked random questions, he really thought about them and inevitably he had read two books on the topic, gave us detailed information about it, and knew entertaining background stories. He was very personable and thoughtful. We hired him for 10 hours and it was amazing. Aristotle, thank you so much for learning so much and for sharing it with us. You were perfect!

Tour Guide Comment: Dear Jonna, you make me blush! Actually, I loved having such a great audience - you really brought out the best in me ;-) Thanks!

5 stars Lorenza F. 22 Mar 2016

Aristotle is a real scholar and an amazing guide. His vast knowledge and experience, helpful attitude in suggesting an itinerary and flexibility and understanding of children's needs, he made our two days in Athens a really amazing experience. We will surely contact him again next time we visit and would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks a lot again Aristotle from all of us, we will never forget the time spent in Athens thanks to you.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Lorenza! It was a pleasure working with you and I'm glad to hear everyone had a good time. But what I liked best is that you'll be coming back for more ;-) See you around then - soon, I hope...

5 stars Jan-Willem S. 11 Mar 2016

Aristotle was a great guide. He was very knowledgable and kind man. We were with our family (2 adults and 2 kids), Aristotle knew how to pace the tour while making the sites of Athens come alive for the adults and kids alike. All in all, a definate recommend if you like to see the sites of Athens.

Thank you Aristotle, it was nice meeting you!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you, Jan-Willem. It was a pleasure meeting you and your nice family. I'm glad you all liked the tour.

5 stars Sonia O. 28 Nov 2015

Aristotle was an amazing guide. He knew tons about the history and was able to point out many things that we'd have missed. He also met us at our lodging, on time and ready to go! My time with him was definitely the highlight of my time in Athens. (Well, that and the restaurant he recommended for lunch!) Thanks for an awesome time!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Sonia. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves. My best to you all.

5 stars Angela K. 22 Jun 2015

Despite the short time we had in Athens, we were definitely able to absorb the Greek culture and take in the beauty of Athens. Aristotles was very professional and informative. His skills about archeology and history are exceptional. We were impressed by excursion and without any doubts will recommend to everyone his service.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Angela. It was a pleasure showing you around and I'm happy you enjoyed your tour.

5 stars Daniel S. 29 May 2015

Truly excellent guide. Excellent communication to arrange the itinerary ahead of time. Great in depth knowledge of the history, politics and geography of the area. Highly recommended.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for your review. I appreciate it.

5 stars chris S. 10 Apr 2015

Athens...what better way to experience the history and legends than to tour with an Archaeologist? Aristotle led an amazing tour full of knowledge and passionate about the details of a time gone by. There is no better way to experience Athens. Thank you Aristotle!

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed your tour.

5 stars Abhijit S. 06 Apr 2015

We were with Aristotle for one full day, first taking a walking tour of the Agoras, Acropolis and the temple of Zeus and in the afternoon a drive to Sounio for the temple of Poseidon. Aristotle was great. Not only he made us see everything in a new light using his insight and knowledge, he also adjusted the tours to suit our interest and energy level. If you are looking for someone to show you Athens, I would highly recommend Aristotle.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you very much for the double praise. How could I not adjust the tour? Everyone's different, so how can there be a one-size-fits-all tour? I make a point of tailoring my tours to fit my audience and it gives me real satisfaction when I see people like you enjoying the experience. Thanks again.

5 stars Therese F. 27 Mar 2015

Aristotle is very knowledgeable and passionate about Greek history. The day went by without us noticing it. Besides his skills, Aristotle is also a gracious and helpful host during our interactions with locals. Lastly, we were able to adapt our program easily thanks to his flexibility.

Therese, Peter and Colette Fontana

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you all so much! I was afraid the rain would spoil the experience, but I'm glad you enjoyed your tour so much, despite it.

5 stars Ann L. 10 Oct 2014

We were impressed from day one. Friendly personality, incredible level of knowledge and willingness to take questions. We would strongly recommend Aristotle to anyone travelling to Athens and environs.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Ann - it's always a pleasure to guide people like you, alert, interested and curious. I hope to see you again some day and get bombarded with more questions ;-)

5 stars LARRY H. 21 Jul 2014

A1 5 Star If you are looking for a qualioty guide who knows his information, is friendly, who makes your tour come alive then this is your man. My wife and I just returned from Athens and used Aristotle and would use him again in a second. We cannot say enough how wonderful he was and how he made this tour extra special. Use him and certainly recommend him to all your friends. Larry and Maryellen Hochstein

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you both for your high praise. I strive to make every tour extra special - I'm glad you found it so.

5 stars Barbara M. 29 Nov 2013

Aristotle was wonderful -- extremely knowledgeable and accommodating. I don't think you could find a better guide.

Tour Guide Comment: Thank you Barbara, for this over-the-top review. No, I don't think I'm the best guide in the world, but I'm glad you enjoyed your tour so much.

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