Payments & Fees

1. Client

Fees: No transactional fees charged to you.

Payment: Only pay 20% of the tour guide price to confirm the booking.

Simply use your credit card or paypal.

Visa Mastercard PayPal

80% payable in cash to the tour guide on the tour day as per the booking confirmation.

2. Tour Guides


  -    Creating your Viator Private Tour Guides profile = Free
  -    Receiving Client messages and questions = Free
  -    Receiving SMS phone alerts for bookings = Free
  -    When you get a confirmed booking = 20% of tour price

Payment to the Tour Guide:

In cash, directly from the client on tour day. Primary currency is as outlined on the booking confirmation, Euro or USD.

If both parties agree an FX rate, the payment can be made to you in your local currency.