Angeles Hidalgo Private tour guide in Sevilla - Spain

Angeles Hidalgo

Guide profile:

Awarded by the Government of Andalucia with Quality Award for 2009/10 I am devoted to a profession that makes me always want to keep learning.

At the moment, after my degrees in English Studies and Translation Studies and credits in Humanities Studies I am working on my PhD and appart from guiding services I lecture on various Spanish topics and teach in a master program of the University of Seville.

I am waiting for you here, in this amazing city!

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:

Sevilla city tours personalized

Let me advise you even though you may have a fair idea on what you would like to see.

Enjoy a local experience, an authentic one!

You just let yourself be guided!

Transportation by tour guide:

If neded iI can help you find private transportation but I do not have my own vehicle because I live in the city centre. You'll understand better what I mean when you visit us!

Tour guide interests:

Always keep learning. This is what I like. When sorrounded by history and art, it cannot be otherwise.

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