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Photo of Mie Tokunaga

Mie Tokunaga Licensed

  • 5 stars 12 Reviews
  • 53 Bookings

Guide Locations:
Hiroshima (primary)

Hi, I am Mie. I am a national licensed tour guide with deep knowledge in Japanese history and culture.Hiroshima has two World Heritage Site, A-Bomb Dome and Miyajima. I love to guide you there and share ideas with you all. And I love nature. I have been climbing mountains all over Japan and overseas for over 40 years, so if you want to travel either in cities or in nature, I will be your best guide. Learn more

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Photo of Mayumi Arino

Mayumi Arino Licensed

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Guide Locations:

Hello. I am Mayumi, SETOUCHI lover and a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter for English-speaking guests.
Recently I left busy Tokyo where I had lived for many years and moved to this calm city Okayama in order to change my way of living, in my late fifties. Before settling down here I spent some months like a traveler and found much comfort and amenity of this region. I came to wish to share such value with visitors. That is why I started a second job as a private tour guide.
Honestly speaking, I am not experienced guide, yet I would like to make every effort to satisfy you
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