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Photo of Chelsea Luo

Chelsea Luo Licensed

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Guide Locations:
Shanghai (primary)

My dear guests ,
Thanks for Browsing my profile, I am a professional English tour guide in Shanghai , who usually travel to Suzhou , Hangzhou and many watertowns. My major in university is English Literature , of which I have gotten the Bachelor Degree and I have passed the National Examination of English Tour Guide Certificate .
I had a rich working experience , like International Trader , English Teacher , General Manager Assistant in different industries , which enable me to handle my work very well no matter as a tour guide or a business assistant . My last job until now is English
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Photo of Michael Huang

Michael Huang Licensed

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Guide Locations:
Baoji (primary)

This is Michael, an experienced INTERPRETER, SOURCING AGENT and TOUR GUIDE, BUSINESS ASSISTANT in Hanzhong, Baoji, Yulin and who can also travel and work anywhere in China . I had studed and worked in Canada for more than 10 years, and this long time oversea background help me more understanding my client’s need and have very efficient communication.
I am familiar with many industries in China, and sourcing product, inspecting the quality of the goods, and arranging the shipment to our clients.
So far we have been acted as tour guides,interpreter/translators business assistant and accom
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