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Photo of FRANK LAW

FRANK LAW Licensed

  • 5 stars 28 Reviews
  • 127 Bookings

Guide Locations:
Hong Kong (primary)

125 private tours with 28 reviews since 2012 makes Frank to be Viator best Hong Kong and Macau private tour guide and market leader in terms of number of tour bookings & reviews!
Clients support Frank as Frank's Hong Kong private car tour and private shore excursion give travelers FOUR benefits…
-YOU get YOUR money's worth…
Frank's popular private car tours are reasonably-priced and all-inclusive. YOU get the well-planned sightseeing and dining solution from YOUR CEO (Chief Experience Officer), Frank, in Hong Kong and Macau!
-YOU make good use of YOUR time…
Frank is the first priva
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Photo of Teng Fong, William Chau

Teng Fong, William Chau Licensed

  • 1 Booking

Guide Locations:
Chinese (primary)
  • English (Fluent)

A local Tour guide qualified and licensed by Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO).
I love to meet the travellers from all over the world.
I can lead and help you to know more about the history, culture, sights of Macau.
Macau is a colony of Portugal starts from 1557 till 1999 Dec 20, they left many buildings and culture in here. In 2005, UNESCO list "The Historic Centre of Macau" to be the world heritage.
I would highly recommend Walking is the Best Tour Way of Macau!

If you wants to know more about me, please follow my twitter.
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Photo of Huajun Du

Huajun Du Licensed

  • Newly Listed
  • No bookings yet

Guide Locations:
Guangzhou (primary)

Offer Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Macau tour guide service, private guide service, travel plan or arrangement, translation and so on.
-I am a student in Guangzhou, majoring in English and also am Guangzhou native citizen.
-I can revise your tour plan if you would like to send to my email. Or if you need some suggestion, just email me, that will be free certainly.
-I can offer translation service, private guide service, hotel booking and so on, in addition to the scenery, I love eating, I sure I can show you the most delicious and local food in Guangzhou.
-As you know, I am just a graduated student
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