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"Ariane in Paris" Villette

Guide profile:

A professional guide since 2010, I work with pleasure in all the French territory.

I work in Paris most of the time, and around, such as Normandy, the Loire valley, or Burgundy.

Licensed in Paris, I can offer a specific service, adapted to your wishes. I am used to work with vip, families, small groups.

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On facebook : Ariane Villette

On Linkedin : Ariane Villette

On Tripadvisor : Ariane Villette

On Instagram : Ariane Villette

After 6 years at university and the school of the Louvre in art history, my favourite period is the 19th century.

I worked in Spain, in Santiago de Compostela, the "Scandinavian" part of Spain, as it is called, and now I spend part of the year between France, and other countries in the world.

I can offer tours in English, or Spanish, even if I feel more comforatble in English ;)

As you will see, my passion is to show my city, and its life, but I see my job as a mutual exchange of cultures, between the persons I meet, and myself.

Recent reviews of this tour guide:

5 stars Cathy M.

We had a wonderful day and a half with Ariane on our recent trip to Paris. We booked her for a half day Louvre tour and a full-day Notre Dame/walking tour of Paris. So happy we did!

She is professional, knowledgeable, and a very personable tour guide. But more than that, we enjoyed getting to know Ariane and discussing a variety of topics that gave us a better understanding of Parisian life. We highly recommend Ariane!

Tour guide services/sample itinerary:


Discover Paris in a half day, or one full day, by foot or with a car.


Visit Montmartre and meet an artist of the hill at the end of the tour. This is a way to discover this place from an artist's point of view!

Visit Paris with a gastronomic tour! Discover our French gastronomy with tasting in every place.

Discover the Musee Nissim de Camondo (my favorite place in the city); a 19th century mansion known for its beauty, but also for its family, the Camondo, art dealers and bankers.

Visit Versailles palace, the parade apartments and the private apartments of Louis the 15th and Louis the 16th - closed to the public.

Musée d'Orsay.


Paris travel tours - of variable lengths - for your needs

Guided transfers from the city to the airport.

Transportation by tour guide:

Most of my tours are by foot and by metro. Private transportation can be easily arranged upon request.

Private sightseeing & group tours offered by this guide:

FULL DAY WITH A FRENCH GUIDE Price Per Group 350.00 Euro
HALF DAY WITH A FRENCH GUIDE Price Per Group 170.00 Euro

Tour guide interests:

Why did I decide to become a guide? Simply because I wanted to share my interest in art history and the artist's life!

I was 12, and I already wanted to be an auctioneer. This is why I decided to study art history. Finally, at the age of 19, I changed my mind, and and wanted to be a tour guide. I got all my exams, and started to work. It's been 8 years now...

I would say my passion in this job is to meet people from other cultures and countries. What I love is when after a tour, my guests are able to understand more of my culture and heritage - especially when there are historic links between our countries.

My main interest is the 19th century. Auvers sur Oise (where Vincent van Gogh died), Giverny and Monet's gardens, the Orangerie with his paintings and Musée d'Orsay are my favourite places to guide.

Interests : art : Caravaggio (my love, for ever !), van Eyck, Vigée Lebrun, Georges de la Tour, Camille Claudel

history : French revolution, Napoleon

litterature : Stefan Zweig, Mary Shelley, Daphne du Morier, Kazuo Ishiguro

classical music : Mahler, Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Chopin, Tchaïkovsky

rock climbing, via ferrata.

Below, an interview about Napoleon and Paris


Reviews of this tour – by clients who booked!

5 stars Cathy M. 22 Oct 2018

We had a wonderful day and a half with Ariane on our recent trip to Paris. We booked her for a half day Louvre tour and a full-day Notre Dame/walking tour of Paris. So happy we did!

She is professional, knowledgeable, and a very personable tour guide. But more than that, we enjoyed getting to know Ariane and discussing a variety of topics that gave us a better understanding of Parisian life. We highly recommend Ariane!

5 stars George B. 22 Sep 2018

We were so fortunate to have spent time with Ariane. She was on time, very professional but also very warm and friendly. We created a visit together- not one dictated by the guide. We made some modifications "on the fly" as circumstances dictated. Ariane's ability to communicate is outstanding- not just her English, but the ability to translate visuals into feelings. Outstanding knowledge of art and art history. Can strongly recommend Ariane, without any hesitation, we're grateful for her help.

5 stars Richa R. 01 Aug 2018

Had taken the guide assistance of Ariance on 1st of August 2018. She is well read, well groomed, professional who ensured I saw all the places I had mentioned for the time I had booked her in Paris and gave me all the information that an inquisitive traveler looks for. I wish her all the best

5 stars Angela C. 20 Jul 2018

Today we had the pleasure of touring Paris with Ariane. She was knowledgeable, a historian, and a lover of art! We had a wonderful time exploring that beautiful art and many historical sites. Easy going and patient. Not sure the day would have been a success without her! Thank you Ariane for a perfect birthday in Paris!

5 stars Rob J. 18 Jul 2018

Ariane did a fantastic job touring us around Paris. The tour was both fun and very educational, and excellently paced. The entire group thought she did an exceptional job....we are glad we found her. Highly recommend!!!

5 stars John Q. 24 May 2018

Ariane was wonderful. She guided us smoothly through the Louvre on a very busy day, and large crowds. (I had booked us on the day before May1 . It seemed like all of Europe had taken a 4 day weekend. My bad.) Even so, Ariane made it a great day with her excellent knowledge of the art and history of various pieces we had asked to see. Thanks again to Ariane for a great day.

5 stars Dana J. 06 Mar 2018

Ariane was the BEST!!!! My friend and I had a great time!! She took us to every single place we wanted to go (hired a private car for us) and immediately figured out what we liked and didn’t like. She is very knowledgeable and speaks amazing English. Would recommend her for sure!!!!! 5 STARS+++++

5 stars Ben R. 22 Nov 2017

Perfect experience for me and my entire family.

5 stars Jack H. 08 Sep 2017

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Ariane. I had a lot of questions about French culture, mores, etc, and Ariane patiently answered all our questions.

5 stars Brandon E. 04 Jul 2017

I booked Ariane for four days this summer and she was amazing. She is great with kids, mine ranged in age from 15-9. Ariane can also be seen on a new documentary about Versailles on Ovation channel in America.

5 stars David M. 30 Apr 2017

We,(a group of 5), toured for a full day with Ariane on April 30. We found her to be knowledgeable, articulate and thoroughly charming. She knows, and obviously loves her city. Her computer assisted background information enriched our experience immensely. A great choice for a guide.

5 stars Andrew N. 24 Apr 2017

Outstanding guide!!

Ariane was very responsive to my questions ahead of time and helped arrange a ride from the airport for me. Her tour was outstanding, she asked what I wanted to see but also had great recommendations. She was very personable, very informative, and created a wonderful afternoon for me!

She was one of the best guides I've had, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful tour of Paris!!

5 stars Agustina S. 08 Jan 2017

We had a wonderful day. Everything was perfect! Thank you Ariane!!

5 stars Jim K. 22 Dec 2016

Ariane was a terrific guide and I would recommend her private tour without reservation. Ariane's passion for and knowledge of Paris made our tour a delightful experience. We threw in a couple of last minute changes and Ariane was very flexible and accommodating. We learned history, tasted food and gained insight into the culture. Thank you, Ariane!

5 stars Brad F. 08 Jun 2016

Ariane provided us a great tour in Paris. She was very flexible to our needs. We had 4 hours and requested a driver and she set that up for us. We told her what we wanted to see and she make it happen for us. I would use Ariane again

5 stars Lisa P. 28 Apr 2016

Wonderful! Ariane is very knowledgeable and very passtionate about the history and culture of Paris. I highly recommend her

5 stars Kenneth G. 27 Apr 2016

Ariane was excellent! We had 3 days of private tours with Ariane. Very knowledgeable, great sense of humor, and great hair (private joke.) We would recommend her highly.

5 stars Patrick C. 20 Dec 2015

I was travelling alone in Europe my booking Ariane during the afternoon was so pleasant being in her company she was very knowledgeable made my visit in Paris rememberable I would of like to stay another day with her but my flights wouldn’t allow it maybe next time very highly recommended

5 stars Lemuel N. 19 Dec 2015

Great knowledge of Paris and the train service... My wife and I enjoyed the day shopping and walking the historical areas she showed us. Never could have located such nice places first trip to Europe and the fees were nothing compared to the knowledge for future travels...

5 stars Josh M. 09 Dec 2015

Great choice!

Professional, energetic, knowledgeable, adaptive, charming, and a good conversationalist. She casually discovered what kind of people we are and continually tailored the experience to our preferences with little prompting. She went along with our request and effortlessly climbed the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower. She's so good and well-rounded that we can't help but to suspect that she's a French intelligence agent!

Needless to say, we were totally pleased with her service

5 stars Ralph E. 25 Oct 2015

Ariane was great. I couldn't have had a better tour guide.

5 stars Amie M. 07 Oct 2015

She was great!!! Very knowledgeable and a pleasant person.Was able to fit all my families needs.

5 stars Hughes R. 24 Sep 2015

Ariane was wonderful. She was very knowledgeable, personable, and very professional. Ariane was very well prepared for just about any question and she explained everything in a very easy to understand manner. Ariane treated us as though we were family. She helped us negotiate the metro and showed us a Paris that we would not have seen without her experience and thoughtfulness. Thank you Ariane.

5 stars Michael N. 16 Jun 2015

Ariane was exceptionally knowledgeable, spoke English incredibly well and was nice. We loved her. She even protected us from a would-be pickpocket pair by stepping between them and us and letting them know we were off limits. I highly recommend her.

5 stars Kim P. 27 May 2015

Superb visit. She was wonderful with our kids, got us to all the highlights and shared wonderful history stories. She is great.

5 stars Patrick M. 12 May 2015

Ariane added so much to our Paris experience. Obviously, she had a wealth of knowledge of the various attractions, but she consistently provided context for what we were looking at. One fascinating tool was her IPad that had literally thousands of additional photos that supplemented her discussions and descriptions of the sites.

She was flexible in working around a changing schedule for us. That was much appreciated.

Highly recommend.

5 stars Chris P. 09 May 2015

I would like to thank Ariane for a delightful day. She was an excellent communicator and very well informed about our tour of Versailles with lots of personal details about history which I always adore


I would not hesitate to highly recommend her services services.

5 stars MARK B. 13 Mar 2015

Ariane was an extremely well studied art historian and was very well versed in the history of Paris. She took us on a tour of the Louvre, providing us with the background and history of the various paintings/sculptures we saw. We were able to view the highlights as well as pieces we might have overlooked. Ariane is well dressed, speaks excellent English and was delightful. We would recommend her without reservation.

5 stars Donna B. 14 Feb 2015

Ariane was by far the best tour guide we could ask for. We not only appreciated her knowledge of the city and art history she was a pleasure to talk to.

5 stars Jon L. 14 Jan 2015

Outstanding. We are booking Ariane for future group tours in Paris.

5 stars Laura B. 15 Oct 2014

We would highly recommend Ariane as a Paris guide! We were with her for 2 days and found her to be energetic, personable, and extremely knowledgeable- especially in art history! She brought the Louvre, Musee d'Orsay, and Versaille to life in a way we will always remember. She often used her tablet for further explanation of art or history and was well organized to answer our questions. She was punctual and arranged for an excellent driver to allow us to see more sites. Awesome guide!

5 stars Stan Z. 27 Sep 2014

5 stars Perry L. 23 Jul 2014

I am very happy I booked a tour with Ariane. She is knowledgeable about the history of the city, loves her job, and communicates well. She even had some Napoleonic pictures prepared on her tablet that she shared with me. I definitely recommend Ariane for anyone visiting Paris.

5 stars Srini I. 03 Jul 2014

We spent three days with Ariane during our trip to Paris in early July with our two teenage boys. Ariane is an excellent tour guide - very friendly and professional! She is extremely knowledgeable about Parisian art and the city (guiding us to some sites/places we would not have seen otherwise). She was responsive to my multiple emails for planning, on time for our appointments, and customized our tours for us. She even helped us with pick-up/drop-off from the airport. Highly recommend her!

5 stars Geoffrey W. 02 Jun 2014

Ariane was a great tour guide! Her English communication skills were very good. She was responsive to my emails for planning, on time for our appointments, and eager to customize our tours for us. She was even helpful in planning our excursions in Paris when she wasn't accompanying us. She is extremely knowledgeable about history, art and the city. I would especially recommend her for any client who is interested in the having a personal guide who is technically proficient.

5 stars Dupuy S. 24 Apr 2014

Ariane was the perfect guide for our first trip to Paris. Her knowledge of Paris neighborhoods and museums was extensive. She almost made the sculptures by Rodin come alive. Her delightful personality and sense of humor made our introduction to Paris fun. She was punctual, professional, and funny....more than just a guide.

5 stars Mary B. 02 Apr 2014

We enjoyed 2 and a half days with Ariane both in Paris and in Normandy. She is extremely well prepared, knowledgeable and above all, delightful. We will absolutely book her again for different adventures in France soon. We highly recommend her!

5 stars Laure M. 15 Oct 2013

My husband and I had a perfect day in Paris with Ariane. She made sure we saw everything on our list plus so much more. She is extremely knowledgable on the history of Paris and the beautiful historical buildings. Thanks Ariane!

5 stars Dave S. 13 Oct 2013

Ariane was totally AWESOME!! She was wonderful. A great tour guide who showed us Paris and most people never see it. We did it all with Ariane and had a great time with her. She really knows Paris like the back of her hand! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to see the best of Paris! Next time we go to Paris, we will tour with Ariane for sure!

5 stars Laurence G. 10 Oct 2013

We chose to spend a day in Paris "as a local." We were very pleased with the experience. Using the metro, visiting quality bistros away from the tourist traffic, shopping districts and pastry shops at a relaxed pace. A few iconic landmarks along the way could not be helped as they are everywhere, and finishing the day in Montemarte. Ariane could not have been more gracious sharing her knowledge of every day Parisian life.

5 stars Gerald (. M. 26 Sep 2013

We were a party of three that booked Ariane for a day of sightseeing. She took us to a few major sights and, the best part, the back streets and hidden areas we would have never found on our own. Ariane was very knowledgeable about the history and the stories that surrounded the sights and areas. Her insights brought to life the history of Paris. she has a wonderful sense of humor and is funny and engaged the whole time. We cannot begin to tell what a wonderful experience we had with her.

5 stars Holly S. 23 Sep 2013

Ariane was a great guide! I changed the itinerary on her the day before the tour, but she was more than accommodating. She took us to Montmartre as I requested and had a lovely time, she knew exactly what route to take and we ended at the Sacre Coeur, lovely!

Ariane is very professional, but easy to talk to, she speaks English very well, she answered all of our questions (about Paris and herself), and we had no trouble understanding her. We thoroughly enjoyed our day with Ariane!

5 stars Robin H. 13 Sep 2013

We thoroughly enjoyed our half day tour of the Louvre with Ariane. It was so helpful to have a personal guide take us through the museum to avoid the crowds where possible. She has an exceptional knowledge of art, the history of France and the Louvre itself. She really made the museum come to life with her stories. She also gave us great recommendations on the highlights to see at other museums and restaurants as well!

5 stars Edward T. 09 Jul 2013

Ariane is an exceptionally outstanding guide! She is friendly, knowledgeable, lively, charming and enthusiastic, but most importantly, she guide her tours with heart and passion. I like Ariane very much and I miss her as much as I miss Paris!!

5 stars Ilene F. 03 Jul 2013

Ariane is an excellent guide. She was able to relate to us and our 13 year old granddaughter who was with us. She is organized, knowledgable and reliable. She communicated with us prior to booking, which she prefers, and therefore understood what we wanted to see. Our trip to Giverny was wonderful.

5 stars Diane F. 16 May 2013

Ariane gave us the best tour possible, ALL of Paris in just 8 hours. We hit every spot we requested and some we didn't even know to request. She is friendly, engaging and knowledgeable. We guarantee you will have a good time!

5 stars Gunawin G. 23 Apr 2013

5 Stars tour guide!

Highly recommended, on time, very patience and trustable. Very Happy for her service and time !!


5 stars Tigrane K. 17 Mar 2013

Wonderfull guide !

Very knowledgeable, dynamic and moreover smiling !

Thank you for this great time.

Don't hesitate to contact her, you won't be disappointed


5 stars Alex C. 31 Jan 2013

I had the pleasure of Ariane's guidance during a trip to the Musee d'Orsay. It was clear that her knowledge and passion for the cultural heritage of her city were personally felt. She was also a warm, humorous and helpful companion. For those interested in Paris's art treasures especially, or anyone who likes to listen to stories of La Grande Histoire, I couldn't recommend her highly enough!

4 stars alan C. 07 Dec 2012

Adrianne was delightful, this is our first visit and she was very entertaining and knowledgable.

We are so glad we made the decision to engage her.

The Cottle family

3 stars Mark M. 03 Oct 2018

My wife and I had an excellent tour of the Orsay and the Louvre with Ariane. Ariane was very knowledgeable about the peices and we felt that it was well worth the cost. The tour was more about getting in depth with specific art then covering it all. Ariane also discussed the history of the buildings and gave some tips on Paris. Wonderful experience! Thank you for the long day.

2 stars Jackie O. 05 Jul 2019

Ariane was terrific! She was extremely knowledgeable and completely personable. She went above and beyond when we ran into a problem on the metro. highly recommend, Ariane.

2 stars Andrew B. 21 Oct 2015

Ariane is a joy and a delight. I had the pleasure of spending two full days with her and she made the trip to Paris worthwhile. Friendly, intelligent, interesting and informative, Ariane is the absolute best.

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